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How To Reset Your Radar Detector

The different radar detectors can be reset differently. Attempting to reset a cobra radar detector like a Whistler or Valentine One will only result in poor results. How To Reset Your Radar Detector? You should always read the user instruction before resetting any model of a radar detector. Nonetheless, we have gathered the reset procedure for some Cobra radar Detector series, and also the Whistler and Valentine One Radar models.

How To Reset Your Radar Detector

● Cobra Radar Detectors

1. ESD 9870

To reset the ESD 9870, access the Program mode by pressing down the PROG/MUTE button. This will lead you to a programming display. Select Restore Factory Settings and confirm to execute the command. Complete the process by pressing settings to enter factory default settings.

2. XRS 9830 And 9930

The XRS series is a bit different from the ESD series. To reset the XRS 9830 and 9930 series, enter the user settings and select the Restore Factory settings option. If you’re finding it difficult to access this option, then press the Menu button to access the user settings.

3. XRS 9600

The XRS 9600 series benefits immensely from a timely reset. To reset this series, you’ll also need to find the factory setting which is accessible from the Program button on the radar detector. Hold the prog/mute button and wait for the restore factory settings button to proceed.

4. XRS 9700

The next series is the XRS9700. An upgrade to the 9600 series but not without the frequent need to reset, especially when motorists over-adjust the factory settings. To reset the 9700 series, access the Factory Settings through the programming instructions by holding the Program button.

5. XRS 9800 AND 9900

The XRS 9800 and 9900 series cover some best radar detectors in the market. But for optimal performance, you need to update the firmware and reset the device to enable the manufacturer’s recommendations. To reset the XRS 9800 and 9900 series, find the restore factory settings by going through the User Settings which can be accessed from the Menu Screen.

6. XRS 9965, XRS 9970

The XRS 9965 and 9970 series are touch screen devices, making it easier for motorists to quickly adjust settings and ultimately reset their radar detectors. You can follow the instructions on the touch to navigate your way to the restore factory settings. But for more precision, press the Menu button to access the user icon and pick the Restore Factory settings to complete the process.

7. XRS R

If you still own a unit of the Cobra XRS radar detector, then you’ll want to know how to reset it. Without a regular factory setting, motorists will miss out on some benefits that this GPS-equipped long-range detection device has to offer. To reset the XRS R radar detector, find the restore factory settings option from your user settings.

● Whistler Radar Detectors

Whistler radar detectors also require regular resetting for optimal performance. The following are ways to reset the various series of Whistler radar detectors.

1. PRO 3600

The Whistler Pro 360 is equipped with all the radar bands and underlines a ton of features that functions properly when the unit has been reset according to the manufacturer’s guide.

To reset the Whistler PRO 360 radar detector, first, disconnect power and hold both the Quiet and Power then reconnect the power and wait for 2 beeps before releasing both buttons.

2. XTR 440 and 540

Are you experiencing poor power with either unit, then execute a reset command to restore it to the original settings. To reset the XTR 440 and 540 units, remove the power source and batteries and hold the quiet and power then connect the power plug backs and wait for 2 beeps.

3. Pro 3450

The Pro 3450 features easy installation and a ton of functions that are beneficial for car owners. Resetting your unit regularly improves performance. To reset the Pro 3450, unplug the power cord, hold the quiet and P/V buttons and plug back the power before releasing both buttons, but not before you hear two beeps.

● Valentine One

Valentine One is one of the best radar detectors for car owners. However, it can give false alerts. To correct such, you need to reset your radar detector appropriately, according to the manufacturer’s guide. To reset the Valentine one, hold the control knob on the device and wait for the programming instructions to display factory default. Release the control knob to complete this process.

Valentine One

Note: We recommend that you consult your manufacturer’s manual if you encounter any difficulties resetting your radar detector.

Why You May Need To Reset Your Radar Detector

● False Alerts

False alerts are the major problems plaguing radar detectors. While most advanced radar detectors are equipped to filter and quiet out false alarm triggers, custom adjustments can affect your detector’s ability to filter out false alarms. To rectify this problem, it is recommended to reset your unit. False alarms can drastically reduce your driving experience and the efficiency of radar detection.

● Incorrect settings

Are you experiencing problems with your radar detector, then you may have inputted the wrong setting. But detecting the specific settings might be a daunting task. The simple solution is to reset your unit. Avoid making multiple adjustments to your radar detector at the same time. Monitor the effects of each adjustment before moving to the next settings.

● Outdated firmware

Each Firmware update addresses the issues with the previous version. Radar detectors with older firmware will need constant resetting to reach optimal performance. We recommend that motorists stay up to date with the latest version of their device’s firmware.

Best Error-Free Radar Detectors To Buy

Are you looking for the best error-free radar detectors to install in your car? Yes, then the following are some best performing radar detectors available for purchase. We recommend that you factor in legality and usefulness before buying any brand.

Best Error-Free Radar Detectors To Buy

● Valentine One Generation 2

The Valentine One Gen-2 has long-range detection and detects signals on all radar bands, including the X, K, Ka-band. The Gen-2 also features arrows that indicate the direction of the police radar gun, although your focus should be ahead. The Valentine One Gen-2 also features wireless connectivity and false alarm filtration.

Although lacking an inbuilt GPS, the Gen-2 is compatible with smartphones, therefore you can enjoy other numerous benefits including community advice and GPS lockout to eliminate false alarms. The Valentine One Gen-2 is pricey at $499. But like other advanced radar detectors, it packs a ton of features that will benefit motorists across the world.

● Uniden R7

The Uniden R7 is a cheaper option at $497. It features an inbuilt GPS and long-range detection. It also shows the direction of radar guns via an illuminating arrow. The Uniden R7 is also immune to the VG-2 and Spectre radar detector detectors.

● Escort Redline 360c

The Escort Redline 360c offers 360 protection against radar detectors but comes at a high cost. At $750, the Escort Redline 360c is the most expensive option on our list. However, it complements its cost with its mouth-watering features. It features wireless connectivity but no smartphone compatibility. It also has strong immunity against radar detector detectors. The Escort Redline 360c senses all radar bands and indicates the direction of the radar gun.

● Radenso XP

The Radenso XP is a great choice with a low cost. Costing only $299, it features false alert filtration, radar detection, red light, and speed camera alerts, and GPS lockouts. Long-range detection and detects frequency on all the band radars. It also allows motorists to switch between the highway, city, and auto-city modes for different levels of sensitivity and filtration. No battery problems with the Radenso XP as it is a corded option.

We recommend that you reset your radar detector before leaving your home to avoid distractions while driving and for the best driving experience. If you keep experiencing the same problems with your radar detector after resetting, we recommend that you update the firmware or replace the unit.