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Uppababy Car Seat Brand Review

Uppababy is a combination of luxury, flexibility, and functionality. They are a very popular brand and offer outstanding baby strollers. Are you looking to buy one of these strollers but aren’t convinced yet, then read this Uppababy Car Seat brand review to change your mind.

Uppababy Car Seat

Affordable No
Comfortable Yes
Weather-Resistant Yes
Wheel Suspension Yes
Adjustable Recline Yes



If you’re searching for a stroller brand with all the features you need, then you’re at the right place. The Uppababy brand uses the best quality and implements the best design for their strollers to mix comfort with function.

Here are some of the best features you’ll find on all Uppababy products which should convince you to trust the brand.

Reversible toddler seat

The blueprint of almost every other stroller and car seat out there is having at least two positions, the forward and rear-facing position.

This allows parents to choose the more comfortable position for the children. For example, parents with toddlers usually prefer the rear-facing position because it is safer and allows the baby to be more adventurous in their tiny world.

The rear-facing position is also a mandate for children below 2 in some states in the United States. But the forward-facing position is better for a sized child who requires leg space to express themselves, which the rear-facing position doesn’t provide.

Parents can also position the seat completely flat, upright, or any level between. This complete level of flexibility gives parents the range of options desired.

The Uppabrand wants the seat to suit the parents and child preference without costing another dollar so they included the reversible toddler seat as their most reasonable feature.


Telescoping leather handlebar

While the Uppababy is focused on your toddler’s comfort, it recognizes the role of a parent and how they also need to be comfortable while using the stroller.

To this end, they made the telescoping leather handlebar adjustable outwards to suit your height so you don’t have to bend and strain your waist while taking your baby out on a walk.

That’s sweet right? Supports full body posture while the leather cover provides a firm grip as you move the stroller around.

I found the handle of inferior brands slipping away from my hands often. This caused me worries as it was unsafe and posed a danger to my toddler’s life.

That’s why I appreciate what Uppababy has done with the handle of this stroller. The firm grip means the stroller is also secured to your hands in the mall, road, and park.

It is also easier on your palm so you don’t have blisters after taking your child on a stroll

 Uppababy Car Seat Mesa

One-handed recline

Uppababy equips its strollers with a one-handed recline mechanism to ensure complete flexibility and control.

Parents can switch between different positions using the control on the side of the product, so the child is comfortable whether their sleeping, resting, or awake.

For example, a sleeping child will benefit from a completely reclined seat. This allows them to rest their back. It also protects them from jerking anything when the stroller runs into traffic like bumps or climbs over a stone.

On the other hand, you can shift the recline to make the child comfortable while seating to express themselves and enjoy the walk with you.

During the test of the Uppababy Cruz V2, my baby was always eager to see her surroundings, so I used the recline control to keep her seated so she could have a good view.


Extendable UPF 50+ Canopy

Uppababy strollers feature a canopy to keep your child protected from the sun and weather elements. One can boldly say that it is weatherproofed as it’ll protect from the sun, sun, snow, and other harsh weather conditions unsuitable for a baby’s health.

The canopy or umbrella features a mesh panel, allowing parents to peek inside the stroller. It also allows for better airflow.

This canopy is controlled by a zip mechanism, allowing you to take it out and down whenever you desire. However, it is unadvisable to take your toddler out during harsh weather.

The canopy is simply a preventive measure for when you’re outside your home. Nevertheless, ensure to pop out the canopy once the clouds are forming or the sun is reaching an uncomfortable temperature.

Another important feature of the UPF 50+ canopy is that it is adjustable to suit your child’s growth so you don’t have to spend another dollar for an upgrade as the child grows. Now, that’s what I call a sweet deal.

Extra-large access basket

Having a toddler is demanding as you’d have to do everything with them because you two are always together. Because of this, it is impossible to carry multiple bags at the same time.

Uppababy knowing this added an extra-large access basket where parents can store essential items like food, diaper, wipes, and even groceries while shopping.

This allows you to bond with your toddler over everything you do and also have all your essentials nearby. While the basket is made of high-quality materials, avoid overloading it to ensure durability and pressure on the baby.

Also, don’t store materials or content that may be harmful to the baby’s health inside the basket.


All-wheel suspension

Each wheel on this stroller has its own shock absorber that allows for a smooth ride while strolling on rough terrain. This makes the ride more comfortable and joyous for the baby, as well as the parent.

No more jerking, simply enjoy the ride by using one of the Uppababy strollers of your baby. This feature can be found on the Uppababy MINU and Cruz V2 strollers.


Stand while folded

Uppababy strollers are equipped with a stand-alone feature that is activated after folding. This allows parents to easily store the stroller, even in limited space.

Also, you don’t have to detach the seat to fold this stroller. This makes the process less technical. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on all Uppababy strollers.

It is only found on the Cruz V2 strollers, so you’re particular about storage or have limited capacity in your shed, then this is your best choice.

It also features all the other features that we have listed above, so you won’t be compromising on anything you want. However, the Cruz V2 stroller is expensive at $679 but is worth it because of the numerous features it houses.


Birth options

How would you like to have your new born in a stroller? Well, with the Uppababy stroller, parents can have their newly born babies strolling around the vicinity while laying flat inside the stroller.

The carrycot inside the stroller can be used for overnight sleeping, and once outgrown, parents can switch to the advanced toddler seat to suit their child’s age.

This stroller type is cost-efficient as it allows parents to use the two different seat types without having to expand your income on buying a new seat type.

But due to health and size difference in newborns, we advice parents to seek professional advice from their doctors before using the birth options.


Lightweight and enhanced mobility

Uppa strollers are incredibly lightweight and easy to mobilize from one place to another. The strollers are equipped with ergonomic handles and straps that allow you to carry them everywhere you go.

They also have storage bags that allow you to store and carry around. Compared to heavier products from other brands, Uppababy is as concerned about the parent as the baby.

They don’t want to cause you fatigue or stress while you mobilize your baby’s stroller.


Here are some Uppababy Strollers to choose from

 Uppababy Car Seat Vista

Uppababy VISTA V2 stroller

Price: $999.99

The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller has leather handles, and the new and improved spring-action all-wheel suspension to ensure a consistently smooth ride on rough terrain.

The seat is big enough to contain up to 3 children, however, this varies depending on the size of your child. Ensure to measure your children’s weight in regard to the stroller so you don’t overcrowd them.

Nonetheless, this expandable size makes it suitable for parents with twins or even triplets. So while you’re worried about the expenses of taking care of 2 to 3 children, the stroller allows you to reduce that.

Another functional feature is the extended zip canopy to protect your toddler from heat and other harsh weather conditions.

The mesh panels make it easy for you to peek in and see how your baby is doing while allowing for more airflow. The adjustable harness system allows you to tighten or loosen the grip on your baby for enhanced protection and space as you do not want to choke your baby.

Lastly, it is equipped with a multi-position recline and a forward-facing toddler seat.


● Adjustable recline

● Adjustable canopy

● Adjustable Harness System



● No replacement for defective products

● Expensive

 Mesa Car Seat

Uppababy CRUZ V2 Stroller

Price: $699.99

Arguably one of the most popular strollers out there. The Uppababy Cruz V2 stroller has an outstanding design. Just like the Vista, it also has full-leather handles, all-wheel suspension, and larger tires for a smooth ride on rough terrain, foldable areas, a bigger toddler seat, and zip out canopy.

Additional features include an extra-large basket to store all your content and a performance travel system to help you carry your stroller along with you everywhere you go.


● Multi-position recline

● Extra-large basket

● Performance travel system


● No replacement for defects.

● Expensive


Brand Pros and Cons


● Adjustable decline positions

● Large Baskets

● Canopy


● Expensive brand


Conclusively, Uppababy strollers offer superior quality and outstanding features that are worthwhile. If you’re looking for durability, design, and ergonomic controls, then buy on of the Uppababy strollers to meet your needs.