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HP F660G Dual DashCam Front 1080P Rear

HP F660G Dual DashCam Front 1080P RearA good dash cam comes with amazing video quality, good cameras and features such as GPS, audio recording, a G-sensor and loop recording. While some dash cams possess these features and much more whilst selling at over a hundred dollars, the HP F660G Dual DashCam, Front 1080P Rear does the same for the budget-friendly price of $79.

About the product

The HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear is built with a 2inch LCD screen, G-sensor, loop recording, motion detection and a video camera driving recorder. Using night-vision technology, the device captures amazing footage even at night time and in low light conditions.

This is also done with the aid of its HDR sensor that allows it to capture clear images in low light. Even when you are speeding, the camera still captures useable footage thanks to the HDR sensor.

The device unlike several of its competitors of that price range comes with parking monitoring. This ensures that your vehicle is protected 24 hours a day. Once it notices motion close to the vehicle, it immediately begins recording. However, keep in mind that a hardwire cable will be needed for you to utilize the park monitoring feature.

The G-sensor helps to protect your videos so you can be confident that you will never lose also supports event trigger emergency video recording. The device comes with a built-in microphone so it also records sounds as well as video.

Once again, the HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear stands apart from its competitors by using a supercapacitor rather than a lithium-ion battery. You never have to worry about your battery swelling due to high temperatures. Equipped with loop recording, the dashcam ensures that you do not need to constantly format your SD card. It’s one of best dashcam like vantrue Dashcam.

HP F660G Dual DashCam Front 1080P Rear

The HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear is easy to set up and use. It starts recording automatically as soon as your car comes on and stops once your car goes off.

The device comes with built-in integrated GPS features and comes with both front and rear cameras. Nonetheless, the device is missing a wifi feature and this can be a deal-breaker for those who prefer to watch video footage from their mobile devices.

What is the product for?

The HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear is for recording audio and video footage while you drive. It also protects your car all day long using its parking mode feature.

Who is the product for and how helpful can it be?

The product is for drivers who want to record video footage in order to obtain evidence in the event of an accident, to monitor passengers in the passenger seat or just to record family trips and happy moments in the car.

It can also be used to protect your car. Equipped with the GPS function, the device equally records your route, location and speed.

FAQ’s Related too HP F660G

●     What kind of SD card does the device use?

The  HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear uses a class 10 speed SDHC card or greater.

  • Does it come with wide-angle cameras?

Yes, the device is built with 150° wide-angle cameras

  • Does it come with batteries?

No. The device uses a supercapacitor so batteries are not required.

How to install it in a car

Simply plug the dashcam into your vehicle’s power source. Then mount your cameras. The device is easy to install and use.


  • Wide-angle camera
  • Built-in GPS integration
  • Parking mode
  • G-sensor
  • Loop recording
  • Audio recording
  • Ease of installation
  • Supercapacitor
  • HDR sensor


  • Required hardwire to use parking mode
  • Lacks a dedicated wifi feature


The HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear is an incredible camera at an incredible price. It is easy to install and captures amazing video footage using its HDR sensor and Night vision technology. It also comes with built-in GPS features, parking mode and loop recording and a G-sensor.

However, the device lacks a wifi feature which could be a major snag for drivers who would prefer to easily watch videos via their mobile phone. It doesn’t come with an app either. Also to fully enjoy the parking mode, you will need to purchase hardwire separately.

However, despite these, the device offers a lot of features at a budget price. It provides even more features than some dashcams of the same price. Therefore if you don’t mind purchasing a hardwire and watching videos through your PC, the HP F660G | Dual Dash Cam, Front 1080P Rear might just be the device for you.