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15 Luxurious Car Gadgets To Upgrade Your Car In 2022

 cool car accessoriesIn today’s world of luxury, not only does your vehicle deserve the best tire, the best audio system that stands out and the best of other things that will make you enjoy luxury in your car. Technology today is driving the world to conclude that whatever you can do at home, you should be able to do same even in your vehicle conveniently.


Our outlined luxurious car gadgets for upgrade are some simple and affordable luxuries you may acquire to upgrade your car even as the world battles with this vivacious pandemic. What’s more, you deserve to LIVE and not just EXIST!

Rolls Royce Champagne Car Chest

1. Rolls Royce Champagne Car Chest

Rolls Royce Champagne Car Chest will take your luxury car to the next level with its natural build of black leather, Tudor Oak and lift able exterior lid working as a metal serving tray at the back of your seat.

You desire to turn the backseat of your car to a mini party? this luxurious Rolls Royce Champagne Car Chest is the ideal for you.

This chest is one of the most elegant alcohol dispensers in the market, is designed to mimic a V-12, evoking the power and beauty of the engine under the hood.

Underneath this tray is storage space for four champagne flutes while the side drawers are made with velvet interiors holding four monogrammed cloth napkins.

Each monogrammed glass is laced with custom-designed aluminum base. On the whole, the chest comes with a caviar set and two blini caissons that turns your car interior into a glamour palace.

This Chest is a must-buy If you wish to turn your Royce into an enviable miniature limo among its peers.


  • Provides a ready-made serving tray service in your car
  • Durable and elegant
  • It adds class to your car interior

FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor Smart Device

2. FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor Smart Vehicle Device

Your reverse parking and accurate space calculation get better even at the tightest parking spots when you have the FenSens Wireless Parking Sensor Smart Device installed in your car.

This smart car device works with a corresponding mobile app to automatically detect when you are backing up and quickly alert you when you get closer to any object.

This wireless parking sensor comes in form of license plate frame that is easy to install and compatible with the app to provide audio, video and vibration alerts.

The closer you are to an object, the more intense the beeps and vibration become. This smart parking sensor gives you an extra set of eyes on every side of your car so you can back into a spot or even parallel park with precise accuracy and safety.

No matter how experienced you are in driving, you need this parking sensor device as a readily available guide and you don’t have to worry about compatibility as it is compatible with all cars.


  • It warns you ahead when getting closer to an object while reversing or parking
  • Easy to install
  • Assists you to calculate your parking space very well and avoid denting your car
  • It universally fits all cars


  • You may need to install a corresponding mobile app for it to work for your car

360 Degree Car Wireless Charger

3. 360 Degree Car Wireless Charger

Upgrade your expensive iPhone X charging experience to a higher level with this 360-Degree Car Wireless Charger. In addition to its usefulness and compatibility with the new iPhone X, this charger can also be trusted to efficiently charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well.

In fact, you can also charge Samsung 8, 8 Plus as well as S7 Edge with this charger. The beauty of this charger lies in the wireless design.

All you have to do is place your phone on it and the charger starts functioning instantly. While in the car, you can attach it to the air vent.

Additionally, you can also use the charger on your work desk when you are not driving. This makes the entire device highly versatile.

Be it at home or on the go, this wireless charger makes sure to charge your phone anywhere. To stay up with full battery power in your phones, this 360 Degree Car Wireless charger is a must buy.


  • Multi-purpose and multi-dimensional charger
  • It can be used on your work desk when not driving

Dyson V6 Car and Boat Hand-held Vacuum

4. Dyson V6 Car and Boat Hand-held Vacuum

Transform your life and upgrade your car interior with the Dyson V6 Car and Boat hand-held vacuum. If you are one whose car is always messy due to traffic, environmental ambiance or number of people or passengers that goes with your car daily, this is exactly what you need for your personal cleaning to render your car sparkling all the time.

Featuring 15 cyclones throughout two tiers to increase the suction power thus capturing even the finest particles, Dyson V6 is specially designed for your vehicles both on land and in water.

Picking up the most stubborn items, such as animal hair and microscopic debris, the Dyson V6 Car and Boat Vacuum has up to twenty minutes of high-power suction to make your vehicle look extremely new.

The trigger is conveniently located on the hand grip to allow the use of battery power when you are cleaning. The Dyson V6 comes with a variety of tools in its kit to get to the smallest and most awkward spaces for an all-over cleaning, sparkling up your car interior to live again.


  • Engineered and fully kitted with tools to get to the innermost and awkward space for cleaning
  • Built with a convenient trigger located on the hand grip for easy operation
  • Designed with high power suction to suck up stubborn items and even microscopic debris
  • Versatile, can be used for your car, truck and even boat

FIORA Ultimate Wireless Car Charger

5. FIORA Ultimate Wireless Car Charger

FIORA is another convenient and luxurious wireless car charger you would like to own in your car for performance and above all, class and elegance.

It is an ideal gadget that helps you stay charged and connected while on the road with no fuss. It features a three-in-one design like a phone mount, video dash cam and wireless smartphone charger.

With this Ultimate and all-in-one wireless charger, you just need to drop your device in place for it to charge not withstanding how you place your smartphone, the charger locks it into place automatically.

Similarly, its adjustable foot works with all phone sizes while the silicone gripping holds the phone in place for maximum charging efficiency. It is compatible with Qi wireless devices and works perfectly with most new phones available.

FIORA offers a faster charge capability as it charges at an incredible 15W delivering utmost performance with no delay. The device also comes with a QC 3.0 car adapter to improve the charging speed even more.

After a successful charging operation, just tap the sensors on either side of the ultimate wireless charger to automatically release your phone.


  • Compatible with Qi wireless device
  • Works well with all phones
  • Features 3-in-1 design as a phone mount, video dash cam and wireless charger
  • Classic and elegant
  • Fiora offers a faster and efficient charging time
  • Built with a QC3.0 car adapter to improve charging speed

6. Rear Vision Backup Camera

Rear Vision backup camera has come all the way to change your car parking style for real. Engineered by Pearl Auto, this is the single device that will revolutionize the way you park your car as it is just more than a camera.

But a smart device that gives you a full view of what is behind your vehicle as you reverse, with an automated motive of alerting you of anything that may be hindrance in your way.

It is equipped with two HD cameras complete with night rear vision to notify you via your smartphone immediately of any obstruction in your way.

Its camera frame fits around your license plate with timely and easy installation procedure in just minutes. It easily pairs with your smartphone and thanks to this device you can start backing up more safely instantly.

As the rear vision camera frame comes with in-built solar panel, the worry of how to top up the battery or connecting to your vehicle’s system for charging is adequately eliminated.


  • Provides a full back view of your vehicle and what is behind to safeguard when you reverse
  • Engineered with HD cameras that are functional both day and night
  • Easy to install as its camera fits perfectly into the car’s license plate area
  • It is compatible with your smartphone for safer backing up
  • The in-built solar panel helps in charging and recharging hence no worry about battery top up

CLEMT DM1 Perfume Diffuser

7. CLEMT DM1 Premium Perfume Diffuser

The ambiance in your vehicle speaks volume of who you are to the passers-by and your first-time passengers as well. CLEMT DM1 premium perfume diffuser keeps your vehicle smelling nice and fresh almost on 24hour basis.

Also, great for your home or office, this device looks nothing like a diffuser you have seen before. Its astonishingly sleek and impressive exterior takes on a circular shape, looking more like a smart button than a diffuser.

DM1 premium perfume diffuser is packaged in seven different colors and dispenses slowly releasing a delightful scent to fill your space. You can also refill it as needed to keep things smelling fragrantly fresh.

The DM1 Diffuser is as timeless as it is useful and your car could not be said to be completely perfect without one because it has this modern aesthetic design that attracts radiantly.

You can bring it with you anywhere and it will always fit in. The color choices include modern colors such as silver and also a vibrant red.


  • Can work 24 hours dispensing nice perfume in your car
  • It comes in an impressive sleek exterior that is not only attractive but elegant
  • The perfume is packaged in seven different colors that will catch the attention of any visitor
  • It is handy and portable to be carried about
  • Good for your car, office and home

Multi-Use Car Organizer

8. Multi-Use Car Organizer

Sometimes, you might be in a hurry to finish your work either at home or in the office, this may need you to bring along with you some papers, documents or files into the car.

What of even your flask, your coffee cup of snacks bag? All these may sometimes untidy your car but you need not worry as this multi-purpose car organizer will help keep your car neat and tidy always.

In fact, this organizer will not only keep your things in place but make your car look good at the same time. It is designed to blend with any color your car might be painted with as it comes in varieties of colors.

With this Multi-use organizer, there is a lot of spaces for your regular essentials that you will additionally need in your car such as your phone, tablet your drugs, your tissue holder, your water flask and so on.

This occupies no additional space as it is attached to your car seat as it affects not your driving in anyway but helps to compliment the interior view and tidiness of your car. Surely, you will need one for your car.

Anti-Sleep Alarm

9. Anti-Sleep Alarm

Sleeping and drowsing are two enemies to smooth and safe highway driving. These are natural occurrence that one has no direct control over. It may occur as a result of tiredness, insufficient sleep overnight or boredom over a long journey trip.

The anti-sleep Alarm device is a unique and effective electronic alarm that detects fatigue while you drive.

Drivers’ fatigue alone has been reportedly responsible for over 100,000 highway crashes yearly as compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Out of this, above 1,500 were said to have died while more than 70,000 had regrettable injuries that would have been avoided if this device had been put to use.

What this device does to you is to continually measure your level of awareness and concentration by using its 8 in-built cutaneous sensors to monitor your electro dermal activity.

It then will alert you at the slightest sign of a drop in your awareness and activating even before you slip into a dangerous state of ‘micro-sleep’.

Sleeping or dosing off is an act beyond human physical control. This is a device we strongly recommend as your best companion whenever you embark on a trip that will take you some hours on the road to ensure that you are always on alert and safe at the wheel.

Wooden USB Car Humidifier

10. Wooden USB Car Humidifier

This USB designed car humidifier ensures that your car ambiance is perfect, pleasantly pleasing and attractive all the time.

It makes your car smell fresh with or without additional car air freshener that may not be necessarily needed after all.

It is cast in wood and designed in USB form; it is one of the best-looking car humidifiers you can ever think of installing in your car.

This device is made of several colors from which you can choose. When not in use in your car, you can go along with it in your bedroom for same purpose. It is desirable you have one of these stylish designs in your car anytime soon.

In addition, this humidifier comes in a USB outlet making it more versatile and multi-functional in nature. How about grabbing one now and make your car smell fresh around the clock and forget about those make-shift car humidifiers that lasts just for few hours?

Key Features

  • Its wooden design makes the USB device looks prettily appealing
  • Durable
  • Multiple colors which you can choose from
  • Versatile as it comes in USB form
  • The fragrance is unparalleled and aroma irresistible
  • The device can be taken home with you when not used in the car

Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera

11. Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera

As a nursing mother, you have two assignments while in the car either on your way to work, for your shopping, trips-out or longer journey. You have to keep an eye on your little one while paying special attention to the road.

This Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera can be perfectly angled to record the activities of your baby placed at the back of the headrest while you devote your concentrations on the driving.

This BabyCam works perfectly with an already-installed Garmin navigation device attached to your windshield or dash board which supplies live information directly to the monitor screen.

As the camera is placed within your viewing height focusing on the baby directly, there is no need for you to turn around checking on him or her.

Even at low light condition, this device still allows you to hear your navigation direction while viewing your baby. Get one in your car in the best interest of your baby and your secured and safer trip while driving.


  • Keeps you focused on the driving
  • It allows you to have a clear view of your baby’s activities at the back of the headrest
  • You need not worry to turn around to check your baby thereby endangering yourself


  • This will require additional cost of installing Garmin navigation device to your car.

Vigo stimulating Headsets

12. Vigo – the stimulating Headsets

This is a stimulant that keeps you at alert while on the wheel, physically, psychologically and mentally. Vigo Stimulating Headset is held in your ear with its comfy bud extending towards your cheek bone to track, monitor and stimulate your blinking patterns.

It uses its sensors and advanced tech algorithms to determine when your alertness changes through your blinking or when momentarily, your state of mind is drifted away from your concentrated driving.

Then stimulates you with a combination of vibrations, audio and light as programmed. If paired with an app such as the navigation screen or your smartphone, you can visibly view trends of your alertness and even apply its recommendations to stay focused.

Ergonomically designed to be conveniently worn all day and equipped with two functional microphones to keep you focused and alert throughout your driving day.


  • Engineered to be comfortably worn throughout the day.
  • Comes with two microphones for noise cancellation, music and hands-free calls
  • Designed to keep you focused and alert under whatever conditions.


  • Requires additional app to work.

Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

13. Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

The movable Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector is a sure and easiest way to improve your tennis game without having to engage any ball-boy assistance and it fits easily in your car.

This smart tennis accessory allows you to focus on your skills while eliminating the tedious task of picking up tennis balls by yourself or engaging a paid service man.

Tennibot is engineered with object detection device and computer vision to detect balls on the court and pick them up for you automatically. In fact, it can even navigate on the court autonomously by itself.

This application may be customized to clear a specific place, a large hall or anywhere so desired by you during a session. Moreover, it can collect about80 balls within a playing session as it works on both hard and clay surfaces.

When fully charged, it can run for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge and takes 90 minutes to charge completely.


  • It is handy and easy to be moved to and fro the back of your car
  • When fully charged, it can last for at least four hours
  • Usable on both hard and slippery terrain

Thinkware U1000 Front and Rear Dash Camera

14. Thinkware U1000 Front and Rear Dash Camera

Thinkware U1000 front and rear dash Camera offers a warning system and at the same time provides an all-round visibility for you while driving.

It is more than just an ordinary visual aid as it assists you to stay safer by keeping to the warnings from this device as you drive.

The front U1000 dash camera can view and record for your visual digest situations ahead of you up to certain meters about 4K video at 30 frames per second while the rear dash camera records about 2K video at 30 frames per second.

If you want a smoother and more perfect recording, you can just downgrade the front dashcam to 2K at 60 frames per second.

Engineered with 150degree front viewing angle and 156degree back viewing angle, the two cameras capture well in both high and low-light both during the day and at night to ensure that you are all-day every day with a back-up.

Vezo 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam

15. Vezo 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam

This is a general protector of all passengers in your car including yourself as the camera captures what happens within and outside your car environment perfectly and clearly. It acts as another backseat driver issuing instructions and warnings to you as you drive on.

The Vezo 360 4K 360-Degree Smart Dash Cam records what happens around every angle of your car thereby providing another layer of protection for your vehicle.

Do you know that even if you park your vehicle on the street while you are at home or your office, Vezo 360 4K 360-Degree keep an eye out for you? Should any other vehicle bash or nudge your car, this smart car camera knows and records what exactly happened.

The device captures events, images and pictures clearly to prevent you from being frustrated with blind spots and other unforeseen problems.

The camera comes with in-built A1 technology that scans your face for signs of drowsiness and issues out warning to you against falling asleep.

Driving under alcoholic influence is as dangerous as driving with fatigue or tiredness. This A1 camera will issue warnings to save you and your passengers alike from impending dangers that could result from this situation.

The VEZO 360 Degree smart dash Camera conveniently connects through WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth to guarantee your total alertness of every activity around your vehicle whenever it is on.


  • The device is engineered to keep an eye on your vehicle even when you are not present
  • It provides another level of protection for you and other passengers with you
  • The A1 in-built camera scans and warns you against drowsiness and fatigue-driving.
  • Presents captured images, pictures and events clearly and meaningfully visible
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G compliant


  • To make it effectively compliant, there may be the need to acquire additional app



Treat yourself as a King or Queen whom you are and feel great anytime you are in your vehicle with some of this luxurious car gadget upgrade. Life and living is just a flint of breath! We hope you found our article enjoyable, informative and helpful. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.