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Where To Mount RV Backup Camera

Rear View back up camera is now becoming an all-important accessory for our vehicles. Getting one is not the problem, but you also need to know where to mount RV back up camera. Different cameras fit better on different body types of vehicles. In some of our posts, we have touched lightly rear view cameras and their mountings. But in this post, we will be taking an extensive view. So please, stay tuned.

Where To Mount RV Backup Camera

An RV back up camera can be mounted on the surface of the vehicle, in a drilled hole on the vehicle or on the license plate frame of the vehicle. The position of your RV camera might go a long way to determine how the rear view will be inside the vehicle. The shape and size of the vehicle is another factor that could determine where you should put your vehicle RV camera.

For instance, the rear bumper of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is higher than that of a sedan. Mounting a camera on the number plate of the two vehicles would give you different results. Now imagine the effect if you mount on the license plate of a truck or trailer.


  • It helps with better rear view visibility for the driver, which in turn leads to the general safety of lives and properties. Some drivers find it difficult backing up their vehicle and parking in tight corners. But mounting in the proper position will guarantee safety to a very large extent.
  • Mounting your RV camera in the right place helps to reduce accidents (major or minor). In fact, this is the main reason why you have to mount your RV camera in the right position. Since you can see what’s directly behind you, there is a greater chance that you will not make a collision from behind.
  • Imagine the financial implications if there is a collision with another vehicle or another object, or even a human being. All of these can be avoided so far as we mount our cameras in the right places they are supposed to be. If these accidents occur, you have to factor in costs of repair of vehicles involved, properties involved and lawsuits especially if lives were involved.
  • It is a recent development like the when seat belts and chair boosters for children were invented. If it was not important, it would not have been developed. The extra eye at the back helps to foster confidence when drivers are behind the wheel.IMPORTANCE OF CORRECT RV CAMERA MOUNTING


There are different positions with which you can mount your RV camera. However, the mounting option you choose will determine the position where you will do the actual mounting. Find below are some of the mounting options available to rear view cameras.

Number plate mounting

This position for mounting your rear camera is an easy one. It is easy because you do not need so many tools to fix it. You simply attach the camera to the screws that were used to mount the license plate. Another reason why this method is easy is because you do not need to do an extra body work to your car.

This is a special advantage because for other options we will be considering, you might have to do extra work on the body of your vehicle for it to work. You also need to know that since the camera will be mounted on the license plate frame, you might not get a wider view if it is mounted on a sedan. But for higher vehicles like SUVs, trucks and trailers, this option is way better.

Flush mounted cameras

If you use a sedan, sport car, coupe or any other passenger-like vehicle, this method might suit you better. You can attach this camera to the body of your car by drilling a hole in the car itself. They offer good surface viewing, but not as much wide area coverage like the surface mount (which we will discuss soon) method.

Some recent models of the flush mounted camera have modified angle setting to augment for the lack of wider surface viewing. But the good part is that since this camera is drilled into the body of the car, it is somewhat hidden. Only the lens can be seen through careful observation.

Surface mounted cameras

This type of camera comes in its own casing. It’s like a complete unit in one body. It gives the best and widest surface area coverage to drivers backing up their vehicles. They come with their own brackets that you install on the body of the car.

To get the best out of this rear view camera mounting option, we recommend you place the camera high up the body of the vehicle to get the best viewing angles. This type of mounting option is also ideal for SUVs and hatchback vehicles.

The hatch can be used to install the camera for bigger vehicles and under the license plate might be a better option for smaller vehicles.

Butterfly mounting option

The butterfly mount could be a short or long option to ensure enough space when you are trying to attach them to specific points on the vehicle. This type of mount can be seen at the underside of the bumper of the vehicle or the undercarriage of some other types.

If the vehicle is high enough to accommodate the butterfly mount, it can be of good help to give good viewing angle for the rear camera. For this type of mount, you do not need to drill any hole in the body of the vehicle even if you do not want to use the number plate option.

Drill mounted option

As the name implies, this type of camera is mounted on the body of the car by drilling holes for the mounting bracket. This type of rear camera mounting is just like the home security camera. Its particular advantage is that it is hard and sturdy because of the solid base to which the camera is mounted.

Another advantage is that it can be mounted on any part of the vehicle including unusual and unsuspecting places. Just be careful enough to drill the right hole so that the bracket is firm and the mount is attached successfully.

Original Equipment Manufacturer mount option

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM for short) often install their own types of rear view cameras especially in modern type of vehicles. This installation is done to match perfectly with the body and wiring system of the vehicle. However, if your vehicle did not come with a custom-made rear view camera, you can get one that looks as close as, or functions as properly as a custom fitted one.

Depending on what you want, the OEM though custom and factory fitted, might limit your flexibility as to where you want it to be mounted. In this regard, buying an aftermarket OEM product might be a better option. As you can mount it anywhere you like and get a better rear view of your car.

Though not custom, getting an OEM aftermarket product might me more expensive than the normal commercially available products because it comes with OEM camera, lighting features, emblems and handle accessories.


The tools and accessories required to fix the backup camera are quite simple. The most important are:

  • A screw driver that is used to drive the mount screws or the license plate screws.
  • Pliers that might be needed to pull out objects or tighten metal components.
  • Hand drilling machine for cameras that need to be drilled into the body of the car.
  • A silicon sealant that can be used to cover up any extra gap as a result of drilling holes.


There are different positions to mount your RV back up camera. Just bear in mind that apart from where to mount the camera, the mounting option is equally important.