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Radenso XP Radar Detector With GPS

 Radenso XP Radar Detector ReviewWhen you get pulled up by a cop and your radar detector gets discovered, you will be issued a traffic ticket. The police officer will issue you one even when they may want to pardon you.




Hence, it is important to get radar detectors that are highly silenced, whose alert notification will not get to the hearing of the cops while they talk with you even with their Radar detector detector’s system on. Read on as you might find radenso XP radar detector review helpful in your quest for excellent radar detectors.

Some radar detectors are prone to giving false alerts which may throw you off guard and make you ignore a real threat alert. As such, you need a radar detector that as much as possible locks out false alerts, and can detect radar bands regardless of how low it is, especially bands like the Low power KBand.

Most importantly, you need to purchase a brand that is undetectable because the cops have radar detector detectors that can spot your radar detector once detected.

You may say, “Well, if they fine me when spotted with a radar detector even when they want to pardon me, it would be great to do away with the Radar detector then.”

But since you don’t know the state of the heart of the cop officer who will pull you over once you exceed the speed limit and their detector shows you’ve been over speeding, then it is not advisable to do away with the radar detector.

Instead, getting a radar detector that can do all that is stated above is viable. Prevention is always better than cure, and thus eliminating every means to fall into the den of traffic cops should be your priority.

There are several radar detectors that promise so much and still deliver below average, that’s why it is good to be guided when acquiring one. The Radenso XP Radar Detector with GPS, is one of the best option to invest in order to avoid traffic tickets.

 Radenso XP Radar detector with GPS


About Product

The Radenso XP Radar detector comes with Blind Spot monitor filter, a unique GPS lockout for false alerts. It also features amazing voice alerts with 2609 different messages, Low Speed GPS auto-muting.

You will find it equipped with a Low Noise Amplifier antenna, and possesses a separate TSR Filter for Traffic filters. Also, It has multiple threat displays and can operate in both highway, city and auto city mode.

It has also got Stealth, which means it is VG2 undetectable, and as such cannot be detected by RDDs.


Who needs the product AND How is it beneficial?

Do you drive a car? If yes, then you need a radar detector. Its unique Red Lights and Speed Camera Alerts notifies you of camera threats, and much more, it automatically begins counting down how many feet close you are to the camera.

With its Automatic speed muting, you’re assured of minimal false alerts. If you are driving under the defined speed, the device mutes all Xband and Kband alerts, and as such you’ll not need to keep hitting the mute button for alert notifications.

It notifies you of threats from afar and filters false alerts, with its GPS Lockout technology, it remembers common false alerts in routes you’ve plied and locks it out too. Its amazing features are greatly beneficial to you as a road user, as you ply along the way.


Mode of Installation.

  1. Slide the windscreen mounting bracket into the QuickMount slot located at the front of the radar detector
  2. Put the RJ11 connector of the power cord into the power jack of the device, the power jack is located on the left side of the device. Then insert the 12V plug to your vehicle’s power socket.
  3. You can adjust the volume setting by pressing and holding on to the VOL- or VOL+ for a minimum of 2 seconds.



● VG2-undetectable makes it undetectable to RDDs of the cops.

● It has an amazing BSM filtering

● super quiet!

● Very clear display even in direct sunlight

● It has the RJ11 jack, the same power cord for the Escorts series, just in case you’re switching from an Escort detector to Radenso.



● May not offer maximum range

 Radenso Radar Detector Review


FAQs on Radenso XP Radar Detector with GPS.

● Why Radenso XP Radar Detector when I can get other radar detectors?

Well, if ultra quiet radar detectors and a radar detector that minimizes false alerts is what you desire, then the Radenso XP Radar Detector is great for you.

That’s not all, there’s also free lifetime red light/speed cameras update, which is superb as other detectors charge a subscription token.

● I want to update the software on my detector device, how much should I budget?

It cost $0 to upload the software on your Radenso XP Radar Detector. It is absolutely free and you can use your computer to do it.

● I want a wireless radar detector!! Why isn’t this one?

You should know that wireless detectors use batteries, that means the moment it is being used, the power reduces, and this can affect the range of your radar detector without giving you warning. You’ll surely not like that, right? That’s why it’s better to get a wired radar detector like Radenso Radar Detector.



Though this device may not offer maximum range, its other exciting features compensates for this lapse and makes it great to use. With what it offers on its price range, this is one of the best radar detectors you can find out there .

Personally, I’d recommend the Radenso XP Radar Detector especially for its super quietness, and for the fact that it gives minimal false alerts.

You need a radar detector that eliminates false alerts to its barest minimum and thus getting this product is your best bet!

We did discuss ensuring to get a radar detector that cannot be easily detected by the RDDs of the road cops, well the Radenso XP fits into what you desire as this amazing detector has a VG2- that makes it undetected. It cannot be detected by the radar detectors of the police. Therefore, this makes it your go-to Radar detector!

The display is also superb and can be adjusted to 4 levels of brightness, and what’s exciting about this is, whether under the intensity of the sun and the dimness of the dark nights, this radar detector displays very efficiently!

Overall, the Radenso XP Radar detector is a good one, especially as it has other great features that cover up for the lapse it may have – which is that it doesn’t cover a maximum range.

We hope you found our radenso XP radar detector review helpful. Leave us a comment below if you have this helpful car gadget or can recommend another radar detector you found helpful.