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Jensen vx 7020N Car Stereo Review

Jensen vx 7020N Double Din Car StereoSeveral car owners enjoy the feeling and leisure that comes with having a multimedia system in their vehicles. For this reason, several manufacturers have created devices meant to satisfy this need. Furthermore, One of these devices is the Jensen Vx 7020N 6.2 inch Double Din Car Stereo. If you seek a multimedia device that’s a Double Din car stereo review possessing navigation abilities and Bluetooth connectivity with a high-resolution touch screen? The Jensen Vx 7020N 6.2 inch is an option you want to consider seriously.

About the product

The Jensen Vx 7020N is a double-din multimedia system built with Bluetooth and navigation features. It possesses a 6.2-inch screen with high resolution. You are provided with the option of five different color themes and RGB illumination.

It also offers hands-free calling via Bluetooth and provides navigation using iGo Primo Navigation. However, because of this, the device only provides you with maps of the United States.

The Jensen Vx 7020N allows you to stream music from your favorite music apps through your mobile device. The device has phone access and comes with remote control. This car stereo is built with a DVD player and a radio tuner for all AM/ FM stations.

Unlike its competitors, the Jensen Vx 7020N comes with an iPad, iPod, and iPhone control. Furthermore, It also comes with a preset EQ and several inputs and output options.

Jensen vx car stereo is compatible with several audio steering wheel controls; however, it doesn’t come with one.

The Jensen Vx 7020N has a one-year warranty and a sixty-day money-back guarantee!

So even if you make a purchase and it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always get your money back within a two-month time frame.

The product is cheap and budget friendly while also providing value for money.

What is the product for?

The Jensen Vx 7020N is a multimedia device built to allow car owners to enjoy audio while they commute. It also provides them with navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for hands-free calling and phone access.

Who is it for, and how helpful can it be?

The device is for vehicle owners seeking the leisure of listening to audio media during road trips or on their daily commute.

It provides impressive sound quality, navigation, and phone access at an excellent value for money. It makes your drive more enjoyable and exciting while giving the option of listening to the radio as you drive.

FAQs on Jensen Vx 7020N 6.2 inch Double Din Car Stereo

  • Does it come with USB ports?

Yes. The Jensen Vx 7020N comes with micro USB ports.

  • Does the navigation include points of interest?

Yes, the unit comes with navigation that includes the map of all 50 states of the United States and Pute Rico with 11 points of interest.

  •  Can I play audio while using the GPS?

Yes. Even while the navigation is in use, you can still listen to audio.

How To Install it in a car

The Jensen Vx 7020N is a double din stereo so ensure that your vehicle will fit.

You can decide to go to your automotive technician to get it installed or follow the steps on the instruction manual.

Firstly, remove the existing factory radio and keep all hardware carefully. Remove the mounting brackets and hardware from your old radio and place them in your Jensen Vx 7020N.

Place the device in front of the dashboard opening and ensure that all connections are secure using electrical tape or nuts. After that, you can plug the ISO cables into sockets and power them on to ensure they were installed correctly.


  • ● It comes with a remote
  • ● Navigation
  • ● Bluetooth connectivity
  • ● Handsfree calling
  • ● Phone access
  • ● Different color themes
  • ● Ability to connect to your device
  • ● Works well with Apple devices
  • ● Supports steering wheel control
  • ● One year warranty
  • ● Sixty day money-back guarantee


  • ● It doesn’t include voice directions.
  • ● Navigation only includes maps of the United States and Puerto Rico


The Jensen Vx 7020N 6.2 inch Double Din Car Stereo is a budget-friendly solution to your multimedia needs. It offers navigation and Bluetooth support. Moreover, It’s straightforward to install so long as you follow the instructions on the instruction manual.

Built with a 6.2-inch touch screen that comes with high resolution and RGB illumination. Also, it has several color themes you can choose from. This way, you are confident that your style preferences are met.

After taking a look at all the fantastic features the Jensen Vx 7020N has to offer, you might be convinced that it’s your best option for a multimedia system.

However, it’s important to mention that customer reviews on the product found either on Amazon or other review sites are filled with mixed opinions. So you might want to get ready to take advantage of the one-year warranty or sixty days money-back guarantee just in case the product doesn’t serve you as expected.