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How To Mount A Radar Detector

How and where you mount your radar detector determines performance. While it is recommended to mount high up, laser detectors benefit from lower placement while laser jammers benefit from grill installation. How to mount a radar detector to achieve the best performance? This article will help you determine the best places on your car to mount a radar detector and how to. Keep reading to find out.

How you mount your Radar detector depends on where you’re mounting it. You’ll need a suction cup to mount it on the windshield while needing little to no tools to mount on your dashboard. However, mounting a radar detector is simple if you follow the right steps and instructions.

Mount a radar detector

You should check your state laws before mounting a radar detector. While it’s illegal in some states and countries, mounting on the windshield is illegal in some legalized states. The safety and durability concerns have also deterred several drivers from mounting radar detectors on their windshield.

Note that the type of radar detector also determines where and how it’ll be mounted. So be sure to consider all the important factors before purchasing your first radar detector. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of mounting your radar detector high on your windshield, low, and grill.

Mounting On Your Windshield

The windshield is the most ideal place for mounting a radar detector. It allows for better detection and easy operation, depending on how high or low it is mounted. According to experts, radar detectors can be mounted high, low, or in the center of the windshield. While your choice depends on preference and legal stance, we recommend that you go through and consider all the pros and cons of each installation.

Mounting High On Rearview Mirror

While weight and size should be considered, mounting on your rear view mirror is the most recommended place to mount your radar detector. This place allows for an inconspicuous, clean, and seamless installation, away from prying eyes. It also eliminates any obstruction to the driver.

Mounting on your rear view mirror doesn’t require a suction cup, and can simply be attached directly to your rear view mirror via a mirror mount. Mirror mounts are inexpensive, therefore wouldn’t be a financial burden for motorists.

Mounting your radar detector on your rear view mirror allows for easier and stressful reading. Motorists no longer have to look to other places. Also, by mounting it on the rear view mirror, motorists find it more natural to look at the radar detector. This is very important for new users as it helps them to get used to the device.

Since most states in the country don’t allow installations on the windshield, this option is arguably the best to avoid harassment from law enforcement. Your radar detector will also have the best view to quickly detect police radar guns. Although expensive, this option is durable and provides a clean installation. No wires in sight. Uniden R3 Radar Detector is one of best.

Do you want to mount your radar detector on your windshield? Then follow the instructions below.

How To Hardwire Radar Detector On Your Rearview Mirror

Hardwiring your radar detector to your review mirror is quite easy. All you need is a screwdriver, a mirror mount, Wire Crimper, a Direct Wire power cord, and your radar detector. You can do this yourself, however, be sure to follow instructions to the latter to avoid installation errors. Also, be sure to check for power as you proceed.

● First, create the mount to hang on your mirror.

● Secondly, open the panel of your rear view mirror.

● Plug the wiretap into your radar detector and the positive and negative prongs into the harness of your rear view mirror.

● Check to see that your radar detector is up and functional.

● Enjoy an unobstructed view of your path.

Mounting High On The Windshield

Mounting high on the windshield is another great mounting option. This placement allows for better performance and radar detection. Mount here if you want to detect long-range radar guns on the highway. Since most radar detectors come with suction cups, installation becomes easier and stress-free. Mount your suction cup high on your windshield and attach your radar detector.

This placement is most popular amongst motorists, however, its legality makes it unpermitted in certain states. Nonetheless, motorists are choosing this placement because it provides an unobstructed view of the road ahead. However, it has a messy installation, unless hard-wired. Also, it can be hard to read the radar detector because of the height, thereby causing a slower response time.

If you want to achieve stealth installation, then this option is not your best choice. Also, the high mount makes it harder to detect laser guns. For laser detection and jamming, you may want to mount lower.

Mounting In The Center of Your Windshield

While mounting in the center allows for better detector reading by the driver, it also obstructs the driver’s view. That blind spot in the middle of the windshield can cause severe damage, hence its lack of popularity amongst motorists. You’ll hardly find any driver with their radar detectors in the center of the windshield. This is because it is considered illegal and a danger to the driver, other occupants of the vehicle, and other road users.

Nonetheless, this placement is easy and doesn’t require as many technicalities as other options. However, placing it in the middle reduces radar detection effectiveness. While critics may argue that the center provides reception to both radar and laser detection, it fails to capture either radar 100%.

This placement also makes it accessible to thieves and can make you a target for law enforcement. While it may be legal in your jurisdiction, you may find yourself in a ‘radar detector prohibited’ area. The best line of action is to uninstall your radar detector or switch it off. But being in the center makes it difficult and sometimes, impossible to achieve.

So, be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before mounting your radar detector in the center of your windshield.

Mounting low

Another popular option amongst motorists. Mounting low enables cleaner installation and easy accessibility. You can run the cord down to your cigarette lighter to eliminate clutter. This placement also allows for fast laser detection but is inefficient against radar detectors.

Your radar detector is also visible to law enforcement and prying eyes. The suction cup is unreliable as it is known to slip although won’t cause any serious damage to the unit since it’s closer to your dashboard. The arch of your windshield might also make it difficult to read the radar detector.

Remote mount

Newer vehicles have windshield technology that may impede radar detectors, thereby making windshield installation ineffective. To combat such, we recommend a grill installation. This type of radar detector works with remote control and provides a clean placement. Grill placement is also great for mounting laser jammers sensors.

Motorists enjoy 100% windshield usage and view by choosing grill placement. Although expensive and harder to install, it provides long-range detection and durability.

Nonetheless, the grill mount has its disadvantages. It’s harder to replace a faulty component or upgrade the entire unit because the various components of the unit are installed in various parts of the car.

Where to point your radar detector

Radar detectors should be pointed straight ahead. Make sure the unit is flat and straight on the windshield. Avoid bending it in a particular direction for better detection. Most advanced radar detectors have 360 coverage. They are also equipped with a directional navigation system to indicate the position of the radar gun.

Will A Tinted Windshield Affect My Radar Detector

There is no technology in tinted windshields to stop your radar detector from functioning properly. If your unit isn’t working, then troubleshoot it with a hard reset.

Mounting a radar detector is fairly easy unless you’re hard-wiring your unit. Make sure the radar detector is not obstructing your view and you’re good to go.