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Earthquake Sound Subzero 15 Inch Car Subwoofer

 Earthquake Sound Subzero SubwooferOne of the best ways of enjoying good music in your car is to install high performing speaker system together with a perfectly constructed head unit that comes from a reputable company. Of course, one cannot overlook the importance of subwoofers too.



In comparison with others like Skar, this earthquake sound subzero subwoofer actually live up to its name as it is one of the best you can have when great, roof-hitting and crisp sound production is your desire.

This earthquake Sound subzero 15 inch car subwoofer is a monster when it comes to bass delivery. When you talk of a ruler in speed, SPL and sound quality any time you talk subzero. Made with a United States’ massive 3.25 inch aluminum voice coil and easily powered with 2000 watts RMS.

With its 3.5 inch tall winding height, this 15 inch model has an astounding 4 inches of peak to peak travel speed with the winding in the magnetic gap standing at all points of travel.

This subwoofer PSP terminal block allows stereo and mono impedance changes just by flipping its fuses.
You have simply acquired a perfect combination of elegant looks, high level performance, longevity and perfectly hitch-free installation once you get this product.

Delivers great performance on the really low notes with incredibly loud and heavy kick even on 600watts and very punchy too.

This subwoofer is CTA compliant to deliver accurate power that you will enjoy, comes with 8-gauge oxygen-free silver tinned pure copper wire and heavy-duty tinsel leads stitched cone for durability.

Presented in heavy-duty textured military cast aluminum basket and reinforced with dedicated dust cap for high power applications and preservation.

Earthquake subzero is the latest technology that carries massive 4 inch excursions for high SPL. It is also made of a 4-layer hi-temperature voice coil for extended play on and enhanced cooling for better performance.

It is technically supported with EROM Hi-technology ribbed inner foam surround rubber that makes for strength, flexibility and great bass production.

 Earthquake Sound Subzero 15 Inch Car Subwoofer

Who Is It For

Earthquake Sound Subzero 15” car subwoofer is specifically made for any car user that wants real hard sound hit in his car whenever he turns on the car stereo.

These subwoofers carry sufficient power that will not disappoint you when needed most and it is fitting for drivers of suburban, mini trucks, RVs and large SUVs courtesy of its size.
A must have if not for anything else but the roof-breaking heavy bass!


Key Specifications

  • Built in 15” and hand-made in the US
  • Features 2000watts RMS and 2500watts peak power
  • Built with 3.25” military grade aluminum
  • Comes with flat wire coil of 3.5” winding height
  • Carries massive 4” excursions for high SPL
  • Designed in size 8.75” just apt for the provided space
  • Wireless and weighs 23600grams


  • Gives an incredibly loud sound on low notes even on 600watts
  • Strongly built to last for years
  • Cast in aluminum base to deliver high-level ruggedness
  • Engineered with hi-tech materials to deliver powerful and improved sound
  • Comes with ribbed inner foam surround rubber for flexibility
  • Made of Turbine Cooled Transducer for high efficiency output
  • Built with super exclusive 8-gauge PSP terminals
  • Delivers heavy bass that can hit the roof of your car


  • Develops coil rub if played for more than 7 hours at half RMS hence it may not last longer
  • Company’s customer care response time is poor with non-existing support center compare to others

 earthquake 15 inch subs


Judging from the power and its RMS, you are not going to meet with any disappointment when it comes to delivery. Also, the coil construction coupled with the ruggedly built military grade sturdier aluminum body is poised to prove longevity beyond limit.

We hope you found our earthquake sound subzero subwoofer review helpful. If you have a comment, question or review of this product, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.