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Uniden R3 Radar Detector Review

Among the ranges of radar detectors that have wide range radar detection, the Uniden R3 Radar detector Laser RD stands out for its ability to cover long ranges and also allows you to mark geographical points where radar transmissions are commonly encountered with its R3 inbuilt GPS feature.

This product comes with a preloaded red light and speed camera locations, hence with it, you’ve got a level of assurance as the devices already loaded with the locations will give you alerts about it right from your first use.

Also, it has an advanced K/KA Band filtering the very least amount of false alerts from blind spot monitoring, etc.

If you’re looking at having a radar and laser detector that does the extra in providing alerts for radar detector locations, speed cameras and filters false alerts, then the Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Laser is what you should be aiming for.

About the product

The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector comes with ranges and sensitivity that’s unsurpassed. It is advanced in false alert filtering eliminating the rate of unprecedented false alerts.

With its inbuilt GPS technology, this device can remember and mute common false alerts along the routes you regularly take and with it, you’ll never be notified of the same false alert twice. It is also equipped with unique voice alert warnings giving you the option of hands-free operation while providing clear communication.

Uniden R3 Radar Detector

The Uniden R3 Radar Detector is about 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches in dimension, weighing 4.8 ounces, comes in black colors, and is wireless.

This radar detector requires 1 Lithium ion battery for it to work. It has an easy to read OLED display and a maximum speed warning system.

Who needs the product and how is it beneficial?

Drivers who desire protection against speeding tickets at the highest level are those to whom the Uniden R3 Long Range Radar Detector is designed.

With its already preinstalled red light and speed camera alerts, your device comes in ready with locations where these cameras are mounted. You do not need to fall victim to speeding tickets for the first time of using it, as it already knows the locations where these cameras are installed and alerts you about them.

Its unique voice alerts makes hands-free operation possible while delivering a crystal clear communication between device and driver.

The device is best when it comes to filtering false alerts, as it is equipped to filter in advanced form, K/KA Bands, thereby offering the very least amount of false alerts both from blind spot monitoring and collision avoidance systems which is picking false alerts from the radar detectors in other vehicles closest to you.

How can it be installed:

For Windshields:

  1.  It is installed by attaching the rubber suction cups to the bracket after which, you have to push firmly the suction cup onto the windscreen
  2.  Slide the unit onto the bracket until it has clicked into place.
  3.  Now, you can plug the power cord R/11 connector into the R3 and then plug the cigarette lighter adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter
  4.  Turn on the vehicle, the device will automatically turn on and run a self test cycle.

For Dashboards:

  1.  Fix the unit to the dashboard using the hook and loop fastener tape
  2.  Perform number 3 and 4 above.


  •  Eliminates Redlines and decreases false alerts
  •  Can pick up radar and laser signal from a very long range
  •  Advanced in speed camera and red light camera detection


  •  Not 100% reliable.
  •  Inability to regulate sounds
  •  The audio system may turn off shortly after purchase.


  • Does this device come with a USB A cable?

Ans: No, you’ll need to get a USB cable yourself for the device

  •  Why is my device not detecting Cops around?

Ans: The Uniden R3 Laser Radar Detector device is a radar and laser detector, it isn’t designed to detect cops but the radar guns they carry, and many cops do not turn on their radar system hence, it will not detect that.

  •  What should I do? My audio completely shut down just after three months of purchase.

Ans: You’d have to send your device to a repairer, or you may also need to download an update from the site.

  •  Can I use my Radar detector all over the United States?

Ans: You can only use it in 49 states. However, it is illegal to use radar detectors in Virginia and Washington DC and also in places where there are military points.

  •  Can it be connected to Bluetooth like other devices?

Ans: No, Your Uniden R3 Laser Radar Detector can’t be connected to a Bluetooth network.


If what you seek is a device with a longer range of radar detection, then the Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Laser Radar Detector is your best option. It is effective in spotting red light cameras and speed cameras, hence, with it, you can get the maximum protection needed against speed tickets.

Its pre-installed speed camera location is one viable feature of the Uniden R3 Extreme Long Radar Detector, and guarantees safety from the first use.

The device is superior in detecting areas where speed enforcement is being conducted and it delivers a 360o monitoring system.

However, this device doesn’t come with a live app and cannot be connected to a Bluetooth.

The alerts notification could also easily go off, and may likely shut down on you in less than four months of purchase, therefore requiring changing the product after your warranty period elapses as you would not want to be spending a lot of money on repairs.

Aside from the fact that the Uniden Radar Detector has got some huge advantages, it still has quite a handful of disadvantages too.

However, if what you desire is a radar detector that only offers a wide range detection of radar and laser guns and speed camera spots detection, this is a recommended product for your needs. Else, you may need to check out our trusted radar detectors.