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How To Install Alarm System In Car

 car alarm installationYour car alarm is your constant ever-ready standby defense preventing your car from any car crime related issues or actual theft. Numerous car alarm systems abound in the market from which you can pick and choose to either install by yourself or engage the service of a professional to do so on your behalf.


Although you may not find the process as simple as changing your engine oil, but if you pay attention to the procedure as outlined in the manuals you may find it easier than envisaged.

We intend to outline step-by-step procedure on how to install car alarm to be followed if you choose to install a car alarm system on your car by yourself.



Does having this installed put you at an advantage?

Car alarms are self-insurance policy you undertake to give you peace of mind by protecting your car against physical disappearance occasioned by men of the underworld.

There are many of today’s cars that come directly with factory fitted alarms from the automakers while some older specs do not carry an alarm system and the owners will surely want to have one installed.

Getting a car alarm installed might sound or look like a herculean task to some but preparing your mind, tools and mental alertness to strictly follow the instructions, it becomes an easy task to undertake even by yourself.



Planning Installation

He who fails to plan is planning to fail so the adage says. You need to plan on what type to install, when, how, where and who to install.

This initial plan will save you time and money because you would have gathered information as to which type is suitable for your car, how much does it cost, read all necessary information as to the installation processes, the colors of the wires, where to fix what and how just within a short period of your pre-installation planning.

The location of the sensors is of vital importance. Check each of your doors to know which is sensitively receptive and will trigger the indicator on the dash board when thrown open.

If a door is not sensitive and you install on such the alarm will not be activated when that door is tampered with. You can use the alternative optional pin switch that comes with the alarm system on any particular door you choose to use should it naturally be insensitive to the threat as required.

Wiring diagrams contain the detailed procedure in pictures and narrations of how to install what and where. These are in the service manual that comes with the gadget from the manufacturer.

Read very carefully and make notes of which panel to be removed, tools to be employed in removing them, the wiring layout of your car and then draw a sketch of how to place the gadget in the location where you intend to connect the alarm.


 How To Install Car Alarm

Things and tools needed for installation

The following are the summary of what you will need to have a successful installation of your car alarm system done.

  • Your Car
  • The alarm system gadget of your choice
  • Service Manual
  • Panel Removal Tools
  • Hand held Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Wire Crimpers/Solder Gun/Wire Nuts
  • Electric tape
  • Multimeter
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Soldering Iron or Crimping Tool
  • Wire strippers/cutters

It is important to check the gadget you purchase to note in the manual what additional tools may be required for installation apart from those listed above.



Step – by – step Installation Process

Where to mount

  • This is the beginning of the real job, if you choose the dashboard. You first remove the necessary panels to give you access to the wires to which to hook your alarm and location under the dash board where you will be mounting the alarm.
  • Other necessary locations you will need to pay attention are the panels near the center of the dash close to the driver which is located below the steering wheel. Refer to your own car service manual to know which is suitable in your own case as the panels differ from vehicle to vehicle.
  • It is advised that you install this in a hidden place. Inside the dashboard (if there is space), under the seat, in the bonnet of the car or just any hidden place keeping it away from visibility to avoid being tampered with is our suggestion. The harder it is for ordinary person to visibly locate your alarm the better for you and the security of your car.



Continue installation

  • Mount your car alarm now. As you install the mount with screws and other accessories that comes with the gadget, check the other side of your chosen location before running your screw through so as not to cause damages on the car’s wiring system and passage by screwing through.
  • If there is a ready-drilled hole in the firewall, you may skip this step but if not, drill though the firewall to make a passage where you can run your siren wire side by side alongside the heater core hoses, ignition power source or any other passage leading to the other side of the firewall.
  • Check through to ensure that the drill is not hitting any other parts and that the spot you have drilled is safe.
  • Run your wires now. This is the wire that will connect the car alarm gadget to the siren where you have decided to locate it. It is expedient that you use rubber boot to insulate the wires to avoid them being damaged by friction within the firewall.
  • Hide these wires within a place where you or any of the passengers in your car will not more often have any contact with them to avoid incessant grounding or cutting.


 Install car alarm near me

Time to mount your siren

This can be placed in either the firewall or somewhere within the engine areas where there will be enough but safe room.

  • Please note that it is necessary to mount the siren facing down to prevent water from accumulating on the voice coil thus damaging it.


Connections wiring

  • Here, you are expected to run your valet switch which wiring off the entire car alarm module.
  • The valet switch will allow you to disable the alarm system at will such as when you send someone to pick something from your car with your key or when you visit and leave the car with the mechanic for check-ups.


Now goes your Led Light

  • After the above, you then run your LED light. This LED light, which is usually installed on the dash and wire-linked to the alarm module blinks when the alarm is armed and signal received.
  • It can go through a screwed small hole within the dashboard or super glued firmly unto it.


External Antenna

  • It is time to run the external antenna now if you have one. This is necessary to extend the range of your wireless keypad or remote and enhances its signal reception from outside the car and transmitting it to the car alarm module uninterruptedly.
  • This means that a receiver will be mounted on your glass outside and the repeater on the same side of the glass inside as most external antennas are glass mounted types.
  • With this simple process, signals will therefore be transmitted through the glass from the antenna outside through the repeater wires directly to your alarm module without drilling any hole through.


 installing car alarm system

Connect Alarm Sensor

  • Time to connect your siren. There should be two wires on the siren, a negative and a positive. Most car alarms use the positive to output so connect the alarm unit to the positive wire of the siren and connect the other siren wire to a ground if yours is of such design.
  • Connect your alarm sensors. Sensors are to send threat signals to activate the siren to make noise.
  • You should connect the sensor wires from the car alarm to the wires on your appointed door or the dome lights. The ignition switch, the trunk and hood position sensors or any other places could be used for this connection depending on the available features that comes with your alarm system.
  • We suggest you cramp these connections as twisting or using wire nuts may hamper on the effective performance of the alarm system.


Hook up wire line

  • Then hook up the wire line to power the entire system. It is time now to hook the power wire to your car battery to ensure that the alarm is constantly powered even when your car engine is turned off.


Cover your panel

  • Cover up all the earlier opened panels. Be sure you are not in a rush to do this as you may forget to correctly replace a panel properly which may cause damage. You have your service manual handy if in doubt on this as well.
  • This final stage completes the procedure of getting a car alarm system installed in your car! Isn’t it incredibly amazing?

How can I disable my alarm?

If your alarm system is giving unwholesome attitude and you desire to disable it, first get to the control box usually placed under the dashboard, cut the wires (usually red and black) that connects the system to the fuses or unhook the wire that connect the battery.



Installing a good car alarm to your car saves you the hassles of sleeplessness thinking about dangers that could happen to your car parked at the garage or in the event of an outing.

This process is not cumbersome as opined by some but it is our advice that you engage the service of trained personnel to handle this for you if you still can’t seem to get it done.

We hope you found our article helpful on how to install car alarm, if you have a question or comment, drop it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.