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COOAU Dash Cam 1080P FHD Built

COOAU Dash Cam 1080P FHD Built While a host of people think dash cams are illegal, the truth is no federal laws are preventing the use of dashcams only limiting how you use them. So it’s perfectly legal to own one. As long as you use them according to the stipulation of your local laws.A very good option would be the COOAU Dash Cam, 64GB SD Card Included, 1080P FHD Built.

Equipped with the knowledge that it’s perfectly okay to own a dashcam, you might be wondering what dashcam to purchase.

About the product

This dashcam comes with features such as a dedicated parking mode, night vision, a G-sensor, wifi, FHD and built-in GPS features. Going at the sum of $128.99 on Amazon, the device boasts of a very discreet design with the ability to be placed behind your rearview mirror. You can be certain this will not distract your driving.

This Dashcam comes with Dual 1080 front and rear cameras, a 24-hour parking monitor(This ensures that your vehicle is protected 24/7). Moreover, It comes with infrared night vision that allows the device to capture amazing images during night time.

It is also equipped with GPS tracking and a NOVATEK high-performance CPU. Built with wifi connectivity, it has the ability to share videos and images with your mobile device.

Unlike some dashcams in the market, the COOAU Dash Cam, 64GB SD Card Included, 1080P FHD Built comes with a 64 GB SD card for free. The parking mode feature works in energy-saving mode. So even if you leave your vehicle and go on a vacation, your car remains protected.

COOAU Dash Cam

It is also equipped with 170° wide-angle cameras that capture simultaneously. The device works at any temperature and adjusts to any climate. It works well in temperatures as high as 70°C and temperatures as low as -20°C.

Unlike several competitors, it comes with a supercapacitor. This stores more energy in the device, enabling it to function even when your car is turned off. You also don’t have to worry about the batteries swelling in hot temperatures which is usually the case with lithium-ion batteries.

COOAU Dash Cam 1080P FHD Built

Nonetheless, a snag exists. The parking mode won’t work without a hardware kit. This doesn’t come with the package though, so you will have to purchase it separately. The device is also equipped with seamless loop recording so you do not need to format your SD card often.

What is the product for?

The product is for taking video recordings of events that take place within and outside your car. It is one of best Dashcam like Pruveeo D40 Dashcam.

Who is the product for and how helpful can it be?

The product is for drivers who care about their cars and want to ensure the security of their vehicle all day long.

It is equally for commercial drivers either Uber or Lyft who would want to observe what goes on in the passenger seats or their vehicles.

FAQ’s Related too

  • Can I turn off the loop recording?

Yes, you can turn off the loop recording in the menu.

  • Does the device record audio? Can I turn it off?

Yes. The device doesn’t just capture video footage. It also records audio and you have the option to turn it off in the cam dash.

  • What colour does the product come in?

The product comes in only the black colour.

How to install it in a car

Simply read through the instructions in the user manual, then attach the device to the back of your rearview mirror.


  • Supercapacitor
  • GPS features
  • Parking mode
  • Wifi
  • Motion detection
  • Comes with an SD card
  • Night vision
  • Works under hot and cold temperatures.
  • G Sensor
  • Emergency locking
  • Wide degree angle
  • Audio recording
  • Simultaneous video recording


  • Lacks gesture control
  • Doesn’t have an app
  • Parking Mode needs a Hardware kit
  • Doesn’t come with a hardware kit


The COOAU Dash Cam, 64GB SD Card Included, 1080P FHD Built is an amazing app with a lot of features. It comes with a supercapacitor, GPs tracking and wifi. You can easily connect the device to your phone and download videos.

The device is very discreet so you have no worries about it being noticed or obstructing your driving. It is ideal for any climate and protects your vehicle 24/7 with its energy-saving parking mode feature.

With night vision, it captures amazing features both in low light conditions. At the price of $128, you can be positive that you will get adequate value for money.