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Cobra Radar Detector Vs Escort

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Cobra and Escort radar detectors are the leading options for motorists in the region. They offer amazing functions and are available in almost every retail store, online/offline. Between Cobra Radar Detector Vs Escort which is better? Keep reading to find out.

Cobra Radar Detector Vs Escort

Cobra and Escort radar detectors are GPS-equipped, affordable, possess long-range detection, and are compatible with smartphones. They are also efficient at detecting both radio and laser signals. These devices are also immune to Radar Detector Detectors and can switch between highway and city sensitivity modes.

New Cobra radar detectors feature 360 protection while Escort includes wireless connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth.


Radar detectors are the same. Both cobra and escort radar detectors serve the same function, which is to identify radio signals from radar guns from a distance. But how do they perform this function? Cobra and Escort radar detectors pick signals differently. To choose the best option for yourself, you have to know the types of detectors these brands offer.

They include:

  •  Corded,
  • Cordless, and
  • Remote-mount radar detectors

Corded Radar Detector

These are the most popular type of radar detectors. Both Cobra and Escort offer cordless, but at varying prices. They are mounted on the windshield using suction cups and can be removed at will. This aids easy to upgrade and replace.

Corded radar detectors have the best range of detection but the installation is complex. You’ll have to wire the devices and connect them to the bar battery. While this process is simple, you don’t want to get it wrong. Both Cobra and Escort radar detectors offer advanced wiring kits and an installation guide on all their new radar detectors. They are affordable and can be bought anywhere.

Corded Radar Detector

However, you may have to check the mandate of your state concerning mounting a device on your dashboard. Also, radar detectors aren’t legal everywhere. While some states and countries welcome them, others still have their doors shut against them.

Cordless Radar Detectors

Cordless radar detectors allow for easy movement between vehicles. Drivers with multiple vehicles no longer have to buy countless radar detectors anymore as one device can serve multiple vehicles. Cordless means no wiring kits and a cleaner installation. Cobra and Escort are leading in the production of cordless radars today. Their devices are easy to install and are lauded for their range of detection. Although, more expensive, cordless is the future as it uses less space and declutters your vehicle.

Cordless Radar Detectors

Remote Mount Detectors

Remote mount detectors are fixed permanently and can be controlled remotely.

Features of Radar Detectors

While considering your best choice between Cobra and Escort, you need to also consider their features. Radar detectors have several features that help enhance the detector of radar signals. These include.

Laser Detection

The basic function of a radar detector is to detect radio signals. However, the technological battle between the police and the public gave birth to laser guns. This new method of speed detection bypassed radio waves, which made radar detectors useless. To combat this new problem, manufacturers created laser detectors.

Huge companies such as Escort and Cobra integrated laser detection into their radar detectors. This now allowed motorists to detect radio signals and lasers using only one device. While it came at a higher price, laser detection delivered a high return on investment.

Highway and City Modes

The sensitivity of a radar detector determines its efficiency in picking both radar and laser signals. Sensitivity is usually divided into highway and city modes. Highway mode represents a wider range of detection, while city mode is for urban driving.

If you’re driving interstate or just long-distance, you want to activate highway mode to detect any radar gun before your speed is recorded. However, city police are more concerned with cars nearby. Cobra and Escort radar detectors have a switch to help motorists switch between both modes of sensitivity. Advanced radar detectors are equipped with GPS that enables auto-switch between sensitivities.

Sensitivity also helps the device focus on specific radio bands, while ignoring others. For example, you can set a radar detector to focus on band Y while ignoring X. This helps to reduce cases of false alarms, which are rampant in city mode.

Both cobra and escort detectors also have a LED display to show the strength and direction of the incoming signal. This allows motorists to easily differentiate between automatic doors and radar guns.

Radar Detector Detection

As mentioned earlier, the police and the public went into a technological war. The introduction of radar guns led to radar detectors which were made useless at a point by laser detectors. This war was fierce in places where using a laser detector was illegal.

To nab offenders, the police developed a device called radar detector detection. These devices pick up oscillations emitted by radar detectors. This return signal informs the police that a radar detector is being used nearby. There are several types of RDDs including VG-2 and Spectre.

However, detector manufacturers such as cobra and escort radar detectors have developed devices that are immune to the VG-2 and Spectre RDDs. While also on the search for radar guns, immune detectors scan for RDDs. The device goes off once it senses a signal. This keeps you protected from the police while also giving you the upper hand.


Radar detectors warn motorists using an audible alarm. This alarm ensures that the driver is alerted to the radar gun in front while his/her eyes remain on the road. Audible alarms are more popular, however, these brands are now including visual alerts such as flashing lights. You can choose to combine both alarm systems or choose your most preferred option. Visual alerts might be preferable on long journeys while audio alerts are good for city mode.

Radar Detector and GPS technology

Both advanced cobra and escort radar detectors have a GPS function installed in their devices to improve their functionalities. A GPS-enabled radar detector has numerous advantages over the ordinary detector.

Number one, it allows you to save hotspots of police radar guns. This helps the driver prepare beforehand, giving him/her the upper hand over law enforcement. A GPS-enabled device also helps you to avoid false alarms. It keeps track of hotspots with false alarms and cuts that area off.

A GPS also helps you to drive under the speed limit. While a radar detector helps you avoid law enforcement, driving above the speed limit is deadly and may cause accidents on the road. The device is only for when you forget the speed of a limit of an area.

Once it reminds you, reduce your speed to avoid accidents. Radar detectors from both manufacturers are equipped with GPS to alert drivers of the speed limit. They also store data for future purposes.

Advanced GPS-equipped detectors can also adjust sensitivity to automatically switch between city and highway mode. This fully automates the system, meaning you only have to focus on driving and nothing else.

Smartphone Compatibility

The integration of smartphone technology into all aspects of our lives has made everything easier. This is the same with radar detectors. Both Escort and Cobra radar detectors have smartphone compatibility to enhance the functions of their respective radar detectors.

They have respective applications on the various smartphone stores where you can find thousands of other users who share useful traffic data and information for other motorists.

For example, a user who sights a police radar gun can share his/her sighting with the larger community. This helps them avoid those areas or drive with caution.

Conclusively, both Cobra and Escort radar detectors are top-notch devices. They offer world-class services and features and are also affordable. The choice you make between both should solely be dependent on preference and choice.