Navruf GPS NAvigation

Instead of calling to ask for directions, or occasionally stopping to ask if you are going the right way, why not pay for a permanent driving companion that will constantly inform you of what directions to take and what routes to follow without asking anyone? The Navruf GPS Navigation device can do all that and more for you. It goes for $65 on Amazon and it offers real-time map updates with voice direction that serves as the perfect driving companion.

About Product

The Navruf GPS Navigation device is a professional GPS device that functions with all vehicle types: RVs, cars, trucks and it provides easy access to the routes to follow from one destination to another. Whether on vacation trips or simple rides with family and friends.

This product from Navruf has a 7 inches LCD touchscreen with a high-quality resolution that functions as the command receiver. With this product, you don’t need to worry about pushing buttons to input commands, all you have to do is swipe and tap your finger on the screen.

Navruf GPS Navigation

The Navruf GPS Navigation has an active voice direction feature that coordinates your movements. You do not only get to keep your hands on the wheel, you also get to maintain your eyes on the road, as this feature will tell you when to take the next turn.

This product is multifunctional and uniquely designed with a sophisticated physical appearance to be just the right unit for any vehicle. Furthermore, it supports the latest maps with complete updates and locates destinations via postal codes, addresses, and any other search related to points of interest.

navruf gps navigation

Interestingly, the Navruf GPS Navigation device is not just interested in guiding you to your destination, but has concerns for your safety as well. This device has been well wired to give warning alerts for dangerous turns, safety cameras for acceleration and speed limits, school zones, and traffic lights.

Plus, it isn’t restricted to the conventional routes that would take you to your required destination, as it can also develop a different route plan just for you.

It is noteworthy to appreciate the developers of this device for letting users in on about 7 different modes of operations present in this device. This means that the device can function not only while driving a car but also for pedestrians, bicycles, buses, taxis, trucks, and emergency sessions.

What Is Product For?

The Navruf GPS Navigation device comes in handy when unprecedent comfort is require while driving, serving as a GPS navigator and guide for locations with active real voice direction.


Who Is It For And How Helpful Can It Be?

This product will fit perfectly for any car owner whose desire is to find the safest possible routes through places either urgently or for leisure/vacation road trips with family or friends, with real voice prompts serving as a guide without having to look at the screen, and maintaining eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

FAQ’s Relate to Navruf GPS Navigation

  • Where do I get a manual for this product?

The Navruf GPS Navigation device comes with its user guide in the delivered package.

  • How can I update maps?

Please, contact the customer support service for a step-by-step procedure and a link for map updates.

  • Is it possible to load overlay maps?

Yes, it is very possible. The device is compatible with reading SD cards for the installation of the required map(s).

How To Install It In a Car

Take the device out of the original box and locate the instruction booklet. It is always important to follow any specific guidelines that are give in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Firstly, place the GPS device into the holder. Next, mount the device inside your vehicle. It is highly ill-advise to mount the device on a portion of your windshield where it will distract or block your view of the road.

Secondly, the safest place to mount your GPS device is on your dashboard. Either, in the center or to the far left of the driver’s seat. You may have to moisten the suction cup to successfully affix it to either surface.

Plugin the appropriate end of the power cord into the GPS. If your vehicle has a cigarette lighter, remove it before plugging the other end into the twelve-volt power outlet. Situate the extra length of the power cord so that it will not become a distraction while driving.


  • User friendly.
  • Real voice direction.
  • Real-life accurate location even when offline.
  • Sun visor to protect the device’s screen.
  • 7″ Widescreen
  • Easy to read and smooth interface.
  • Sold at a decent price.
  • Not bulky. Just sturdy and thin.


  • The base attachment might be a bit wobbly and weak.


With guaranteed unprecedented comfort while driving the sleek Navruf GPS Navigation device with a sophisticated design would be the perfect fit for any car’s interior.

For $65, you can have the best easy-to-use GPS device with accurate directions even when offline. And it is an outstandingly good buy. At last, we hope you find our Navruf GPS Navigation review interestingly helpful. If you have a comment or question leave it in the box below we will be glad to hear from you.

10 thoughts on “Navruf GPS Navigation Full Review”

  1. I am visually impaired in the writing the manual is Tiny even with my best magnifying glass it’s still a struggle. There is no brand name on the device, or in manual, had to go back to the Amazon link I sent my sister-in-law who bought it for me just to find the brand. My unit does not look like the manuel, no “settings”, which is step two and I don’t have the middle icon on bottom left. Just the red exit button and the tools, the video shows some icon in the middle. I can’t follow the directions because my screens don’t look the same as the manual. It took me forever to figure out how to charge and it’s been hours and still not charged. If I plug it in car will I be able to see map while charging…that is if I can ever figure out how to load in address’. I’m very frustrated.

    1. I’m sorry about your frustration Leslie. Please contact Navruf and explain this to them. They’ll most likely be able to help.

  2. Found this article super interesting. I have always been surprised by GPS navigation services. Currently using Driving Directions Route Planner app. Found this super useful.

  3. You say ‘Please, contact the customer support service for a step-by-step procedure and a link for map updates.’ for the Navruf GPS Navigation. How do I contact teh customer support service?

    1. Dear Christopher. I read your post. You are completely right… how does one contact ‘Customer/Tech’ Support’!? This is not addressed in the supplied manual. Also back tracking on my Amazon UK order from 2019 does not help provide any clue as to how to contact NAVRUF. I am trying to update the map on my 5 inch NAVRUF model. If you visit the NAVRUF website (, you are asked to create an account to access services. However, very weirdly, the listed Brand index does not feature the NAVRUF brand… so you’re stuck… there is no Customer/Tech’ support in reality. I’ve now realised this product is a con for long term use as not updatable and many customers will not know this shock realisation until they go to update or add features, free or paid for. The review for this item casually states, ‘contact technical support’, you can’t! Hope you have better luck than I, take care 😉

  4. I just bought the NAVRUF GPS Navigation system from Amazon and for the past 12 hours, I have been trying to figure it out. I did my best to understand the book that came with it and have gained little understanding of how it works. I’ve had it plugged into the USB on my computer and all it shows is a picture of a flash drive with dots running back and forth, don’t have any idea what that means. I am almost ready to return it if I don’t get a better understanding of how to set it up and it’s workings.

    1. So sorry to hear that Joe. Check out the video in the article,you might find it helpful. If you don’t,then you can check out relevant YouTube video on installation too. Also, read through the manual carefully maybe you’ll find it helpful. If it seem impossible then return it and make a complain so they can help you out.

      1. Dear Francesca. I think you should look into the customer support element in relation to the NAVRUF GPS product’s technical support. The manual is completely devoid of advice about technical support and an online search reveals; (which is mentioned in the ‘extras’ menu on the device itself too); however, as you cannot register the brand NAVRUF on their website (an account you need to download or purchase new maps or features), then you are stuck with a ‘dead duck’ device that is not upgradable; I visualise virtually all customers of the NAVRUF brand would therefore not have purchased it in the first place if they knew they could not upgrade anything. This is a significant black mark against this product and needs clearly stating in your review so that existing and new customers do not waste their money. Thank you.

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