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Can a heads Up Display Be Added To Bmw

Can a heads Up Display Be Added To Bmw

BMW has continued to promote Technological advancement in the automobile industry by frequently incorporating and pioneering new tech. Testament to that is the incorporation of heads-Up display devices in most of its models to enhance the driving experience of its users and also promote safe driving. However, installing a HUD in most cars is impossible due to the absence of the corresponding required controls. Can a heads up display be added to BMW? Is BMW fitted with controls for installing and operating a heads Up Display , and what are those models?

A heads-up display can be added to BMW models that are factory equipped with the required controls for installation and operation. While OEM (factory installed) heads-up displays are preferable, you can always purchase a high-performance third-party HUD designed for your BMW Model. Though financially tasking, adding a heads-up display to your BMW packs a bunch of benefits.

Attempting to add a heads-up display to an incompatible BMW may result in car damage or reduce driving experience or worse, cause road accidents. Check that your BMW is certified and equipped for HUDs with your manufacturer or mechanic.


BMW Models That Support Hud Display

You can add a heads-up display to any of the following BMW brands.

1. BMW 7 Series

2. BMW 6 Series

3. BMW 5 Series

4. BMW 4 Series

5. BMW 3 Series

6. BMW 2 Series

7. BMW X6

8. BMW X5

9. BMW X4

10. BMW X3

11. BMW X2

12. BMW X1

13. BMW  M6

14. BMW M5

15. BMW M4

16. BMW M3

17. BMW i8

It is imperative to note that heads-on displays are also available via smartphone applications. Rather than project data, this version of the HUD technology reflects the information on your phone  or on your windshield.

So, you couldn’t find your model here? HUD is still available for you. The significant role that HUDs play in automobiles is pushing their market value and integration into newer vehicles.

While your car might not be on the list now, we are sure that BMW is working tirelessly to fully integrate HUDs into all their new vehicles.

In the meantime, you can get third-party Head Up Display that is fully compatible with your vehicle to enjoy its benefits. There are many other BMW car accessories here too.

 is hud supported with bmw

How Does A BMW heads-up Display Function

The BMW heads-up display is a customizable system that includes a projecting or mirroring device that shows necessary vehicle data and information and is controlled by the BMW iDrive Controller. It works by displaying data in real-time on the windscreen or HUD device at the driver’s eye line. Sighill Wireless charger is also very famous for bmw.

What Data does the BMW heads-up Display show?

The BMW heads-up display presents an array of dials that indicate speed, navigation, fuel gauge, and several other important information to aid driving. The following are everything your BMW heads-up display shows.

1. Warning alerts

2. Mobile notifications

3. Speedometer

4. Road speed

5. Data from other vehicles

6. Vehicle status

7. Overtaking restrictions

8. Navigation

9. RPM

10. Lane guiding

11. Entertainment menu

Benefits of Adding a heads-up display to your BMW

1. Displays Important Information in one place

BMW cars equipped with heads-up displays shows car data and information in a grouped and uniform manner. Installing a BMW heads-on display allows you to see what’s around and in front of you while driving.

It also helps you to avoid dangers on the road. Driving safely starts with a heads-up display installed in your BMW.

2. Customizable

The BMW heads-up displays are portable and customizable to fit customer preferences and comfort. You can control the lighting, color, font, and dials you want it to display. You can also control the size so as not to obstruct your field of vision. Any and whatever preference you have can be accommodated by the heads-up display.

3. Eyes-on the road

The BMW heads-up display promotes 100% attention on the road. Since the heads-up display shows everything the driver needs for driving safely, including additional information on the windshield via either a projective or reflective device, drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the road.

Eyes on the road mean less distraction and a reduction in the cases of related car accidents. The eyes on the road benefit is arguably the best as it promotes numerous other benefits, including reduced fatigue.

4. Fatigue

Constantly moving your heads while driving might drain you and cause fatigue. You spend Energy searching for the smallest data in your car frequently. Fatigue can cause tiredness, dizziness, and a reduced ability to refocus your eyes back on the road.

Any of these could easily cause a road accident. Adding a heads-up display to your BMW helps you save energy and improves your ability to focus on the road.

5. Speed maintenance

Advanced BMW OEM heads-up display headlines a speed limit that helps drivers to maintain the right speed in specific neighborhoods and road sections. It indicates the driver whenever he/she exceeds the speed limit.

The speed limit feature has tremendously reduced the number of accidents on the road. Since it can not be ignored, drivers now tend to obey it more.

3 Ways To Install heads-up Display in a BMW

1. Dedicated HUD

A dedicated heads-up display unit can be placed on the dashboard to display car data. It can function on its own with its transparent glass that presents car data and information.

A dedicated heads-up display unit can work for most cars as it doesn’t require complex connections and requirements. However, you should consult with your car manufacturer and heads-up dealer before buying one for your car.

2. Smartglasses

Smart glasses help to bring information and all the necessary data from a device or framework to our sight. It allows for quicker transmission, assimilation, and utilization.

This cutting-edge technology can be used instead of a dedicated heads-up device in your car. While heads-up display prides itself on the eyes-on-the-road benefit, smart glasses allow you your freedom to roam.

The glasses present your car data and information from other connected devices in real-time, thereby accelerating your reaction time.

Notwithstanding its numerous benefits, the law is yet to support using smart glasses while driving in most countries, restricting its worldwide supply.

3. Through a Smartphone

Smartphones are arguably the most portable type of device we own. A smartphone is capable of tracking and recording a car’s GPS and executing functions within cars. Heads-up displays are also available to use on smartphones.

Download the heads-up application on your Android or iOS smartphone and place it on your dashboard, right in front of you. After you launch the app, I’ll reflect all your car’s necessary data and information on your windshield or a dedicated screen.

Things To Look For In BMW heads-up Display

bmw HUD

1. Pricing

BMW cars with OEM factory-installed heads-up displays are more expensive than those without. This is because of the value and aesthetics that a fancy heads-on display adds to a car.

However, BMWs installed with heads-up displays have higher resale value. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to break the bank because of a HUD. For the best price and optimal functionality, go for those $30 to $80.

While a higher-priced heads-up display may feature more luxurious functions, HUDs in this price range will provide you with all the basic functions.

2. Installation

Buying an aftermarket HUD for your car is expensive enough, don’t buy one that requires complex installation as it may lead to more costs. Complex installations are also a leading cause of installation errors.

Find the HUDs with rather a simple installation that you can manage yourself. However, always make sure to consult the product manual.

3. Features and screen size

You should buy a heads-up display according to your budget, car model, and preferences. Some heads-up displays are designed to project or reflect RPM, speed limit, navigation, battery voltage, and fuel gauge.

Find the product that best suits your needs and preferences. Furthermore, you should look out for screen size. Not too big and not too small that you have to focus too much before successfully interpreting presented data.

4. Durability

Lastly, you must consider durability. Buy the most durable HUD on the market to enjoy longevity. A HUD is also transferable and can be used for various cars when in good condition.

Heads-up can be added to most BMW models. You can choose between having a dedicated unit, wearing HUD-powered smart glasses, or using a HUD app on your smartphone.