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What Does Backup Camera Prep Mean

Recently acquired a vehicle with a backup camera prep, and oblivious of the meaning? You’re not alone as this is not a popular feature with backup cameras, however, it is useful, inexpensive, and facilitates easier installation. So, what does backup camera prep mean?

What Does Backup Camera Prep Mean

 Backup camera prep means the vehicle is prewired, has a mounting spot, and bracket in place. Essentially, it means your camera is ready for installation and doesn’t need any further installation modifications. Prep backup cameras can be installed in less than 10 minutes, thereby, saving you time and money. Although more expensive, these cameras are equipped with more features and can serve multiple functions.

 More vehicles, especially travel trailers, are being equipped with prep’d backup cameras for its numerous benefits, including the additional wires and mounting bracket.


The prep in the backup camera simply means prepared. Manufacturers of this type of rearview camera equip the kit with pre-connected wires that will run from the front of your vehicle to the back. Car owners no longer have to figure out the nuances of correct polarity or acceptable length of cables for connecting all the devices since the manufacturer has taken care of all that

They also come with a bracket in place and a mounting spot to ease installation. However, you may need to buy the exact kit for your vehicle, as compatibility is one of the biggest problems with backup camera prep.

If it doesn’t fit, that’ll be an extra cost for the car owner. So, figure out the compatibility before purchasing your prepared backup camera unless you want to purchase another camera or design a different mount for your camera/monitor.


However, being prepared doesn’t mean the manufacturer would install the device for you. For professional installation, you’ll need to pay an extra cost. Nevertheless, the installation cost will be minimal because the manufacturer has reduced the installation stress by over 50%.


A Backup prep kit is equipped with only wires and a mounting bracket, nothing more. While some manufacturers claim to offer backup camera prep, it’s simply a marketing ploy to attract motorists as you may still have to figure out the installation nuances yourself, even after paying a huge sum for the product.

On the other hand, pre-installed OEM rearview cameras are exactly that, pre-installed in the vehicle from the manufacturer. The installation is completely taken care of, including the minor modifications that are peculiar to each vehicle type.

For example, RV Trailers require a distinct installation process from private compact cars which most aftermath solutions don’t put into consideration.


 Furrion Backup Camera Prep

 Furrion is a leading provider of backup cameras, for all types of vehicles and models. Furrion also supersedes other brands with its additional features and extra components. For example, the Furrion backup prep is equipped with up to 3 cameras, which can be installed on a single-vehicle simultaneously. This completely eliminates the blind spots around the vehicle.

Installing multiple monitors might seem ideal since there are multiple cameras, however, doing so requires more mounting space and may cause distractions. Hence, why Furrion provides a bigger monitor to provide a better and wider field of view. You can also send the camera feed to the rearview mirror installed high up on your windshield. This allows you to use 1 monitor for different, yet similar purposes.

They are also equipped with longer wires to wire all the cameras to the monitor. The wires also come prepared for installation. However, the wireless option doesn’t need wiring so you might simply save the cables for another use.

Keystone Backup Camera Prep

Keystone is a leading manufacturer of travel trailers and is compatible with many furrion backup cameras models. There are also up to 16 keystone vehicles preinstalled with inbuilt prepared cameras. However, most of the keystone models only come with hookup cables located underneath the cover plate.

Simply install the camera and monitor, and connect them with the pre-installed cables and connections available in the vehicle. This installation is simple and supports plug-and-play. No complex wiring is required. Simply plug the camera and monitor, and turn the system on to enjoy a complete field of view of your rear.

Keystone Backup Camera Prep

While it comes with preinstalled wires, there are no OEM monitors and cameras installed in the vehicles. Motorists have to buy a complete aftermath rearview kit. If you’re buying, make sure they are compatible with the prepared connections inside your vehicle.

Heartland Backup Camera Prep 

Heartland has about 20 models prepped for rearview camera installation. However, compatibility is limited to the furrion rearview camera. If you want to install another camera model, you’ll need to replace the mount and some of the wiring and connectors. This is going to be stressful and resource-demanding. So, it’s best to find the most suitable Furrion camera for your vehicle.

Installation is also simple. No complex connections. Just plug and play, and be on your way.

Forest River Backup Camera Prep 

Forest River has the highest number of models with backup camera prep with 35. Motorists can choose their most preferred vehicles without having to worry about missing a backup camera prep. However, just like most travel trailers, forest river camera prep is mostly compatible with Furrion cameras.

Inquire from your dealer or car manufacturer if you have another camera prep in mind.

The forest river backup is also compatible with wireless cameras.

Jayco Rear Camera Backup Prep

 Jayco has multiple features in their travel trailers to help improve the driving experience for their customers. They’ve gone a step further by adding camera backup prep to 16 models of their vehicles.

How To Buy A Rearview Camera For Backup Prep

Buying a rearview camera is a great addition to your vehicle, and is eased with the backup prep pre-installed in most new vehicles. But you need to find the most compatible camera for your installation for a high return on investment. How to buy a rearview camera for backup prep? Keep reading to find out.

The first thing you need to consider is the mount on the dashboard. Backup camera prep has a mount installed for holding the monitor. However, not every camera is compatible with the different types of mount. Hence, you need to find a compatible camera to fit the available mount.

However, if you already own a preferred monitor that you want to be installed, then you’ll have to change the mount. Note that replacing the mount might require a few modifications to the wiring. So be ready for the expenses that follow.

Make sure the camera is equipped with parking lines. This is a great feature to help motorists navigate precarious areas and heavy traffic. It works by showing lines on the display which guides you as you reverse. Parking lines are also a feature in advanced head units, in case you want to integrate your camera to your head unit instead of throwing money on a dedicated monitor.

You should also consider the viewing angle of the camera as this determines the efficiency of your rearview camera. The average viewing angle is 120 degrees, but some manufacturers provide up to 180 degrees. The higher the viewing angle, the better.

There are also several mounting options, depending on the type of backup camera prep in your vehicle. These are: license plate mounting, lip mounting, bracket mounting, and vehicle-specific mount. Since your vehicle is prepared for installation, we don’t have to go through the long installation for mounting rearview cameras. Simply plug and play.

Conclusively, car manufacturers, seeing the importance of rear view cameras are now equipping newer models with backup camera prep to ease installation and promote usability. If your car is one of those, then make sure the camera you’ll be buying is compatible with the backup prep.