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Anker Roav VIVA Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-Port USb charger

Anker Roav VIVAAlmost every month, new cool techy car gadgets and accessories come up that most drivers find really useful when installed in their vehicles.One of such smart devices that is very useful to drivers is the Anker Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger.

With these arrays of products, you get to purchase smart devices that aim at ensuring that you get to experience the best driving with comfort and ease.

This product allows you stream music, navigate your locations, hear the latest news and driving routes, does your online shopping and any many more activities

About Product

The Roav VIVA with car mount Alexa Enabled, 2-port USB charger by Anker is a smart device that has a product dimension of 6.1 x 4.3 x 2.1 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces. It comes with an Amazon voice service (Alexa controlled) that allows you to control your device verbally. All you have to do is speak a command and the Roav VIVA devices obey.

With Alexa, you can listen to your favourite song, stream the latest news, navigate the maps and your direction, listen to audio files and you can connect via Bluetooth, AUX-In connection, Android Auto or iOS CarPlay.

The device comes with a magnetic car mount where you can mount your phone securely. Also, the Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-port USB charger also comes with two integrated microphones that allows for easy voice identification and to reduce/eliminate noise.

Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-Port USB charger

Another amazing feature of the Roav VIVA with Car Mount Alexa Enabled 2-port USB charger is that it comes with dual charging ports and cables that allows for super fast charging of your smartphones while you drive it.

Powered by Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ technology, this charger ensures that your phones are charged really fast and is great for drivers or passengers who are always on the road.

What is Product For

This product is a compact smart car accessory that is used to carry out certain functions like getting weather updates, stream music and news, navigating the map, locating an area, receiving phone calls hands free and so many other online functions.

Who is it For and How Helpful can it Be

The Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-port USB charger is great for all vehicle owners. It comes with an inbuilt Alexa voice control system that allows to use the device via voice control.

It is helpful in carrying out some pretty smart functions like carrying out an online shopping, checking the weather update, exploring and navigating an unknown geographical location, stream and listen to the latest music and news, etc.

FAQ’s Related too Roav VIVA with Car Mount

  • How many phones can be connected to the device at once?

Only one phone can connect to the Roav Viva app. Trying to use two phones simultaneously doesn’t work.

  • Does this device connect to my phone provider directly for the Internet or does it need a mobile hotspot?

The Roav VIVA device directly connects to your phone’s service provider for the Internet.

  • Does this product come with speakers or does it have to be connected to your phone or the car’s audio system?

This product doesn’t come with a speaker and you can only listen to audio from lea once you connect to your vehicle’s speaker.

How to Install it in a Car

Installing the Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa-Enabled 2-port USB charger is pretty easy. Just follow these steps to install.

  1. Plug the charger to your car as it is turned on
  2. Download the Roav Viva app from Google Play or App store.
  3. Sign in to the app using your amazon account.
  4. Select your preferred method of pairing which can either be via Bluetooth, FM tuner, CarPlay or Android Auto

After that, your device is installed successfully and ready to use.


  • Easy to install
  • Portable
  • Great product design
  • Hands free functionality
  • Navigation function
  • Fast charging


  • Alexa doesn’t work as advertised.
  • Requires an app solely to function.
  • Doesn’t come with sound amplifiers or speakers
  • Disrupt phone calls and texts.
  • App malfunctions
  • Has firmware issues
  • False triggers
  • Drains the phone battery easily as the display is always on.
  • Microphones aren’t super sensitive as advertised


The Roav VIVA with car mount, 2-port USB charger by Anker is a smart, Alexa Enabled device that allows you to make hand free phone calls, stream music, explore locations, listen to audio files and a host of other functions.

Although, not without its setbacks, the Roav VIVA car charger sold for a price of $47.95 on Amazon is easy to use and performs some functions that can be termed extraordinary but of course, there are other products that also perform these functions, perhaps excellently.

Perhaps what sets the Roav VIVA with Car Mount, Alexa Enabled 2-port USB charger apart from other similar devices, is that it also comes with dual USB ports that creates charging space for both driver and passenger to charge their phone conveniently.

The good thing with purchasing this product is that you get to return the item once you discover it isn’t compatible with your car cigarette lighter. As long as it is return within 30 days of purchase, you get a full refund. Many users would probably be happy with this as there have been a lot of complaints about the overall functionality of the product.

If purchasing this product is on your To-do list, you’d probably have to widen your search and look for a better product as it has low user ratings.