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The Diono Brand delivers on safety, comfort, and durability with all their new and improved car seats suitable for different age groups. This Diono car seat brand review will open your eyes to the multiple features that a baby can enjoy riding along with you in a car.


Notable Features Of The Diono Car Seat

The new Diono car seats has some improved features. First, it has a new black fabric over the backside of the seat covering all the stickers that may make the appearance of the seat look ugly.

This is a good improvement from previous options that had little to no aesthetic appeal. But this product version didn’t leave functionality behind for pure aesthetics.

As we go further in this review, you’ll realize how Diono manages to merge important functions with appearance.

The features of the Diono Radian 3RXT all-in-one car seat are:

● Stel frame

● Plush Fabric

● Memory foam seat

● Removable cup holder

● Infant cushion

● Cloth cover

● Side impact protection

● Foldable


What’s The Size Limit Of Diono Car Seats

These improved car seats are suitable for 3 profiles, ranging from infant to school-aged children. Hence, the seats have been designed to accommodate their different weights and sizes and to allow for improved comfortability and more functional use of the car seat.

For example, the rear-facing on the radian 3RXT holds weight from 5-45 pounds and 44 inches for height, while the forward-facing can hold from 20-65 pounds with a height of 57 inches.

This allows you to spread its use between your kids at various ages, accommodating your small and not too small children. You could also use the one car seat for one child from their infancy up until when they are school-ready.

But from our tests, we realized that the height on forward-facing wasn’t enough as school-aged children would grow beyond it in no time. While it may seem like newborns are on the favorable side, think again.

The harness on this brand didn’t tightly fit our newborn during this test. She kept advancing as there were no adjustable recline positions to better position her body.

However, if you can get your infant to seat independently, then this is the right brand for you. You can seat her down and 2 of her siblings to her side using the same car seat.

One of these car seats has a width of 16.5 inches, which allows you to install 3 of them in one back seat. The narrow design and frame make it efficient and perfectly sized for the average vehicle type out there.

However, always measure the dimensions of your vehicle before making this purchase to ensure that they will fit properly. You don’t want to find out that they don’t fit after spending almost $1000 on three seats.

Also, due to its weight being 24 pounds, we recommend that you just install it in the vehicle instead of carrying it around to reduce fatigue and strain.


What’s The Safety Feature On Diono Car Seats

Every car seat needs to have a safety feature to protect the child from impact or injuries during collisions, accidents, and bumps.

Diono is also one of them; featuring amazing and diverse safety features to protect the child from even severe collisions.

Most of these features are peculiar to the Diono car seat which might make them look confusing at first, but with long-term use, parents will quickly acquaint themselves with all of them and know how to use each one effectively.

Unlike other car seats, the safe stop strap on the Diono seat can only be adjusted from the back. This can be a bit new and uncomfortable for most parents, but after using it for a few weeks, you’ll get the hang of it.

Another safety feature is the adjustable bottom. Note that these safety adjustments are size sensitive. Check the manual for the installation guide and weight requirements on each safety feature.

Also, Diono has a voluntary crash exchange program that allows you to get a new car seat from the company if you are ever involved in a car seat. Simply check that you qualify before making a call to the company for your new replacement.


How To Install

Installation is where most parents are focused on, after safety, because they don’t want to spend valuable time fixing one car seat over and over again.

Like on every car seat out there, the manual of the Diono car seat provides detailed methods to install their car seats in any car type.

If you follow the instructions to the latter, you’ll have yourself a properly well-secured car seat, fitted to the back of your vehicle.

There are several ways of securing Diono car seats in your car. The first method involves using your seat belt to strap the seat in.

Using a 3-point belt is more secure and better than a 2 point for this installation. The ISO connections on the other hand provide for more firmness.

Whichever option you choose, always ensure that the seat isn’t loose, instead, it fits properly into the vehicle. If you’re having repeated troubles with installation, we advise you to watch a video to guarantee a great installation process.

How Many Positions Does Diono Car Seat Have

To accommodate different heights and weights, every car seat should be equipped with multiple adjustable positions. The Diono radian 3RXT is big on that. Featuring 12 adjustable headrest positions, it is arguably one of the best in this department.

The adjustable height makes it suitable for growing kids. Simply adjust it to match your child’s new height. It could even be used to track your child’s growth too.

The 3 available positions also make it suitable for all ages and sizes. Simply switch between booster, rear-facing, and forward-facing.

Rear-facing is more suitable for infants as they don’t demand leg space, but for a growing child, you want to switch to the forward-facing position to provide them with enough leg space.

However, for a child who has outgrown the low base of a child’s car seat, consider switching to the booster position. This lifts the child to an acceptable height where the seat belt can seat properly in their chest and not on their stomachs or pelvic, which is not only uncomfortable but painful.


Is It Comfortable

If you’re looking for comfort, then you’re checking out the right product. For example, Diono Radian 3Rxt is manufactured from high-quality soft materials to reduce pressure on the baby and make them comfy.

During our test, the baby would fall asleep several times, only to be awoken when they were outside the vehicle. That’s a testament to how comfortable this car seat can be.

It is also equipped with a memory foam seat base to make sitting for long hours endurable. If you’re big on traveling interstate or visiting your relatives in far locations, using this car seat would provide your baby the comfort they so desired.

Not only is this car seat option very comfy, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Designed with adorable color combinations, there are 13 major color options to find the best color that best suits your baby and their environment.

While we can attest to the superior comfort level on this car seat, we advise parents to pay attention to the disposition of their children. Always ensure that the child is comfortable all the time.

Make a few adjustments once you notice a drop in your child’s comfort level. A good way to ensure comfortability is to follow the proper installation guide and use the adjustable features on the seat more often.

What’s The Maintenance Guide

Because the Diono Radian 3RXT is made of superior quality, it rarely requires maintenance. It has an outstanding lifespan when used correctly.

Once in a while, remove the covers and put them in a washing machine to remove stains, afterwards, dry them under the sun. Ensure the covers are properly dried before using them again.

You may want to check the user instructions for the proper washing conditions. Don’t use harsh chemicals when washing the covers as they could be harmful to your child’s health. Instead, use mild soap to remove stains and germs.


Is The Seat Compact

As mentioned earlier, this is a very compact and convertible car seat. While they are made of steel for enhanced durability, they are still very compact.

They don’t take too much space, meaning you can use them in limited space and even fit 3 in the back seat of your vehicle.

However, to avoid disappointments, ensure you take the measurements and dimensions of your back seat before heading to the store or placing your order.

Should I Use The Extended Rear Facing

According to studies, the rear-facing position is the safest of all the options out there and some states have passed it into law that parents strap their children below the age of 2 in the rear-facing position.

However, due to the limited leg space, older children who’d like to stretch their feet would prefer the forward-facing position.


● Machine washable

● Energy-absorbing harness system

● SuperLATCH installation

● Foam Padding


● May not work on smaller infants

● An expensive brand


Conclusively, the Diono brand car seats are foldable, durable, have an easy superLATCH installation system, and come in various colors. They are also compact to suit parents with multiple kids.