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KENWOOD MONO POWER AMPLIFIERThis Kenwood product is a tough and rugged amplifier that bring you superior sound quality along with reliable performance. When you power your subwoofer with KENWOOD MONO POWER AMPLIFIER  Series KAC-9106D amplifier, you are sure to hear all the great tonal color, impact and detail in your music’s bass, from the hard punch of the rhythm section to the soft thump of a quiet kick drum.

About Product

The KAC-9106D mono amp puts out up to 1, 000 watts RMS to your subwoofer. Its onboard low-pass and subsonic filters allows you adjust the signal as much as you desire to get the best sound possible from your subwoofer and the box Combo. You can dial in up to 18 dB of bass boost if you want to really fatten up the sound.

This versatile amplifier features speaker-level inputs and signal sensing turn-on that can compatibly work with just any kind of system. Its aluminum cover plates wrap and protect the amplifier’s connections and controls just to deliver a neat and professional looking installation you will be glad to behold.


Kenwood KAC 9106D is a versatile amplifier that features a dynamic speaker-level inputs and signal sensing turn-on which makes it compatible and perfectly in working relations with just about any kind of system. You will love its aluminum cover plates, its well-engineered connections and controls which enhances neat and professional installation.

KAC 9106D subwoofer amplifier is built with carbon-glass fiber, composite cone and butyl rubber surround to churn great bass for your enjoyment. It is engineered with 4-0hm voice coil, cast in aluminum basket for longevity, 1400watts peak power as well as RMS power range of 50-350watts for great performance.

Who Is It For

Kenwood KAC 9106D is a well-built compact-looking mono amplifier for those that has little space to spare in their cars. It comes in a little boring look but powerfully loaded for high quality sound delivery for most audiophiles.

The bass is superb and the subwoofer promises to last longer. For someone who wish to manipulate his music to his very best desire, this KAC-9106D mono amplifier device puts out enough Watts RMS to push your subwoofer to optimum performance.

Its onboard low-pass and subsonic filters allows you to adjust to your desirable sound quality. It assists you to fatten up your sound for acute bass you are allowed to dial in up to 18 dB of bass boost. It’s one of best amplifier like kenwood Excelon.

Key Specifications

  • 2000watts maximum power
  •  100 dB1 signal-to-noise ratio
  • 4 0hms 500watts rated input power
  •  Its low pass filter is 50 – 200 Hz (-24 dB / oct.)1
  •  Comes with 20 – 50 Hz (-24 dB / oct.)1 infrasonic Filter
  • ts Bass Boost stands at 40 Hz (0 – +18 dB)1
  •  Size: 13-3/16” (width) by 2-3/16″(height) by 7-9/16″ (Diameter)
  •  Weighs 6.2(lbs)
  •  Frequency Response is put at 20Hz-200Hz (+0dB, -3dB)
  • Input Impedance of 10k ohm
  • Speaker Impedance is 4Ω (2Ω to 8Ω allowable)
  •  Operating Voltage is14.4V(11-16V allowable
  •  This device is CEA-2006 Compliant
  •  Comes in Class D with 2 Ohms load capability
  • Powered with MOS-FET switching power supply


  • It blasts very well with its two different brand amps
  •  KAC-9106D amplifier comes with 1, 000 Watts RMS output
  •  Its onboard low-pass and subsonic filters can be adjusted
  •  Delivers good bass


  •  Has only 4 adjustments, no Low-pass or High-pass filter switches and no gain control.
  •  The subwoofer’s 2 0hms load capacity may be too small to deliver crisply fantastic sound in a large space SUV.


Kenwood KAC – 9106D subwoofer is built to deliver good bass for your maximum enjoyment. It is made to last longer and deliver at good power peak. Its ease of installation is a plus while the space taken is a great advantage for those that drive smaller cars with little space. I recommend this if quality product that lasts longer without giving you nauseating problem is all you care for.

For big banging heavy sound bombardment in your car while you drive, you will fall in love with this tough and rugged audio power amplifier.

If you decide to power your car’s subwoofer with this gadget, you will enjoy it.