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Damore Engine Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

Damore EngineSkimming through the vast array of electronic gadgets to acquire a utility device of good standard can be a tug of war, sometimes. Damore Engine Mono Subwoofer Amplifier is one of best and easy to Setup. A sound subwoofer amplifier is an example of a utility device as it amplifies the sound and bass level of your speakers, heightening your music experience as you drive.

Powered by one of the best sound engine companies, the high efficiency mono subwoofer amplifier comes with a lot of amazing features that make up for its not so friendly market value.

Sold for $311.00 on Amazon and other digital stores, the product maintains its value as one of the top valued subwoofers in today’s market.

About Product

Damore Engine High Efficiency Mono Subwoofer device comes with a CLEAN D Class D for filtering of all inputs and outputs for clean performance throughout the passband and all the way to clipping.

With the CLEAN D design, it also protects the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems from EMI which is the typical cause of check engine lights and other random bad behavior that can be caused by installing a dirty or “noisy” Class D amplifier in a vehicle.

Additionally, the high efficiency mono subwoofer comes with a 4 AWG Power and Ground connectors which powers your device with enough power current to amplify the sound output to just about the right percent for your listening pleasure.

Damore Engine Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

As part of its specifications, Damore engine mono subwoofer comes with extruded aluminum heatsinks which has an aluminum cast heat sink with excellent cooling capabilities, which optimally cools down the integrated amplifier inside.

Damore Engine High Efficiency Mono Subwoofer Amplifier Review

Another additional feature the product embodies is its built in crossovers and remote subwoofer level control functions for you to control and access the device with ease.

Perhaps an outstanding quality this device embodies is that it is a full MOFSET design however, it does not come with dim light for illuminating connections and settings.

Despite its high cost, the device has multiple features making it highly efficient and worth its value.

What is Product For?

Damore engine high efficiency mono subwoofer amplifier device comes with ohm stable, built in crossovers, remote subwoofer level control included which is used for amplifying and tuning audio outputs in your car speakers for full effects.

Who is Product for and How is it Helpful?

Sold for three hundred and eleven dollars, this mono subwoofer amplifier is quite expensive but very effective as its features enable it to produce nothing less than excellent sound quality.

FAQ’s Related too Damore Engine High Efficiency Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

  • How is the device connected to and powered?

The device comes with a 4 AWG power and ground connectors for powering it with the right amount of current voltage.

  • Does the device come with a warranty and return policy? If yes, for how long?

Yes. This gadget comes with a refund policy where it is returnable after four weeks of initial purchase and a 52 weeks warranty period.

How to Install it on a Car

One thing you should know about this device is that it is a replacement gadget. This means you get to remove the existing amplifier and replace it with this gadget.

Read the manual and follow the instructions carefully for the installation procedure.


  • Clean D enabled
  • Full MOFSET design
  • Extruded aluminum heat sinks
  • Built to last
  • Built in crossovers
  • Remote subwoofer level control included
  • Easy to connect


  • Not budget friendly
  • Requires experience for installation


Damore Engine High-efficiency Mono Subwoofer amplifier with Clean D Technology exhibits some of the following current functions

  • 300 Watts X 1 continuous into 4 ohms
  • 500 Watts X 1 continuous into 2 ohms
  • 750 Watts X 1 continuous into 1 ohms

Although the device is expensive and consumes a lot of electric charge, its ability to enhance sound quality is top notch and is a great product that is worth the purchase.