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Head up display

How To Turn On Heads-up Display

Advanced cars are being equipped with Factory-installed (OEM) heads-up displays (HUD) from the manufacturer to promote safe driving. This new automobile technology works by displaying necessary car data and information on your windshield, thereby eliminating the need for drivers to look elsewhere for information. The… Read More »How To Turn On Heads-up Display

Can You Retrofit Heads-up Display

What Is Heads Up Display

According to research, it takes 13 seconds for a distracted driver to refocus his/her attention back on the road. Causing approximately 1000 car-related injuries every day, distracted driving remains one of the leading causes of road accidents in the country. While looking over your analog… Read More »What Is Heads Up Display

Acecar tesla hud

Acecar Tesla HUD Review

Maintaining eye contact with the road is important when driving. A lot can happen in the two seconds you take your eyes off to stare at your dashboard, and this could even be fatal. To ensure the safety of drivers, the heads-up display was invented.The… Read More »Acecar Tesla HUD Review