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Is Avital A Good Car Alarm

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At this juncture, having a good alarm system in your can is not an overstatement. It helps to preserve the integrity of the car as well as protect the lives and properties of those in and around the car. In the market today, there are lots of hardware companies that provide good alarm systems, and one of them is Avital. But is Avital a good car alarm system to use in your car? People want to make informed decisions so they can have good value for their money.

Is Avital A Good Car Alarm

Avital alarm system is one of the best alarm systems you can ever install in your car. It boasts of a lot of security sensors connected to the horn and lights of the vehicle, to alert you once there is a bridge in the system. Avital car alarm has keyless entry to your vehicle and a special panic button that can trigger the alarm system remotely.

At very affordable rates, the Avital car alarm system provides for you a remote start, remote door and trunk release, impact sensors, and a starter interrupter – all of which are important security features you need for your car.

The best alarms should have a two-way pager system that notifies you in the event of breaking and entering. The light and sound of the vehicle should be enough to draw the attention of people at a certain distance that something is not going on well with the car. All of these can help hamper the thief from carrying out any action and help law enforcement do their jobs better.


That we recommend Avital as one of the best alarm system to install in your car means that we have put it through some test and it came out top-notch. So find below are some of the reasons why Avital is a good alarm system to install in your car.


As simple as the design of this car alarm is, it is one of the most effective you can find. In fact, it also is one of the simplest you can find around.

Weighing only three pounds, this alarm system is equipped with a dual-zone shock sensor that make sure the car alarm is not activated by mistake. The remote of the alarm system can carry out multiple functions by just pressing three different buttons on it.

Car thieves can scan the signal of your car alarm and hack it. But the Avital alarm is designed with Clone-Hopping and Clone-Safe technology that really prevents this.


Ask around, the Avital alarm system performs better than most car alarm systems within its price range and has received wonderful reviews to this effect.

If anybody as much as gives your car a slight touch, the 120dB siren blares with full force. It is common knowledge that car thieves know how to hot-wire cars from the ignition system, thereby disabling the car alarm, starting the vehicle and running away with it.

However, this product has a starter interrupt that prevents this from happening if the thieves manage to get access to the car. On top of this, the remote control has a panic button that creates awareness by making your horn beep and flashes your head light once you notice some suspicious activity around your car and you press it.


Generally speaking, this is where the Avital car alarm beats other alarm system. For all the excellent features you are getting, this is one of the best bargains you will ever get. The high-sounding alarm system and the dual-zone shock sensor would stop about any thief, no matter how professional, from getting into your car.

Even if they manage to get into the car, the special starter interrupter will stop him from running away from the car even if it gets hot wired because you can just turn off the ignition of the car remotely.

If you feel inclined, with the panic button, you can draw attention to your vehicle if you feel suspicious, or you just want to find your car faster when it is parked in a very big car pool. At this rate, getting the Avital car alarm is getting a steal.


We now want to take a look at what the Avital car alarm will offer you when you purchase it. So find below are the features of the car alarm that makes it so special.

LCD Display

The two-way remote of this device allows you receive and transmit information with the car by displaying it with a Liquid Crystal Display screen. With the LCD screen, you can track and monitor the security level of your car by getting alarms and notification from the alarm system.

The remote system helps to open and close the car doors, the trunk, as well as activate and deactivate the car alarm system. So if your car is being tampered with, it receives signal from your car and then vibrates or rings loudly to get your attention. It therefore means that the remote control is some kind of alarm system by itself. Cute, isn’t it?


Remote starting

At a very far distance of about 1,500 feet, you can remotely turn on and turn off the ignition system of your car by just pressing a button on your remote control. This feature is very important when it comes to winter season and you need to save some time warming the engine of the car and give the cabin warm temperature level.

While in summer, the car AC can be left to work longer as the car engine can stay on so you reduce the temperature of the car even before you get inside the car. All of these is done by simply transmitting radio signals between the car and the alarm remote control.

Sensitive shock sensor

The sensitivity of the dual zone shock sensor is super high. It is so sensitive that it can differentiate between serious disturbances and minor disturbances. This is a very important feature because for serious occurrences like tampering or breaking and entering, the shock sensor activates the alarm, siren and lamps of the vehicle.

But with minor disturbances, you only get notifications like beeps, vibrations, and chirps from the remote control to prevent a false alarm. Alarm systems can be a nuisance when triggered accidentally, and this is what the Avital car alarm is trying to prevent strongly. That’s why it is equipped with such advanced technology. Another reason why it is a good alarm system and different from the rest.

Keyless access

Without necessarily coming into close contact with the car, you can open and close the doors of the car with the keyless access function of the Avital car alarm system. Since the remote control communicates two ways, it is possible because the remote control emits a digital radio that is encrypted.

This signal is then sent to the alarm sensor installed in the car. Since it is encrypted, it can only communicate with your car. This feature is what allows the remote control to release the trunk of your car as well. Just like the doors, you don’t need to physically touch the trunk before you open or close it.

This feature is import maybe when you come out of the grocery store with you bags full. You can just unlock the trunk with the remote before you put the bags inside.


  • Avital devices can control car alarm system for up to four vehicles.
  • Whether on or off, the panic button functions very well.
  • Door and trunk release system is quite impressive


  • Avital can do more to improve the remote sensor range.


As compared to other car alarm systems with the same price range, Avital is one of the best you can get. Please don’t sleep on it.