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K40 Platinum Radar Detector Review

K40 Platinum Radar Detector ReviewEveryone who drives or owns a car hates to get a speeding ticket. I know you do too.You also want to make sure that you are not getting just any laser detector. You want to get a premium radar detector that doesn’t go off with false alerts and can easily detect police radar guns from a longer distance. This is precisely where the K40 Platinum Radar Detector comes in

Occasionally when driving, you might exceed the speed limit and end up with a speeding ticket. If you want to protect yourself and your vehicle while avoiding those tickets as much as possible, aradar detector is a must-have!

About Product

Weighing 6. 2 ounces,  the K40 platinum detector comes with a heavy mount and two power cord options. It also includes one lithium metal battery.

The K40 electronic platinum detector is an award-winning radar detector with 360° police radar detection. You do not have to bother over installation as it is custom installed and suited right to your specific driving needs. It is portable and comes with advanced filtering and long-range detection. Designed with an OLED multi colour display, the detector gives you the ability to customise your display according to your preferences.

The radar detector is also constructed to eliminate false alerts with higher sensitivity. It is a GPS-enabled detector possessing radar band selectivity. The portable laser detector comes with a wireless remote control that conveniently allows you to control the device without taking your eyes off the road.

K40 Platinum Radar Detector Review

The K40 electronic platinum detector also comes with the first-ever company-backed ticket-free guarantee. This means that if you get a speeding ticket while using the product within the first year of purchase, your ticket will be covered by the company.

The platinum 100 also comes with the option of listening to radar alerts through in-ear headphones or an external speaker. One extra advantage of using the K40 electronics platinum radar detector is that it doesn’t just detect radars. It is constructed with a laser defuser. This prevents the police from seeing your radar while keeping you 100% ticket-free.

What is the product for?

The radar detector is created to help drivers and car owners protect their vehicles. The product also prevents the driver from getting a speeding ticket if he goes past the speeding limit.  It does this by detecting radars obtain from police radar guns and then warning the driver. It’s one of best radar detector like CobraRad Radar Detector.

Who is it for, and how helpful can it be?

The K40 Platinum 100 is create for drivers of all kinds. If you drive a car, then you ought to have a laser detector.

The K40 protects you from speeding tickets which in turn saves you money and can be exceptionally beneficial for your records.

FAQ’s Related to K40 electronics Radar detctor

  • Can I customize the detection range?

Yes, you can customize the specific frequency and range you want the device to work on at any time of the day. You can easily do this through the Manual Radar Band Selection.

  • How do I customize the device?

Each person drives differently, and the K40 platinum 100 electronic radar detector can be suit to your specific driving needs. To do this, you need to speak one on one with a K40 senior engineer that will ask you some questions that will enable him or her to detect your driving style and customize your radar detective.

You simply need to call: 800.323.5608

  • Does it come with K40’s laser diffusers?

While the product can protect you from radar and laser detectors, it does not come with the K49’s laser defuser. This is usually sold separately and will need to be installed on your car by a professional.

How to install it in a car?

The K40 Platinum radar detector is portable and can be used straight out of the box. The best place to mount it is either on your windshield or around the center rearview mirror. This is because radar detectors should be hung as high as possible.

Simply mount it into place and then plug it into the accompanying power cable. It takes less than five minutes.

You can line your power cord along your windshield mount to keep it out of sight.


  • Portable
  • Optimum protection
  • Easy to mount
  • It comes with wireless remote
  • Long-range protection
  • GPS enabled
  • Advanced filtering
  • Radar band selectivity
  • Comprehensive Ticket-Free Guarantee
  • OLED multi-color display
  • Female and Male Alerts


  • It doesn’t come with a Laser Diffuser
  • Laser Diffuser requires professional installation
  • Lacks option of using a dash camera
  • Despite remote being wireless, it still requires you to use your hand and disrupts concentration while driving


The K40 electronic platinum radar detector goes for $560 on Amazon with the remote. Nonetheless, the price is entirely worth the functionality, ease, convenience, and safety that comes with the device.

Using the K40 radar detector, you no longer have to worry about a speed ticket. Even if you do get one, the company decides to cover for it as they are totally confident in their product. The K40 electronic platinum radar is surely an indispensable tool for drivers and comes highly recommended.