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Clek 2020 Liing Infant Car Seat Review

Clek Liing Car Seat ReviewInfants are very fragile beings that need to be treated with caution and protected at all cost. As a parent, especially a mother, it’s almost impossible to leave your infant at home alone when you have no help or assistance. Being tasked with having an infant in the car while you drive can set your nerves on end.




You are scared that something might happen to harm your child and you want to ensure that doesn’t happen. What car accessory can you use to protect your infant? You might wonder. Car seats can be very helpful in this case.

However, there are lots of car seats in the market and this is one of them. Read this clek liing car seat review to see if this product is just what you need.

Clek 2020 Liing Infant Car Seat Review

About The Product

Liing Infant Car Seat which comes with a 7-position recline, a very secure LATCH installation and a highly adjustable metal load leg is sufficiently compatible with any stroller brand you love.

It is great for newborn babies and guarantees safety when you and your toddler rides. This product weighs about 9kg (4 – 35lbs) and is flame resistant due to its chlorinated and brominated fabrics.

The car seat can be removed easily from the stroller for a convenient quick one-hand release. It also comes with an SPF 100+ Adjustable Canopy and a mesh window; it makes provision for sun protection and also enhances the airflow and visibility.

Clek Liing Car Seat also comes with a newborn body support system that ensures your kid is positioned safely. It has a removable bin which holds a lot of flexible LATCH connectors.

This Car Seat offers safety for your child, as well as convenience and ease. It is lighter and it can be recycled.


What’s The Product For?

The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat is designed for parents who want to drive with their infant facing the rear position.

It is basically a product for parent who want their kids especially infants to be safe and comfortable when riding at the rear position.


Who Needs The Product And How Can It Be Helpful?

Parents who want to experience a worry-free driving with their children especially newborn babies will find this car accessory very useful.

Its design allows you enjoy the flexibility of a quicker and easier installation in cars, or taxis while you travel. The car seat is also helpful as it provides a child with enough comfort and support. Getting the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat, Twilight affords you the ease and convenience of driving safely with your kid(s).

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Review

How Can It Be Installed?

Installing the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat in your vehicle is a very easy process as the product comes with a secure LATCH installation which makes the set-up process pretty easy.

To install the car seat, follow the steps below.

Step one:

Place the Clek Liiing on the vehicle seat with your child facing the vehicle rear, then rotate the Carrier so the blue recline reference line is placed parallel with the ground.

Step two: 

The next thing you do is to open the LATCH bin door, press and hold the release button placed on each latch connector then pull out so the bin can be removed.

Step three:

Rotate the latch bin door up and push it to close.



  • Easy installation
  • Beautiful fabric
  • Brilliant mechanism for adjustment
  • Comfortability for newborns
  • Latch connector
  • Availability of base with load leg


  • Expensive
  • No base
  • Requires adult assistance


FAQs related to Clek 2020 Liing Infant Car Seat

  • How do I care for the liing seat?

You can brush the surface of your car seat with lukewarm water. If there’s a stain, then use a brush for the stained area or blot with a clean soft towel.

  • Is there a particular position for the Liing handle?

No, there is no particular position for the Liing car seat handle, but it is most important to note that the handle has a firm grip. It shouldn’t cover the face of the child and it shouldn’t be under the seat.

  • Can the canopy be adjusted?

Yes, the Liing Infant Car seat has a canopy that can be adjusted for a better view while the child’s skin is protected from the effect of sunlight.


The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat is an updated model of the Clek Liing and it is the only baby car seat. Its operation is easy; it comes with a lot of features and awesome specifications to ensure that parents are satisfied and their kids are also comfortable and protected. The latch connector is another important feature we should note

However many parents are of the opinion that it would be a much better accessory if it had the dual functionality of being used for both rear-facing and forward-facing sitting positions for kids.

Because of the product’s design, it is only used for rear-facing sitting positions and this is an issue for some parents who prefer their kids especially those who are a little older seated in the forward-facing position.

When it comes to price, the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat can be said to be worth it’s price although it’s quite expensive. Still, we can agree that the price is worth the investment as you can always recycle the product after its 9-year expiration.

In all, getting the Clek Liing Infant Car Seat isn’t a bad idea, but you should be prepared to get another car seat once your infant is able to sit in the forward-facing position while you drive.

We hope you found our clek liing car seat review helpful. Leave us a comment on your thoughts about this product or review if you have used this product. We will be happy to hear from you.