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We would always prefer to save money if we’re given the choice. And this is why instead of going for two different units, most parents go for a car seat that turns into a stroller. In this helpful post, you’ll find some of the best products in this category with their pros and cons, and it’ll also help you in making the best choice.


Chicco Bravo Trio
  • 4-wheel base for maximum balance.
  • Adaptive to the patented KeyFit brand series.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold.
Britax B-Lively and B-Safe 35
  • Sturdy 3 base travel system unit.
  • Adaptable to most B-Lively stroller units.
  • Frame is made from aluminum and lightweight.
Graco FastAction Fold Jogger
  • Ideal for parents who want to jog as they push.
  • Air filled rubber tires.
  • It has cup holder and mobile phone cradle.

Apart from the three listed above, we added five more for your reading pleasure (we also added 2 products for popular demand sake). You’ll have to read on to find out.



Chicco Bravo Trio

Chicco Bravo Trio ($399.99)

This car seat and stroller combination from Chicco offers a lot of comfort, durability and style for toddlers weighing as much as 4 to 30 pounds.

However, when the child gets to 50 pounds, he or she can still use it. It is top rates with the patented KeyFit 30 Chicco car seat features.

When used as a car seat it measures 17 x 27.5 x 24 inches in length, breath and height respectively. When in stroller mode, it measures 16 x 28x 21.8 inches in length, breath and height respectively.

By itself, it weighs about 9.6 pounds, (this is without adding the base) of the car seat. When it is in stroller mode, it weighs 23 pounds.

One of the reasons why especially mothers like this car seat cum stroller is that it comes in different color variants like Orion, lilac and Nottingham.

So there’s a color for each gender. Another feature that parents like is that the stroller is adaptable to other Chicco KeyFit car seat series.


  • At 9.6 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry between the car as a seat and the road as a stroller.
  • It is easy to fold and store, and the height is equally adjustable.
  • Other features like cup holders and being able to wash with a machine is also an added features.


  • Parents have complained about the maneuverability of this product.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride

Safety 1st Smooth Ride ($199.99)

Well the idea behind this post is to promote as much as possible the products that can guarantee safety for our toddlers. So it shouldn’t be an issue when a product ROM Safet First is introduced.

This car seat/ baby stroller is ideal for toddlers weighing 4 to 35 pounds, although children who weigh as much as 50 pounds can still use it. It is stylish and affordable, whilst still offering every bit of safety.

As a car seat, it measures 16.75 x 24.75 x 28 inches with its base and 22.5 x 22.75 with same length in length, width and height respectively. It weighs about 7.6 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight car seat/stroller you can find.

Customers like that it is easy to use, have good quality and affordable. They also like the fact that it comes in moss green, lake blue and monument color variants.


  • The car seat feels comfortable for babies with its plush and stylish fabric.
  • Even with one hand, it is quite easy to fold.
  • The brake system of this car seat/stroller is very easy to engage.


  • The fold lock can be flimsy at times and the height is not adjustable.

Chicco Viaro

Chicco Viaro ($349.99)

This is another quality product from Chicco. The Viaro model looks sporty and is stylish. It also features the patented Chicco KeyFit 30 infant Car Seat features.

This product is top rated and is good for infants who weigh 4 to 30 pounds. But just like the other products listed here, the Chicco Viaro is still ideal for kids who weigh as much as 50 pounds.

When open, this car seat/ stroller has a measurement of 38 x 25.5 x 41.25 inches in length, width and height. And when folded, it weighs 13.5 x 25.5 x 33.25 inches in length, width and height as well.

Without the base, this stroller weighs 7 pounds and the stroller alone weighs about 18 pounds. Most parents like that it is affordable, especially for the type of quality it brings.

It sits well in the car and does not take up a lot of space. As a stroller, it is easy to push around and the wheel makes it easy to manoeuvre.


  • Very easy to fold even with one hand. This makes it easy to transfer from stroller to car seat.
  • Seat can also be adjusted in to different recline angles to make it easy for the child to relax.
  • It has a pivoting child tray that makes it easy for the child to get in and out of it.


  • Adjustable features are sometimes difficult to operate and the height is not adjustable as well.

Evenflo Pivot

Evenflo Pivot ($419.99)

I think this is the only product from Evenflo will be considering in this list, that’s why we made sure you have the best. The seat is made up of the patented SafeMax infant car seat and is highly rated amongst users.

This product comes with a variety of accessories that makes you customize the seat to your child’s taste so the comfort of your child is guaranteed.

As a car seat, it measures 29 x 17.5 x 24 inches in length, width and height and as a stroller, it weighs 25.5 x 34 x 47 inches when converted to a stroller.

The stroller alone weighs about 22 pounds, and without the base, the car seat weighs 7 pounds. Babies who weigh around 4 to 35 pounds can use this car seat, but toddler weight up to 50 pounds is still permissible.

Customers like the seat first of all. It is comfortable for the child as you can see he or she snuggles tightly into it. it also comes in different color variants like casual Grey, sandstone and navy blue.


  • Carriage, toddler and frame stroller accessories make it a top product.
  • Seat is reversible so the baby can face in or out.
  • SafeZone base with anti-rebound bar ensures all round safety.


  • Most complain we noticed is that wheel base could be too wide for some doorways.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller ($179.99)

In this list, we have two products for popular demand. This is one of them. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is ideal for people who have twins or children of different ages.

It has a solid wheel base that can bear the whole of the kid’s weight, while not putting so much burden on the person pushing it around.

With the stroller, this product weighs about 32.5 pounds and is compatible with the patented Flex Loc that most Baby Trend products offer.

It also measures 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches in length, width and height respectively. If you are carrying only one child, maximum weight is 40 pounds, and if they are two, maximum weight should not exceed 80 pounds.

Children over two years old can stand on the rear platform so far as they are less than 40 inches in height. Customers, especially the ones who have twins like this product, because for the price of one, you can get a two-in-one product.

They also like the fact that it is compatible with lots of cars seat manufacturers.


  • The inside cushion is big and roomy, making it comfortable for toddlers who are really chubby
  • It has accessories like a cup holder and storage basket to hold things in place as you move.
  • It is easy to maneuvre with.


  • The main issue with this product is that the wheels could be rigid sometimes and must face a certain position for it to be folded.

Britax B-Lively & B-Safe 35

Britax B-Lively & B-Safe 35 ($578.56)

So finally we have a product from Britax. This one goes a step further in that while most other products on this list have a permissible maximum load of 50 pounds, this product can still allow kids who weigh as much as 55 pounds.

Though, the normal weigh should be 4 to 35 pounds. It has the patented B-Safe seat that ensures maximum comfort and safety for your infants.

When the stroller is folded, it has a dimension of 29 x 23 x 10 inches in length, width and height respectively. And when it is not folded its measurement increases to 40 x 24 x 39.5 inches in length, width and height respectively.

Same stroller weighs 20 pounds. The car seat itself weighs 10 pounds. If you add the base of the seat to it, that’s another 9 pounds to deal with.

The truth is customers enjoy the stroller more than the seat, mainly because this car seat/ stroller does not come cheap, and then coupled with the fact that the child will soon outgrow the seat but will still use the stroller for a long period of time.


  • It is very safe for babies with its two-layer side impact protection, steel frame and impact absorbing frame.
  • The stroller is compatible with lots of Britax car baby seats.
  • The frame is lightweight aluminum and quite easy to fold one handed.


  • Most parents had challenges adapting to the brake, and handle is not adjustable.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger ($189.99)

This product is from the FastAction series and features the SnugRide Click connect 35 that helps it fit in to the car seat and stroller perfectly.

Toddlers who weigh 4 to 35 pounds can use it, though a maximum load of 50 pounds is still allowed. The stroller weighs 30 pounds, and when folded, dimensions are 39 x 23.6 x 15.3 inches in length, width and height respectively. With the base of this seat, it still weighs 7.5 pounds.

Some parents love the Gotham color variant, but the chill red version won the day! Parents also like that it is affordable, yet does not compromise on quality.

Since this product is good for jogging, the baby enjoys the ride and the parents keep fit at once.


  • Since it is good for jogging, features like two cup holders, a cell phone holder and a lock that’s adjustable makes it preferable amongst parents.
  • The rubber tires of this product is tough and durable. They are also air filled.
  • Swivel function of the wheel can be locked to ensure safety while jogging.


  • Some parents complained it is bulky and takes up much space in the car.

Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller

Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller ($550.00)

This is the last of our products on the list, and the second “popular demand” product we promised. Donna is a house hold name in the business of baby car seats and strollers.

It is a compact unit that does its job of providing safety and comfort for your baby.

The stroller weighs about 16.5 pounds, and when unfolded, it has a measurement of 39 x 17.3 x 32.2 inches in length, width and height respectively. It is ideal for weigh as much as 4 to 35 pounds, though a permissible weight of 50 pounds is allowed.

Parents like how the handle stretch out when you are converting from car seat to stroller. This makes it very easy to push around.

The hole unit collapses well with buckles and slots that are not flimsy. It sits well in the car and does not take up so much space even in the trunk.


  • It comes in a variety of colors like royal blue, racing green (my favorite), and flame red.
  • Safety features like 5-point harness, 3-layer side impact protection and anti-rebound bar crash technology makes it a must buy.
  • Fabric and cushion feels very comfortable for toddlers as they snuggle inside.


  • The most complain we got was that the adjustable handle is not suitable for parents above 6 feet tall.