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Where To Mount Backup Camera On Truck

Trucks are large vehicles and visibility from the front view is always spectacular, like you are higher than every other road user. However, visibility from the back is usually a big issue for the driver. And this is why they like to install a backup camera. But where to mount backup camera on truck is another challenge that poses itself. In this post, we will take a look at the best places on your truck where you can mount a backup camera.

Where To Mount Backup Camera On Truck

For a truck, a back up camera can be mounted on the window, the center console, the rear view mirror, or the left-hand side of the dash board. Why we chose this specific location would be discussed soon. But before we take an in-depth look at the positions to mount a camera on your truck, let us consider some of the benefits of having a rear view camera on your truck.


People who buy modern trucks can testify that they have custom back up cameras attached to the body. That’s how important it is. But don’t worry, if you do not have custom camera attached to your vehicle, you can easily buy one and install it. Now find below are some of the benefits of attaching a camera to your truck.


Safety of children and pets

In case you have not noticed, there is something peculiar to children and pets. It is their size! They are so small it might just be hard for you to notice them. When backing up, they may be totally out of your eye line that you won’t see them. But with a reverse camera, you can see your rear view clearly and save the lives of children and pets.

Removing blind spots

With the help of a backup camera and various other sensors, it is possible for you to see areas behind your truck you normally would not be privy to. You have a wider and clearer view of especially your rear area. Without straining, you can see vehicles coming along the sides of the truck, and this will help the truck driver negotiate corners better.

During traffic

When you have to drive and there is a traffic jam, this won’t worry you at all since you can be able to gauge the distance between you and the vehicle behind you. It would also help if you have to back up your truck when there is traffic. This is a decision you have to execute on the shortest possible time and only a backup camera can make this possible.

Safety of lives and property

Apart from children and pets, even adult life and property would be preserved when back up camera is installed in a truck. If a truck collides with another vehicle, the impact is usually catastrophic. It could lead to sever damage to properties and even loss of life. All of these can be avoided if we simply just install a backup camera.


As we promised, we now want to take an extensive look at the where would be nice to mount your back up camera. These different positions have their pros and cons depending on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Find below are the best positions to mount back up camera on your truck.

Window mounted

As the name implies, this type of back up camera is mounted on the window of the truck. It offers great flexibility and afford the driver the luxury of fixing the monitor of the camera anywhere he wants it to be. However, this camera mounted on the window can also limit the driver’s view.

In some states in the United States of America, it is illegal to obstruct the view of a driver. It is called the Obstruction of View Statue. Mounting on the window offers great flexibility, but might also be violating a state law, making it dangerous and illegal.

Center console mounted

Most custom fitted trucks come with this type of rear view mounting. It offers great positioning as the screen of the truck can perform various functions. Functions like media display, GPS and the rear view display all share the same screen. This makes it easy to hide any wired connection in the system.

The only downside to the center console mounted system is that the driver would now be forced to look down at the screen to toggle between functions to get what he or she really wants. This could be an issue because he occasionally needs to stare at the rear view and side mirrors as well.

Drivers find it difficult coping with this. It is like their brain has to process a lot in the shortest possible time. For instance, if the backup camera is placed at the center of the dashboard, it will be straining to look at side mirrors and rear view mirrors at the same time.


The center console mounted camera poses a phenomenon called the “back up confusion”. This happens when you look at the camera monitor and realize that the driver’s side of the view is by the right and the passengers part is by the left. However, when you switch to the left rear view mirror, the right view is the passengers rear view and the left side is the driver’s rear view. Confusion right?

Rear view integrated mount

This is a new invention especially for back up manufacturers. The rear view mirror now has a dual-purpose: for rear view and for back up camera. This is a welcome development because the driver can see the path he is taking when he is backing up the truck. The transition is so seamless that when the driver turns off the engine, it switches to rear view mirror you won’t even notice the aftermarket or OEM parts.

However, there are some issues with this camera mount type. The first is that the monitor is small since it has to fit into the rear view mirror which is not even big by itself. Also, since the rear view mirror is now dual-purpose, when the engine is on, a greater part of the rear view is taken up by the monitor. If this is the type you are planning to have, be ready to deal with all of these.

Left side mirror

Believe it or not, having your back up camera on the left side of the dash board is the most ergonomic option you can ever have. With this option, the driver can look at the left side mirror and back up camera by just moving his or her eyes. This method largely counters that of the center console mounted camera. In that the brain processes easily what the eyes are seeing by virtue of seeing both the backup monitor and the left side mirror.


Since we have looked at the positions we can mount cameras on the truck, let us now see how to make camera installations on trucks. Find below is a step-by-step approach:

  • Fix the camera where you want it to be.
  • Run the cable from the camera through the length of the truck.
  • Find the reverse light wire cables. You should be able to find it in the fuse box of the vehicle.
  • Connect the reverse light cables to the power source and then connect the negative and positive terminals to the fuse box.
  • Let the cables in the fuse box guide you so you can connect the camera to the video and power cable.
  • If there are loose parts, put them together so they don’t go missing.
  • Fix the video and audio receiver to the truck GPS.
  • You can finally test the system and make sure it is working.


All the options presented on where to mount your truck back up camera are great. So just select the one that suits your purpose the most and run with it.