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Uniden and Escort are the leading manufacturers of radar detectors in 2021. They offer high performing radar detectors for all types of drivers. However, since you shouldn’t be using two detectors in one car, you’re left with either option. Between Uniden and Escort radar detectors, which one is better? Keep reading to find out.


Uniden features long range detection, is compatible with multiple cars, has RDD immunity, larger display, and offers free updates. They are also affordable and durable. Escort, on the other hand, is fully automated, features advanced lockouts, and displays speed. They also feature automatic firmware updates, and a mute button.

Radar detectors from both Escort and Uniden are gps-equipped. They can store traffic data and mute large areas.


Both detectors have a high performance review from their users. Even the police force has attested to their efficiency in some reports. However, since we are tasked with finding the better option, we’ll need further data and facts to weigh their performance levels.

While Uniden is a more sensitive radar detector, Escort offers more automated features. This helps motorists focus better on the road. Escort also offers a wide range of features across the basic function of a radar detector. These features are countless but include advanced technological nuances that have helped to improve the chances for the public to win the war against law enforcement on the road.

They offer a wide range of detection on the road. Motorists have lauded both brands for their high level sensitivity, and consistency at picking up radar guns in highway city modes. According to most drivers, this is the most important any radar detector should have.

Both Uniden and Escort offer amazing features that enhance performance. Your choice will solely depend on other personal information from the different models and not from the brand itself. But there are other nuances that you should find helpful below.

False Alert Filtering

False alert is a menace for most radar detectors. They can be found anywhere and everywhere, but are mostly in the city. They trigger radar detectors, deceiving them into thinking a radar gun is nearby. This drains battery and causes a nuisance inside the vehicle all the time. The noise pollution can make focusing difficult, and make it impossible to have brief meetings while in traffic.

False alerts have caused a lot of drivers to turn off their radar detectors. This has led to more speeding tickets and fewer detection. To avoid becoming a necessary evil, and soon turning into an irrelevant device, Escort and Uniden added false alerts filtering to their device. This feature causes the device to stay mute in face of false triggers.

According to consumer data, Escort is the best radar detector when it comes to being quiet. Their false alarm filtering is the best and superior to Uniden. However, that doesn’t mean Uniden is poor in filtering false alarms. They also offer amazing devices that are GPS-equipped. These devices are automatically turned off when driving below the speed limit.

Which should you choose for maximum filtering? On a whiff, we’ll recommend Escort. But you’ll still find satisfaction with Uniden if there are other satisfying features.

Low speed filtering

Just like false alarm filtering, radar detectors are also GPS-equipped to filter out low speed. Both Uniden and Escort detectors have low speed filtering to mute alarms when driving below the speed limit of an area. This process is automated, however, you can find mechanical radar detectors which allows you to set a minimum speed. Once you drop to that speed, the radar detector simply mutes alarms as they are not useful.

This feature is important if you’ll be driving inside the city as smaller areas are usually filled with false alarms. Escort, which is automated, stores data and uses it to activate and deactivate the device’s low speed filtering. The device is activated once the driver goes beyond the speed limit. This process makes sure that you’re not caught unaware by the police in your route.

 Smartphone Compatibility

Low speed filtering has its own disadvantages. For example, the device has no way of knowing the speed limit of a new area. This means you would need to constantly input new speed data into the device, especially when driving in a new area. This is why you should buy a fairly automated radar detector to enhance usability.

GPS lockout

GPS plays an important role in radar detectors. The technology enhances performance and functions, and is employed by both brands. By using a GPS-equipped radar detector, you improve detection by 200% as it is faster and more accurate. But why exactly do you need GPS lockout?

A radar detector is constantly searching for signals. You’re alerted once it finds a signal. But this process results in multiple false alarms, especially when you’re driving in the city. This is one way GPS lockout works. It locks areas with multiple false alarms. These can be areas with numerous automatic doors, traffic lights, and false alarm triggers.

GPS lockouts also help to store locations with regular detection and alerts drivers once they enter that area. This reminds motorists of the speed limit and helps them avoid a speeding ticket, 100% of the time.

Both Brands have GPS lockout but Escort is more effective because it is automated while Uniden is manual. You’ll have to input the data and set the activation and deactivation triggers yourself. Notwithstanding operation type, having GPS lockout in your radar detector saves you time and energy.

Smartphone Compatibility

Radar detectors are being enhanced by smartphone technology. This integration has improved detection and reduced the basic workload of a detector. Both Escort and Uniden are smartphone compatible. Car owners can access important features of radar detectors from their mobile.

These brands are supported by a community of other users who share sightings of radar guns across the city. Other users can mark these sightings on their map and avoid those areas, or simply drive according to the speed limit.


The sensitivity level of a radar detector is what determines its efficiency in picking out radar guns. Low sensitivity means low detection and high sensitivity equals high detection. However, there are instances where you’ll need low sensitivity far more than high sensitivity. Both Escort and Uniden radar detectors have two modes: highway and city mode. These modes are differentiated by their range of detection.

City mode is more popular because there are more drivers in the cities than on the highway. However, you’ll need highway mode for quick detection when driving on a lonely road.

GPS lockout works

Sensitivity is also affected by radar bands. These bands include X, K, and Ka. The X band is more popular, and common amongst private users. They give more false alarms than the other two bands. The Ka band is more restricted to law enforcement so when your radar detector picks any signal from this band, be sure that it’s a radar gun.

Both Uniden and Escort radar detectors have the option of switching both sensitivities. As predicted, Escort is automated while Uniden requires manual input. Escort also has an auto lock feature that removes bands with high false alarms.


A radar detector is a device that motorists rely upon. However, when you buy a poorly designed detector, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. While there are certain problems with every radar detector and their technologies, you can rely on products from Escort and Uniden Radar detectors.


There are firmware updates released periodically to improve the functions and features of radar detectors. These include additional features and solutions to bugs and problems faced by existing users. Both Uniden and Escort offer updates on different platforms. For example, Uniden offers Mac and Windows updates.

Updating the device will require active data subscription, so you may need an unlimited data plan if you’re going to update your radar detector.

Conclusively, both Uniden and Escort offer amazing radar detectors with high technological upgrades. These devices are priced differently but are affordable.