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DS18 FRX1K 1,000 Watts Rms Amplifier

DS18 FRX1K 1,000 Watts Rms AmplifierAre you in need of a device that guarantees good quality sound, good quality and lost lasting durability? Are you in search of a device that compliments your speakers to deliver the best quality sounds at all times for your car? Then the DS18 is just what you need. Sold for $179.95, the DS18 FRX1K is one of the most low cost power amplifiers you can get anywhere.

This mono subwoofer comes packed to be efficient and loaded with impressive power, an upgraded cooling system and an included bass knob for your remote subwoofer.

DS18 FRX1K 1,000 Watts RMS Full Range Class D MonoBlock Amplifier Review

With this device’s compact design, it allows the device to fix into most parts of your car. The device also comes with less terminal ports and cables, helping your car to maintain a clean, clear and cluster free look. The design and size is complement by its heavy duty sink chassis.

To avoid the device’s engine from overheating, an open avenue was created to force fresh air through the amplifier’s heat sink fins, protecting it from overheating.

Additionally, the device comes with very wide band crossovers for easy connecting and more applications.

This device also emits a vigorous level of power as its line of amplifiers delivers extraordinary power. Below is the power output for each line.

  •  output at 1 Ohm: 1000 watts
  • Power output at 2 Ohm: 600 watts
  • Power output at 4 Ohm: 400 watts

Also, it also carries a frequency response of 20 – 20khz. With an RMS power of 1,000 and its impedance range at 1-8 ohm, the DS18 FRX1K is created to produce high quality sounds and function at a highly efficient rate.

DS18 FRX1K 1,000 Watts Rms Amplifier

The product is class D enabled which allows it to convert currents to large voltages, making the device compatible with most speakers despite their size and power requirement

Additionally, this product comes with led light bulbs that indicate power on and off and alerts you in cases of overuse.

With a warranty period span of one year, you don’t have to get second thoughts about its lasting quality when purchasing this device.

What is Product For?

This amplifier comes with a two way connecting level of high and low pass of 40Hz – 4Khz, combined with its amazing features and affordable price, the DS18 FRX1K is the perfect amplifier for your car at a standard price. it’s very compact amplifier like CT 1500 Amplifier.

Who is Product for and How is it Helpful?

With a size dimension of about 7” * 7.3” * 2.2”, the amp can fit firmly into any part of the car you place it in. The amp also carries a class range operation for full digital range and a very low harmonic distortion range.

Additionally, you can get to change or get a full refund within 20 days of first purchase if you find the device faulty.

FAQ’s Related too Ds18 FRX1K

  • Is this device resistant to moisture?

No. The DS18 FRX1K is not waterproof and is likely to develop faults if immersed in water.

  • Does installing the device require professional assistance to install?

Not exactly. With a little experience in electronic installation, you can install the amp if you follow the instructional procedure step by step.


  • Compatible design
  • Class D enabled
  • Led light indicators
  • Wide band crossover
  • 1 year warranty period
  • Automatic cooling system
  • Dynamic power
  • High efficient performance
  • Bass knob for remote subwoofer


  • Not resistant to water
  • Consumes a lot of electric current
  • Not easily found in most electronic stores


DS18 FRX1K features a remote subwoofer bass knob that enables you to adjust the tone and bass level of your speakers to your music taste. Below are some of the device specifications:

  • Channels – 1
  • Frequency response – 20hz-20khz
  • RMS power – 1000
  • Crossover range – 40hz – 4khz
  • Gain range – 0.2 – 6v
  • S/N ratio ref 1W at 4 Ohm – 90 db

With all of these specifications, this device sure seems like one that is guarante to carry out its functions as advertised.

However, we can truly know if this is true based on user experience with this device, so purchasing it should be done bearing in mind that it may or may not meet your expectations.