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How to Carry Your Trike Bike In a Car

Those who have a trike bike often get worried about carrying it while they are planning their next trip or vacation. Since you can carry your trike bike in the trunk or back seat of your car by removing the wheels or disassembling any part, often, people find this very troublesome.

Besides that, in case, if you need more space for your family or friends, or if you have a car, then you must consider carrying the bike out of the car.

So, if you are one of those, who are getting worried about carrying the trike bike in a car, then you have just landed in the right place. To help you carry your trike bike on your next trip, we have come up with this guide.

Here, we will show you how to carry your trike bike in a car with some simple steps. So, to learn in detail, let’s dive in.

How to Carry Your Trike Bike In a Car

Trike Bike

When it comes to carrying a trike bike in a car, one of the safest, as well as the easiest way, is using a trike rack. Simply installing a bike rack on your car will make it absolutely hassle-free to carry your trike bike. Trike racks can hold the bike securely and best of all can carry trike bikes of different designs and sizes.

So, let’s see how to carry your trike bike in a car using a bike rack.

Selecting the Trike Rack

There are different types of bike racks to carry, for example, roof rack, trunk rack, and hitch rack are the most common racks. While using the crossbars on the top of the car allows you to store your trike with a roof rack, the trunk racks attach to your trunk, and the hitch racks fit directly into the car’s hitch trailer.

Usually, you will need a wrench to install a hitch trailer, otherwise, there is no need to use any other tools to install most bike racks. These racks are fairly straightforward to assemble and install, though there may be some variations between brands and models.

However, once you determine which rack you are going to use, proceed to the next step.

Note: Before purchasing the trike bike rack, make sure to measure the distance between the crossbar to size the roof rack, and determine if the trunk or hitch rack will fit your car or not.

Using A Roof Rack

It is the most popular way to carry or transport your trike bike. Typically, you can hook your roof rack with the top crossbars of your car, which actually rely on the tension so that it can keep them in place.

Though in this way, your trike bike will be exposed to wind and debris while you drive, still, there won’t be anything to obstruct your rearview. Conversely, if there is no crossbar on your car, you can install them.

In that case, you need to make sure to install them properly, otherwise, they could fly off while driving. Now, let’s start with the installation-

  • The first thing you need to do is, carefully read the instructions for assembling the rack. Each brand and design comes in different installation processes.
  • To keep the roof rack in place, mostly one has to clip a wheel on each side of each crossbar. This will make it easy to install, but can be difficult if you are not tall enough.
  • To make the process easier, before installing the rack, you can assemble it on the ground.
  • Then get to the roof of your car by using a small stepladder and place the rack over the car in such a way that it should face the windshield in front of your car.
  • After that, keeping the rack in an unlocked position, place it on top of your car’s crossbars and align the rack with the crossbar’s tracks.
  • Make sure the front strap is wrapped around the front crossbar and the back strap with the back bar.
  • Next, to set the rack up, you should flip the attachments to the locked position.
  • Finally, mount the trike bike by lifting it and adjusting its wheels. Ensure to pull the adjustable buckles, turn the crank to tighten the bars, or twist the locking mechanism. And then, loop the safety straps around your bike wheels and frame the bike to set it in place.

Using A Trunk Rack

If you have a camera that you can use to see the back of your car when you go in the opposite direction, you can choose a trunk rack. It is also suitable for you if you are able to drive under low-hanging branches and underpasses.

You can choose a compact trunk rack that is easily removable and can be stored in the car if needed. Make sure the rack is strong and durable enough to hold your trike bike. Then, let’s start the installation-

  • Most trunk racks come with the side, top, or bottom straps. So, first, open your trunk and then keep hooking each strap to the corresponding side. You can do this by folding the lip at the end where it stops.
  • Now, slide the rack across your car’s trunk so that its position can be adjusted and the pads in your car stay in the center. Here you can either pull the buckle or adjust the slide to tighten each strap.
  • Next, lift your trike bike and place it on the rack. Make sure the wheels and the entire bike sits correctly also the bike should sit as close as the car’s trunk.

Using A Hitch Rack

Hitch racks usually use a car hitch to stabilize and anchor the trike bike in the back of your trunk. If you are looking for a rack that is designed to withstand heavy loads without breaking and an easy-to-install rack that uses a part of your car, it would be a good option.

  • So, start by checking if your car has a hitch rack. If it does, then make sure it can handle the weight of the trike bike safely.
  • Check the manufacturer manual to confirm that the rack is fit for your bike hitch.
  • Read the instructions while installing the rack.
  • Generally, you need to slide the pole into the hitch’s opening side and screw a bolt to the opening and the rack. On the other side, some rack needs to be screwed vertically into the frame of the car all the way to the car’s underneath.
  • Now, load the bike on the rank, putting the back tire first and following the front tire.
  • The locking arm should be placed at a 45-degree angle and keep pulling it towards the bike until you see that it is flushing with the tire.
  • Finally, ensure everything is stuck correctly and tightly in place.


Since it can be difficult to carry your trike bike with your car, racks work great to make it simpler for you.

So, this is all for how to carry your trike bike in a car? We hope that now you can easily carry your trike bike while going on a vacation or anywhere outside the town.