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Hidden GPS Car Tracking Device

 Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking DeviceAlmost every driver today is aware of GPS trackers that can be placed in vehicles to monitor its whereabouts making it easy for you to locate it in the event that it gets stolen. These are also great for private users especially those who want to monitor the whereabouts of their teenagers, or ensuring that you get information about where that elderly member of your family is headed.



As an employer, with the hidden GPS car tracking device, you can also monitor your employee, his driving habits and his locations.

We all know that having this information goes a long way in assuring you about the safety of your vehicle. One useful GPS car tracker that you should know about is the Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device.

 Hidden GPS Car Tracking Device

About Product

The Hidden Magnetic Car GPS Tracker cost around $179 and comes with a bundle that includes a magnetic GPS car tracker, a 12V wall plug, a USB charging cord, a charger, and surprisingly a SIM card. Another awesome thing is that you can gain access to the Device’s GPS tracking cloud application

The screen size is 1 inches and it has a product dimension of 2.56 x 1.97 x 4.72 inches and weighs a portable 15.8 ounces. The device requires 1 Lithium Metal Batteries that normally should last for 2 months as they are rechargeable. Fortunately, this device can last up to 4 months when set on standby mode.

Hidden car GPS Tracking device also has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080P and you can receive automated alerts and reports via email of when your vehicle is going off course, over speeding, or makes a stop.

This device takes a simple 10 seconds to install to your vehicle and has a low cost service plan that starts at 18months and requires that you pay a monthly subscription fee to access the device’s mobile apps that is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

You also gain access to a year of vehicle reports and a data plan for your GPS tracker while you get to enjoy a data storage plan and the benefits of using the device’s cloud hosted software that is web based.


What is Product For

The Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracker is designed to help car owners be aware of the location of their vehicles, ensuring the vehicle is protected from theft or getting lost.


Who is it for and How Helpful can it Be

The Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracker is suitable for all drivers (private users, parents, employees, commercial drivers) as long as the safety of your vehicle is of priority to you.

This device is helpful because you’re provided with accurate information and data on the whereabouts of your vehicle wherever it is. You get alerts and reports on everything that goes within the vehicle and where it goes to daily.

 the best gps car tracking device

FAQs on Hidden Costs GPS Car Tracker

● How long does the battery of this GPS tracker last when charged fully?

This device’s battery should normally last about 2 months when it is charged, but this depends on how frequently you use your vehicle as using it would often mean that the battery wouldn’t last so long and it takes 8 – 12 hours to fully charge the battery.


● Does my Hidden GPS Car Tracker come with an app I can use with my smartphone?

Definitely, this device has a great app that is available for both android and iOS devices. However, if you’d prefer using your laptop, you can just log into

● Hello, can I place my GPS tracker under the seat or dash of my car?

Yes, you can do these, but it is advisable that the device is placed where it can get better signal reception to function properly and being under the seat or dash of your vehicle might not just be the right place.

● Rather than pay monthly, can I instead pay for a 1-year subscription fee in advance?

You can choose to pay yearly rather than monthly as long as you’re satisfied with the performance of the device.

How to Install it in a Car

One thing you should know about installing car GPS tracker is that your GPS tracker should be hidden from where everyone can notice it and installing inside your vehicle may cause some interference with the GPS signal reception.

Instead, You should try mounting it outside your vehicle which could be behind the engine bay, under the car, behind your license plate and other hidden areas.

To install, all you have to do is attach the GPS tracker to any desirable flat metal surface that is magnetic on your vehicle.




● Accurate tracking

● Durable battery life

● Easy installation

● Comes with a smartphone application

● Intuitive interface

● Access to a cloud web-based software

● Regular alerts and reports

● Portable



● Tracker falls off easily

● Price is on the high side



The Hidden Magnetic GPS car Tracker is designed to offer a wide range of benefits to drivers, regardless of who you are. You can use it to track your vehicle without the stress of having to wait on the authorities to get back your car which we know would cost a lot.

This device isn’t only for your private cars, but can be used to track your motorcycle, trailer, truckers and other commercial vehicles that you’d like to have protected against theft.

There are so many ways the Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device is useful. Asides the problem of the GPS tracker always falling off from where it’s mounted, there is really nothing that wrong with this product as it performs and tracks accurately and is overall, very efficient.

The Hidden Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device is one device you should definitely get installed in your vehicle today. We hope you found our Hidden GPS Car Tracking Device Review helpful. Leave us a review of this Car Tracking Device if you have one or comment if you have anyone you can recommend.