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Lufi XF Revolution HUD Review

Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 HUDA heads-up device is a super useful device that helps drivers focus on the road while avoiding distractions as it keeps them updated on the current status of their vehicle and their environment.


The Lufi XF Revolution HUD OBD2 Multi-data comes highly customizable and is modified to produce accurate and fast response.

The heads-up display device embodies a lot of features which makes it innovative along with it’s simple but elegant design.

However, the device can only be connected through the OBD 2 port, deterring it from connecting with car models without the OBD 2 port.



Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 HUD Review

The version FW V1.28F of the Lufi XF heads-up display is the latest version of the Lufi heads up display device and its features are more advanced and upgraded.

The device displays the following data on its screen.

  • Pressure data: Intake manifold, turbo, engine fuel, rail, atmospheric (highly vehicle dependent)
  • Temperature data: Engine oil, water, exhaust, fuel, transmission oil, intake air, charge air, outside
  • Speed: Average, instantaneous, engine/revolution
  • Time: Clock, engine run
  • Fuel consumption: Fuel level, instantaneous, average

And some other data it shows includes; Odo, trip distribution, battery voltage, air flow sensor, air-fuel ratio, acceleration pedal position, value and gear indication.

Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 HUD

When you purchase this device, you get a sharp 3.5 inch TFT color screen that causes the displayed data to come out highly visible and sharp under any light condition.

Additionally, it comes with an auto and manual brightness adjustment feature as well, hence you can always adjust your screen to suit your needs.

This device can also be connected and powered easily as it supports plug and play mode. All you have to do is to connect the cables to your vehicle’s OBD II port and it powers on.

The device is set to Auto on and off with a power source, so it goes off as soon as you power off your car, helping you save power.

Sold at $116.95 on most digital stores, the device is a bit pricey but it comes with valuable multi features that helps you monitor the current state of your vehicle while you focus on the road, granting you an assurance of safety.

What is Product For?

The Lufi XF revolution OBD 2 multi data HUD monitors the digital speed, fuel consumption, voltage, water temperature, engine speed with other data and displays them on its screen allowing you to drive without getting distracted. Also, this device is GPS-enabled like Rexing 4k UHD.

Lufi XF revolution OBD2 multi data HUD comes with user friendly features and easy installation procedures so you don’t need to have professional knowledge to install the device.

However, this product is a bit pricey which is a turn down for interested drivers with lean pockets, looking for a device that’s pocket friendly.

FAQ’s Related to Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi Data HUD

  • What cables and extra gadgets come with the device pack?

The Lufi XF Revolution OBD2 Multi Data HUD new pack comes with a USB cable, an e-copy manual and the device itself along with an OBD II cable. All the cables needed to install the device are in the pack.

  • Can the data format be customized and calibrated? If yes, which?

Yes. The speed, RPM, voltage, fuel consumption rate can be calibrated if inaccuracy is noticed.

How to Install it on a Car

Read the manual and follow the instructions carefully for procedures on installing the device. If possible, consult professional assistance for installation.


  • Plug and play with OBD 2 port
  • Easy to customize
  • Cost efficient
  • Multiple function
  • Auto brightness control
  • 6 months warranty period
  • Easy to control


  • Does not connect to car models 2006 and older
  • Requires professional assistance when installing.



The Lufi xf Revolution OBD2 Multi Data HUD increases your awareness of the vehicle and the road thereby ensuring a level of safety.

Its advanced nature hinders it from being compatible with 2006 and older versions of cars.

Its price is not so pocket friendly too but it remains an ideal heads up display gadget if you’re seeking for an exquisite device with superb functions.