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Dallux Wireless Backup Camera Review

 Dallux Wireless Backup Camera ReviewRearview or reversing cameras otherwise called a backup camera is a unique design of camera that is attached to the rear of your vehicle, helping you see the areas behind your car, giving you a better view than turning your head.



These unique cameras make reversing a lot easier as it captures everything behind your car and displays it on its monitor right where you are seated at the driver’s seat. This can go a long way to save you from bashing your car when backing up, it also allows you to see vehicles coming from behind before it gets to you.

The Dallux brand is very committed to providing high quality devices in both wired backup cameras and wireless rearview cameras. Learn more about this backup camera in this Dallux Wireless Backup Camera Review.


About the product

The Dallux Backup Camera system comes with 9 inches Monitor and an inbuilt DVR recorder for semi box trucks. It also features a 360o full view image with 9” IPS panel screen that views all angles. This unique monitor screen can split to full or dual or three or squad view, mirror images while rotating images.

With a powerful recording built in DVR monitor that records 4 channels camera at the same time, the Dallux Wireless Backup Camera possesses a storage capacity of up to 256GB that saves recorded videos automatically for easy access.

The device also possesses a rear, front and size view excellent IR night vision camera with high definition 1080P SONY 1/3” CCD image sensor and a 6 layer HD lens glasses. It also comes with a whooping 145o wide viewing angle and a IP69K waterproof camera that can withstand -68oF~176oF extreme temperature and it works absolutely well under heavy rain and bad weather conditions.


Price Range of the Product.

The Dallux Rearview cameras ranges from $110 – 399.

 Dallux Wireless Backup Camera Reviews

Who is the product for and how is it beneficial?

Its excellent rearview camera makes reversing and driving a lot easier and safer. The unique monitor can display up to four camera recordings at the same time, and the camera resolution quality ensures brighter and clearer image caption even during the night.

With an inbuilt DVR monitor and up to 256GB memory space that saves videos automatically, it gives you easy access to operate. With all of its unique features, this product is for all vehicle owners especially large vehicles.

The Dallux waterproof rearview camera ensures adequate and stable image capturing regardless of the weather condition. It also has a unique 12~32V wide voltage system which can work for both voltage wireless output vehicle.


How to install Dallux Wireless Backup camera:

1. First locate the reverse tail light wiring behind your car’s reverse light

2. Connect the included power 12V DC power cable to the reverse light

3. Attach the display monitor

4. Connect the display monitor to your car’s fuse panel connection

5. Then Connect the RCA video cable from the camera to the display monitor

6. The camera is usually mounted just above your vehicle’s license plate.

 Dallux Wireless Backup Camera


● The Dallux wireless Backup camera has an excellent night view.

● Natural color image that is super sharp.

● Waterproof cameras to defy weather conditions and operate at its best.

● Excellent picture quality.

● 145o viewing angle with that has no blind spot.

● Unique multi installation method (windshield or dashboard)



● May not adequately work in extreme hot temperature


FAQs on Dallux Wireless Backup Camera

● There’s no Dallux Logo on my device, should I be concerned?

Ans: That’s nothing to be concerned about, you can still use it.

● What if I want to connect two cameras to one monitor and use it at the same time?

Ans: You can do just that. Their monitor has been updated to a 2 channel monitor.



The Dallux brand offers a wide range of backup cameras and amazing monitor inches with profound features that offer you protection and security whilst on transit.

The Dallux Wireless Backup Camera is an excellent rearview camera that shows you everything happening behind, which is a great way to ease the stress of turning your head while reversing.

You also get an amazing 145o view angle, giving you a broader view and allowing a wide spectrum of coverage. The device provides an excellent night vision to capture clearer quality images and videos even at night.

As it is a strong waterproof covered camera, you don’t have to fret during heavy rainfall, as the camera still works well and bright. The Dallux Wireless Backup Camera gets a four and a half star rating and it is a product worth its price.

We hope you found our Dallux Wireless Backup Camera review helpful. Leave us a review on this backup camera if you have one installed or recommend another excellent backup camera you found interesting to use.