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Does Car Tracker Expire

Advanced car trackers communicate with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and your smartphone or other connected devices to provide real-time data on your car. But they can stop working for several reasons, including wrong tracker installation or a blown-out fuse. However, motorists are divided on the expiration date of car trackers. Does car tracker expire? 

Does Car Tracker Expire

A Car tracker will display an expired error message when you have exhausted your subscription. To gain full access to the car tracker again, motorists will need to pay the subscription fee. Different car tracker brands have different subscription fees. Car tracker expiration is different from the “Offline” message which indicates your smartphone is offline and needs a data subscription.

To enjoy the full benefits of a car tracker, motorists should keep tabs on their subscriptions. You’ll find different long-term and short-term subscription plans. We recommend subscribing for a year for full protection and peace of mind.

How A Car Tracker Works

To understand the dynamics of Car tracker, it is imperative to first know how a car tracker works. Car trackers are designed to send and receive signals from a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network.

The data is then processed and delivered to the end-user at price. The GNSS network allows users to access data such as location, speed, direction, and other unique services added by different brands.

The Car tracker itself uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS satellites) to access the location of vehicles in real-time. Advanced car trackers are capable of both storing data and transmitting it over a wireless network.

Asides from subscribing to a car tracker premium, motorists also have to subscribe to their network providers.

Car trackers also alert users in real-time. Once connected to a compatible device, users can monitor their cars using information such as speed and location.

How To Prevent Your Car Tracker From Getting Expired

 Keep a record of your subscription and dates. And set a reminder a few days before expiration. This allows you to buy a new plan to continue enjoying car tracker services immediately after the old subscription ends. We also recommend buying a one-year plan instead of short-term plans that may be harder to track.

How To Check The Expiration Date On Your Car Tracker

Car tracker service providers have an online platform where users can create profiles and buy subscription plans. If you’ve lost track of your subscription, you can access your profile and navigate to subscriptions to check the expiration date.

How To Prevent Your Car Tracker From Getting Expired

The process of checking your expiration varies, depending on the platform and layout. That’s why we recommend using car tracker brands with a simple website layout.


Improved Safety

The primary purpose of installing a car tracker is to quickly locate it if stolen. However, that’s not the only advantage. A car tracker improves the safety of the driver. Taxi companies and fleet managers use trackers to keep tabs on the location of their drivers.

This helps them to quickly swing into action in case of any emergency. Police officers can use the data on the tracker to quickly locate missing drivers or drivers in distress. Advanced trackers also have an SOS feature which the driver presses if stuck or lost to alert the company of his/her situation and to receive immediate assistance.

Private motorists also benefit as their location can be shared with emergency services when stuck or in an emergency.

Helps To Keep An Eye On Your Teen

Teenagers have hormones flying around the place. Keeping them safe is a 24 hours task, especially when they’ve just gotten a driver’s license. Overspeeding is just one of the concerns of parents.

Teenage drivers are given expensive speeding tickets every day, which is settled from their parent’s income. Installing a car tracker helps you to monitor their speed, and set limits when necessary.

As a parent, you can also take note of your teen’s regular commune and addresses. However, all of these are possible when the tracker subscription is paid on time.

Recover Stolen Car Faster

The grand purpose of a car tracker is to facilitate the quick recovery of your car. Car theft is rampant in some neighborhoods and almost nonexistent in others, however, car thieves don’t send a notice before stealing cars.

So it’s imperative to remain prepared at all times as abruptly cutting your subscriptions leaves you vulnerable. Keep recurrent and long-term subscriptions to ensure maximum protection.

Monitor your employees

Monitoring your employees has numerous benefits. Using car trackers, business owners can monitor driver behavior and level of adherence to rules and traffic laws.

Overspeeding drivers are a liability, so by using car trackers, you can use speed data to uncover those breaking speed limits. Car trackers also provide important car data in real-time to help monitor your driver’s response time, over time. This has been known to improve productivity by over 50%.

Cheap Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies favor drivers with any kind of monitoring device installed in their vehicles as it proves trustworthiness. In addition, it also records data that the insurance company will find useful in the case of an accident or insurance claim.

But before selling out cheap premiums, insurance companies inspect the devices and their level of efficiency. An expired car tracker will create a bigger setback than no tracker at all. That’s why you should keep your car tracker online by subscribing on time. If the tracker is new, then remember to subscribe before contacting your insurance company.

Proper Diagnostics

Advanced car trackers collect data such as fuel usage, traffic duration, and better routes. Drivers can use the following data to improve their cars and everyday commute.

Other Car Tracker Errors

Other errors may also prevent a car tracker from working. Knowing all of these tracker errors helps you to identify them on time and implement the corresponding solution. Some of the solutions require a simple fix, while others require tools and advanced technical knowledge.

Device Won’t Start Up

There are several reasons why a car tracker won’t power on. Notwithstanding, your car tracker must be up and running all the time. If it doesn’t come on after a proper installation, then check for a switch button and make sure it is on. Some car trackers also need the car’s ignition switched on. Also, check out for a blown fuse. Replace them with a new fuse with similar power ratings or amps.

Device Does Not Receive Signals 

Improper placement may prevent your car tracker from communicating with GPS satellites. This leaves your tracker stuck on the last positioning data transmitted. Find the best place to install a car tracker for optimal signal transfer.

Avoid mounting in a metal box and maintain the receivers regularly. Another cause of poor signal transfer is poor cellular service. Use the strongest cellular networks in the area.


Employers prefer hiring drivers with car trackers because they can easily be monitored. Trucking companies with car trackers are also preferable to those without because customers can monitor their goods from the pickup point to the delivery point.

Fast delivery also benefits the trucking company as drivers now deliver loads faster. So, if the vacancy requires owning a car, investing in a car tracker beforehand improves your chances of securing the job.

Conclusively, car trackers have an expiration date on their subscription. However, the tracker itself is durable and built to resist harsh weather conditions.


Quick subscriptions ensure the efficient use of a car tracker. Buy long-term subscriptions to prevent abrupt expiration dates and for peace of mind. While most car trackers are water-resistant and are designed to work well under different weather conditions, keeping your unit dry ensures durability and optimal performance.

However, insist on a water-resistant tracker if you’ll be installing it outside your car.