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Britax Infant Car Seat Review

Britax manufactures some of the best infant car seats on the market. They are equipped with the best safety features and are easy to install and move between vehicles, just in case your family has more than one car. They are highly rated amongst parents simply because the seats are comfy and meet all the standards and regulations of the United States and every safety organization. They are also structurally compact, easy to use, and compatible with both big and small vehicles.

Britax Infant Car Seat

Why Britax Car seats are a Good Buying Choice

● Durability

● Impact protection

● Quick and straightforward Installation

● Comfy padded seats

● Breathe able seats

● LATCH system

● Affordable


The most important quality parents want in any infant car seat is durability. Britax car seats are manufactured with good fabric that is anti-wear and tears. They can resist any damage and remain consistent for years with minimal maintenance.

While it is recommended that every car seat be replaced after every crash, Britax car seats are made to withstand crashes so you can keep using them afterward.

SafeCell side-impact protection

Britax car seats are equipped with innovative and cutting-edge safety features that help to keep children safe during long drives and crashes.

One of these safety features includes the energy-absorbing materials that absorb impact whenever there’s a crash. Another safety feature is the SafeCell side-impact protection.

In general, all the safety features of Britax car seats meet the United States safety regulations.


Clicktight installation

Installation is straightforward and error-free because of the ClickTight feature that comes with every Britax infant car seat.

For parents with little to no technical experience, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and listen for the clicks to guarantee 100% error-free installation.

Reclining seats

Comfort is very important. And not just that, but keeping your child’s back straight and healthy is more important, that’s why we love the reclining positions that are on these car seats.

They allow you to switch between reclining positions to help your child maintain good body posture. What we love about the reclining positions is the mechanical feature which automatically adjusts to your child’s posture without your input.

Breathable seats

Britax is always at the forefront of finding innovative ways to improve comfort for your child. Even the cheapest Britax car seats are equipped with at least 3 comfy features, which means you can get any of their seats even on a budget, without compromising on comfort.

The breathable car seats are equipped with premium soft padding that keeps your child extra comfy even on long rides around the city. Also, they feature removable washable covers.


LATCH system

Car seats are equipped with a latch system to provide stability and security for your child. The Britax car seats, however, have taken a step further.

They have a 5-point harness system which makes them one of the best infant car seat brands out on the market.


Lastly, Britax infant car seats are quite affordable. As a parent, you already have so many things you want to spend money on to keep your child comfortable, so spending a fortune on a car seat might not be appealing.

With less than $300, you’ll find a good Britax infant car seat for your child today. Check here for uppababy brand car seat review.


Best Britax Car Seats


Britax Infant Car Seats Price
Britax B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit Infant Car Seat Price: $224.99
Britax B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat $199.99
Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat $299.99
Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat $309.99


Here are some of the best Britax infant car seats:

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit Infant Car seat

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit Infant Car seat

Price: $224.99

Britax makes car seats for every age, size, and height. Their car seats are ergonomically designed to give every child the much-needed space and safety they need when traveling.

These and more are what you’re getting with the Britax B-Safe Gen2 Flexfit infant car seat. As indicated in its name, you’ll find the features to be right for your baby.

Firstly, it has more space than its predecessors, making it very breathable for infants, which means you don’t have to rush for the forward-facing seat immediately after your infant begins to add some weight.

This car seat includes the Safewash Fabric which is very common with all Britax infant car seats. As a parent, you’ll appreciate this added feature because it protects your infant from germs and bacteria caused by crumbs and debris.

It also keeps them cool by curbing moisture.

Britax is as big on safety as they are on comfort. This car seat is equipped with a honeycomb webbing designed to absorb energy from any collision or crash to protect your infant.

On a final note, it can also be used as a stroller because of the standard-sized canopy included in the product. This means you won’t have to spend extra money on a stroller or stress over storage space.


● Quality and breathable seat fabrics

● Advanced safety features

● One-hand release latch


● Heavy

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat

Britax B-Safe Gen2 Infant Car Seat

Price: $199.99

Similar to the above-mentioned car seat, this Britax B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat is relatively cheap but doesn’t compromise on the important features and functions that are included in more expensive options.

As a parent, you’ll be glad to know that this car seat is designed to accommodate big infants between 4 and 35 lbs for a long time. With an adjustable harness, I believe children of all sizes can also use it efficiently.

Safety is the most important feature for every parent, notwithstanding the price.

Hence, you’ll like to know that this car seat is equipped with full-body protection and crumple zones to help protect your child in collisions and crashes for complete peace of mind.

Just like most parents, I am also particular about comfort. Infants will enjoy maximum comfort with the extra padding and knit fabric on the seat.

In addition, the car seat features a SafeWash cover that allows you to remove dirt and debris using a washing machine to keep your child super comfy and healthy.

Lastly on comparability is for you, the parent. Designed with a handle at the top, you can easily carry the seat from your storage to the car. Also, this means it is easier to transfer between vehicles.

As for the main installation, the SafeCenter LATCH ensures quick, easy, and safe installation that can be achieved by even the least technical parents.


● Compatible with Britax Strollers

● Comfy and spacious

● Includes a carry handle for easy movement


● The seat doesn’t fit in compact cars

● Huge seat

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Price: $299.99

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is one of the best-manufactured seats by Britax, and as a parent who values comfort and safety, you’ll definitely love it. Let’s dig right into its features.

What I love most about this car seat are its dual modes. You can use the rear-facing mode for your infant between 5 and 40 pounds and switch to forward-facing once your child surpasses the legal age and weight in your jurisdiction.

This dual-mode saves you more money, storage space, and allows you to fully familiarize yourself with the systems of the car seat.

Just like all Britax Car seats, this Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat is also built with your child’s comfort in mind.

It has seven adjustable recline positions to suit your child’s posture, ensuring that their back is always in good condition. This is also supported by the 14 harness positions that help keep your child stable and safe.

Talking about safety, this car seat is enhanced with side impact protection, an energy absorbing base, and a steel frame to guarantee the safety of your child during any crash or collisions while on the road.

If you’re looking for a good car seat with comfort and safety, then this is your best choice.


● Quick and easy installation

● Advanced safety features

● Very durable


● Short straps

● Limited legroom even in forward-facing mode

Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Price: $309.99

This car seat is arguably the best for you because it grows with your child beyond their 6th birthday. It is designed for easy transition from forward-facing to belt-positioning mode with simple changes.

Installation is simple and easy with the ClickTight system. It follows three simple steps: open, thread, and buckle. And you’re good to go. No need for technical support or hiring a professional.

Nonetheless, whatever trouble you face during installation will be well compensated with the Mesh breathable and cool material that keeps your child comfortable all through the day, on the road.

Still, on comfort, it also includes soft pads so your kiddo is extra comfy.


● Easy installation

● Advanced safety feature

● Two side cup holders


● Heavy car seat

● Incompatible with compact cars

As you have seen, the Britax infant car brand is superior in quality and packs numerous features to make your child’s life better. While they all come at different prices, you can still get the best qualities without compromising by buying a budget-priced infant car seat.