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What Is A Level 4 Car Alarm System

Having a device that disables your vehicle amongst fulfilling other functions in order to deter car thieves from making away with your vehicle would be a terrific addition to the security of your vehicle. Motorists using level 4 car alarm systems claim it does just that. What is a level  4 car alarm system and how does it work?

What Is A Level 4 Car Alarm System

A level 4 car alarm system includes a GPS, Immobilizer, and a smart lock system. They all work to quickly demobilize the vehicle in case of theft or carjacking. Although an expensive option for a car security system, a level 4 car alarm provides more peace of mind. They also include the common 2-way alarm system that sends and receives signals. Nevertheless, the GPS and immobilizer are the backbones of the level 4 car alarm system.

 Motorists are upgrading the security level of their vehicles every day by adding newer devices. But by simply buying a level 4 car alarm system, motorists can enjoy greater peace of mind.

How A Level 4 Car Alarm Works

 Before buying a complete kit of a level 4 car alarm system, you should know how it works. This high-security level combines several devices to provide complete protection. For example, a different device known as an immobilizer is used for arming the vehicle. This action is only performed by the rightful owner of the vehicle.

You can also use the GPS tracking device implanted into the head unit of the vehicle to trace and recover your vehicle. It also has a smart lock system that is capable of locking the intruder inside the vehicle until the owner arrives with law enforcement.

How A Level 4 Car Alarm Works

All of these devices can be controlled by a wireless remote/fob. Advanced 4 level car alarm systems also feature smartphone connectivity, allowing users to control their security mechanism from anywhere. 

What Can Be Locked By A 4 Level Car Alarm System

 This is the interesting part of having an advanced security system in your vehicle. Now, you can immobilize and shut off vital parts of your vehicle. So you don’t have to worry about thieves gaining access into your vehicle (which is unlikely due to the advanced security). Let’s take you through the important parts of your car that you can kill with your fob.

  • Engine

The immobilizer is a major component of a level 4 car alarm system. It is designed to power off car engines from the fob in the driver’s hand. The driver inside the car can no longer drive the vehicle in this state.

However, you have to be careful with this feature as randomly shutting off the engine can cause collisions and accidents.

  • Steering Wheel

With a level 4 car alarm system, you can completely lock your steering wheel to make it impossible for anyone to drive the vehicle. This is a common feature in most cars, however, older vehicles need physical Contact to lock the steering.

  • On-board computer

The onboard computer helps to enhance the driving experience. It displays vital information such as fuel consumption and allows drivers to use other devices inside a vehicle. Without it, the functionality of the vehicle drops. The level 4 car alarm system can shut down the onboard computer with a press of a button. 

What A Level 4 Car Alarm System Can Do 

Asides from cutting off car engines, there are other things that a level 4 car alarm system can do to help improve car security. These include cutting off fuel and power supply and tracking the vehicle. Let’s dig deeper for a better understanding. 

  • Cut Fuel Supply

Vehicles need fuel to run, and cutting off the fuel supply in your car simply prevents it from going any further. You can do this whenever you step out of your vehicle, but always remember to connect the supply back before driving again.

  • Cut off the power supply

The 12 volts battery inside the hood of your vehicle supplies electrical power to the entire car. Without it, your car engine won’t start, along with other electrical devices in your car.

Disconnecting the battery is a great way to protect your vehicle from being stolen, but the stress of opening and closing the hood may put you off. Not to worry, a 4 level car alarm comes with a remote battery disconnect switch that allows drivers to insulate the battery.

  • Create other problems

Manufacturers of these high-level car alarm systems add unique features to separate their solutions from their competition. Before you make a purchase, always check that the device covers your preferences.

Components of A Level 4 Car Alarm System

A level 4 car alarm system consists of several individual devices that work together to keep your car safe from thieves. These devices all come together in a single kit. Here are the devices in a level 4 car alarm system. 

  • Sensors

Sensors are arguably the most important of all. They are located on almost every significant part of your vehicle. You can find them on the car doors, steering, and vehicle rear, among others. The sensors are triggered by physical contact and collisions.

They send signals to the control unit (brain) which then alerts the driver by making a beep or via a visual display on the fob. 

  • Remote Fob

This is the device held by the driver. It has buttons to navigate through its functions and features. A remote fob usually has 3 keys, but advanced options have up to 4. The keys can lock, unlock, and immobilize the connected vehicle

  • Immobilizer

This device makes the difference in the level 4 car alarm system. Unlike lower levels of car security systems, this device actually helps the motorist send back a command that can stop the theft of a vehicle. It can also help in the quick retrieval of your vehicle if stolen. Drivers can shut off their car engines, cut the power supply, and a host of components in a car. 

  • GPS

The kit is also equipped with a car tracking device that uses three satellites to triangulate the location of any equipped vehicle. The GPS works by collecting data from your vehicle.

This data is then transferred through a wireless network to any connected device and profile. A GPS tracking device also keeps your regular driving route and destination. This can help you to plan your commute better.

Components of A Level 4 Car Alarm System

Benefits Of A Level 4 Car Alarm System

  • You can immobilize your vehicle

Suspect that your vehicle is being stolen, no need to second guess yourself anymore, just immobilize the vehicle by pressing a button on your key fob before the engine is hardwired. Immobilizing your vehicle is an easy way to protect your car from theft.

This means an extended lifespan for you to enjoy more mileage in your vehicle. This is especially important for luxurious and exotic vehicles. You wouldn’t want to spend millions and a car and lose it the following day.

  • You can track it 

Your car has been stolen? Hold on with the call to your insurance company. With a level 4 car alarm system, you can track your car and recover it. The GPS also stores data about your regular routes, which helps you to find the fastest routes and save money on gas.

What is the difference between a level 4 car alarm and a 2-way alarm system 

  • Mode Of Operation

Both have a similar mode of operation. You need a head unit, sensors, and a key fob for both installation and operation. However, while both alarm systems have a 2-way communication system, only one allows motorists to immobilize their vehicles. However, the level 4 car alarm system is costlier.

Conclusively, a level 4 car alarm system encompasses the basic principles of a car alarm and additional features to help track your vehicle and immobilize the engine.