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ZEROXCLUB 1080P Backup Camera Review

ZEROXCLUB 1080P Backup Camera reviewHaving a more comfortable and confident driving experience is made possible with the equipment of a back-up camera in your vehicle. A back-up camera is a vehicle camera that’s mounted on the rear plate number or windscreen of your car to provide you with rear visibility and area view at the back of your car.



This type of camera, also dubbed reversing camera or rear view camera, helps you in guiding your car’s track when parking and also prevents being rear-ended.

Years after the introduction of this type of camera, there are now hundreds of models scattered in the market. One of these products we will be reviewing from the stables of Zeroxclub is the 1080p Wireless Backup Camera which you will learn more about in this indepth ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera review.


About Product

It measures 11.14 x 8.07 x 3.43 inches and weighs around 3 pounds. The product also has a fourth-generation digital signal that can cover over 120ft; with a transmission rate of 7200pbs, you can observe, in real-time, road conditions even at a speed of 85mph.

Equipped with a multi-channel camera view, there are provisional slots for three more cameras which when connected to the monitor provides you with up to four different views at a time.

It has a Night Vision feature that is packed with CCD Sensor which enables the camera to record clear images at night — clear enough to identify lanes, stones and lakes.

The ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera is IP69 Waterproof; the body of the camera is cased with a waterproof that protects it against water and fog (due to the additional Metal Gel Anti-fog).

Also, the product provides an HD 1080p video quality and local storage that supports up to 32GB Micro SD card.

ZEROXCLUB Backup Camera review

What Is The Product For

This back-up camera functions as a navigation aid when you are moving your car backwards. It helps you with guidelines when parking.

It also captures the distance between your car and the vehicles behind. The product is also used for recording footage whenever your truck or vehicle is rear-ended.

Who Needs The Product And How Helpful Can It Be

The ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera is great for car owners or ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft, Rida, etc) employees, this package will make a great addition to your list of car accessories.

You can record footage of a vehicle that collides into your car from behind due to the camera’s sensor which will automatically record if such happens thanks to your backup camera.


How Can It Be Installed In A Car

Installing the product doesn’t require too much hassle as long as you follow instructions correctly. The product can be installed in a car using the following method

  1. Cover the edges of the monitor with the bezel.
  2. Then screw the base from underneath the camera.
  3. Wire the monitor: Connect the DC jack to your car’s jack or fit the DC jack to the 12 volts ignition powered by the truck.
  4. Screw the one antenna to the jack, then attached the other antenna to the back of the monitor.
  5. Pinpoint the suitable point to attach the camera to your plate number. When that’s done, drill a hole on the point. After that, screw the camera into the plate.
  6. Connect the cable wire with the wire of a preferable taillight, to power the camera whenever the light is on. Monitor is powered by your cigarette port after connection.

Finally, when the monitor is on it picks a signal from the camera(s).



● Simple to operate.

● Additional cameras make quad view possible.

● Easy to install.

● Budget-friendly.



● Limited product

ZEROXCLUB Backup Camera

FAQs About The Product

● How many cameras does the ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera come with originally?

It comes with only one camera, however, there is a provision for 3 more cameras although you’d have to get them yourself.

● Does the product have a signal booster?

Yes, the ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera has an antenna extender/signal booster, although it isn’t packaged in the item. You’d have order for it.

● Can I use a different kind of camera with the ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera?

Yes, you can, if it is compatible with the monitor. Although, I would recommend you get an available additional camera from the company.

● Where can I mount the camera?

The camera could be mounted on the ceiling of your car and the plate number.



The ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera is a fairly good product for when you consider its price and its usefulness to your vehicle

However, a downside for this product which is worth mentioning is the fact it is limited in terms of features and items that would have helped the product function optimally, and because of this, you will need to get additional parts to make up for the other important features missing from the product.

Again, it’s a fairly good product if you’re okay with buying additional parts to make a whole backup camera for your vehicle. We hope you found our ZEROXCLUB 1080P Wireless Backup Camera review helpful.

Leave us a comment if you have used this product or you have another backup camera you could recommend to us