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How Long Can A Subwoofer Cable Be

Subwoofer cable length affects the quality of sound output and the life span of the cable itself. RCA cables as long or longer than 20 feet are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference (EMI) while coaxial cables may experience little to no problems. EMI produces audible low hums in subwoofers that cause poor sound output. How long can a subwoofer cable be?

How Long Can A Subwoofer Cable Be

The length of electric coaxial subwoofer cables makes no difference, therefore can be as long as possible. However, RCA cables should be limited to about 20-25 feet to avoid hum while optical cables have a 7 meters limit. Newer and more advanced high-quality subwoofer cables with dual braid shielding can reach 15 meters or more.

Before wiring your subwoofers, know the different types of subwoofer cables available and know which is best for your needs. For example, truckers who have a wide space between their amps and subwoofer should go for high-quality dual braid shielded cables to avoid humming sound.

What are Subwoofer Cables

Subwoofer cables transfer data between amplifiers and subwoofers, and other media devices in your car. Powered amps on the other hand are connected directly to a stereo system since they are equipped with an amplifier.

The type, quality, and length of subwoofer cables play a vital role in the quality of sound being generated by the subwoofers. A subwoofer cable has two RCA connectors on both ends. One goes into your subwoofer while the other enters your media device.

A subwoofer is unlike your regular loudspeaker, in the sense that it produces low frequency (bass), and the subwoofer cable is significant in accomplishing that task. Subwoofer cables are designed with solid copper bass conductors that facilitate the transfer of low frequencies to your subwoofers for accurate reproduction of audio.

While loudspeakers do a decent job at reproducing audio from your media devices, they have low fidelity when it involves low frequencies. With advanced cables and proper installations, subwoofers reproduce low frequencies with high fidelity.

How do Subwoofer Cables Work

Subwoofer cables are equipped with two male RCA connectors on both ends of the cable, to be installed in the back of the amplifier or other media devices, and the other end, at the back of the subwoofer. The subwoofer cable transmits a signal using analog audio interconnects to match the same line level of your stereo.

How do Subwoofer Cables Work

The types of Subwoofer Cables

  • RCA Cables
  • Subwoofer Cables

RCA Cables

RCA cables were originally built to transfer signals between monographs and amplifiers in the 1940s by the Radio Corporation of America. However, RCA cables have been developed to do much more, such as transfer AV signals between the different media components of a car and home entertainment devices.

RCA cables can now transmit signals between amplifiers and subwoofers, or stereo and powered amplifiers.

Although susceptible to EMI, RCA cables with coaxial properties are equipped with grounding contacts to prevent electromagnetic interference. RCA cables are arguably the most common type of subwoofers cable and can be found in almost every stereo connection. You can also find one here.

Subwoofer Cables

Subwoofer cables are more complex than the regular RCA cable as some designs require a mix of wires and RCA cables to connect your amplifier with your subwoofer. Most Subwoofer cables are just RCA cables with additional features, for enhancement and better signal transmission between all your entertainment devices.

Depending on your subwoofer and amplifier, motorists can also find subwoofer cables without RCA connectors for a reasonable price here.

RCA Subwoofer Cables

Subwoofers cables with RCA connectors are designed with better and improved materials to ensure better Av signal transmission between all your media devices.

While the name might make it look like a mix of both cables, RCA subwoofer cables are just RCA cables with better and advanced materials.

The RCA subwoofer is protected with an extra layer of shielding to eliminate the humming sound being produced by a ground loop of 60 Hz, or induction from other wires and equipment.

For better protection, especially in the case of a ground loop, we recommend adding an AC input isolation transformer.

The Recommended Length For All Types Of Subwoofer Cables

Depending on the location of your subwoofer, you may need a single long subwoofer cable with an RCA connector. The most common type of subwoofer connection is LFE connections. You’ll have to connect the cable to your AV receiver and subwoofer.

Most connections require a single wire while others have two stereo outputs: positive and negative. Other subwoofer speakers also have two RCA connectors on both ends.

There are standard lengths for all types of subwoofer-amplifier connections. For motor installation, audiophiles recommend shorter cables. Longer cables, however, have to be flexible to avoid entanglements and breakage.

The average recommendation for wiring is something between long and short cable length as you’d have to install multiple subwoofers in both sides of your car for maximum sound balance.

What To Look Out For When Buying Speaker Cables.

Buying high-quality speaking cables with RCA connectors ensures maximum low-frequency stereo output. Highly Priced but with better performance, RCA gold connectors have a better lifespan. And perform better than other typed of RCA connectors. Noise pollution is eliminated and sound quality is drastically improved.

Sound distortion is a common problem with most speaker connections. But gold connectors have resistance against sound distortion. Rather, they facilitate distortion-free audio transmission between AV media and subwoofers.

Most motorists prefer this connector because it is easily installed, even by inexperienced technicians.

Best Subwoofer Speakers Cables

To enjoy distortion fee music, and high fidelity low frequency music, your AV connections must be solid and durable. We have curated the best subwoofer speakers cables for all types of installation and car audio setup.

Always remember that a good subwoofer and subwoofer connection is helpful for sound production in your vehicle. Bass doesn’t only produce low frequency, but ensures that bass texture is accurately reproduced.

Here Are 3 Great Subwoofer Cables.

  • Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable
  • FosPower Audio Coaxial Cable
  • Goalfish RCA Subwoofer Cable

Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable

Price: $18.99

The first on our list is the Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable which has a maximum AV signal transfer with zero data loss. No breaks, distortion, or signal loss with this cable. Transmit signals across 300 feet with the Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable.

Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable

This cable is designed to completely prevent hum. It also has a gold RCA connection to facilitate the high-quality sound transfer. It also features a slip-tip center pin to hold the connection tightly and signal strength.

Motorists can also enjoy a 1-year guarantee on this product.


  • Prevents Hum
  • Long
  • No Distortion


  • Nil

FosPower Audio Coaxial Cable

Price: $8.99

Enjoy 100% sound fidelity and correct sound texture reproduction with the FosPower Audio Coaxial cable. While it’s not long enough to wire a large room, 10 feet allows you flexibility with placement and distance. You can install your subwoofers on different sides of your car to balance the low-frequency production with this cable.

FosPower Audio Coaxial Cable

This cable also has multiple compatibility. Connect subwoofers ranging from home stereo to small car stereo without losing consistency in performance. The color-coded connectors make it easier to match installations to the corresponding outputs.

Equipped with polyethylene dielectric insulators to enhance stability and minimize distortion and hums.


  • High sound fidelity
  • Stability
  • Flexibility


  • Short Shielding Layers

Goalfish RCA Subwoofer Cable

Price: $18.99

Flexible and durable, the Goalfish RCA subwoofer cable is long-lasting and strong to power all types of stereo connections. The manufacturers promise quality sound output and zero signal losses.

Asides from in-car subwoofer wiring, owners can also power subwoofers in other environments. The high compatibility makes it a cost-efficient option for motorists. No need for multiple cables and you can use one goalfish RCA cable both in your car and outside.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Zero signal loss


  • Low quality shield