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CHERYLON PORTABLE CAR VACUUMYour car needs a car vacuum. Car vacuums are designed specifically for your vehicle. They help maintain the cleanliness or neatness of your car’s cabin. Using a car vacuum in your car can aid you in properly cleaning up your car’s interior. If you’ve decide to get a vacuum cleaner for your car, a great option to consider is the CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum


Car vacuums come in different brands with different specs. Some are cordless whilst some are cord. While some car vacuum cleaners use a dry shop vac, others use a wet one. You also have the option to purchase a handheld or non-handheld vacuum cleaner.

About the product

The CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum is a 16.4 ft corded vacuum cleaner built for your vehicle. It is built specifically with a cleaning high power of 150W/7500pa for your vehicle’s cabin. It can also perform both wet and dry cleaning which is an amazing function.

Sold at just $29 on Amazon, you can use this product to clean every corner of your car scrupulously. It also comes with a sealed body so you are certain that dust or dirt stored never leaks. The cover of the product is strong and yet beautiful. Weighing just 1.76lp, the product is portable and you can easily keep it in a bag to be carry around anytime you drive.



Cherylon portable car vacuum also comes with a 150watt motor that can easily be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lightning port to power the vacuum cleaner and start your cleaning process.

Its power cable is long enough to help you clean every corner of your car. The device works amazingly well in cleaning both wet or dry dirt and ensuring that your car is neat.

The device provides a great suction that ensures your car is properly clean so you don’t have to worry about it leaving dirt behind.

Another beautiful thing is that the package is compact and it comes with a long tube, a vacuum cleaner, extend hose, carrying bag, cleaning brush, brush nozzle, and a slot pipette.

When purchasing the CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum, you are assure of 24-month customer and repairs support. You never have to worry about the product developing any issues after purchase.

Who is it for and how helpful can it be?

The CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum is for drivers who seek to ensure that their vehicles are properly cleaned. The device comes with a suction cup and a powerful motor.

It also comes with a sealed body so dust never gets out and a long cord that ensures every part of your car gets clean. Even your cup holder.

Answer a few FAQs if you find any.

● Will I be able to replace an accessory if it breaks?

Yes. You can. The product comes with two years of after-sales support. You can easily contact the company and get a replacement.

● Does it cause secondary cleaning?

No. The device has a sturdy outer body that is seal to prevent the need for secondary cleaning.

● What’s the RPM of the vacuum’ motor?

The device comes with a powerful motor of 150W. With the RPM at about 32,000 rounds per minute

How to install it in a car

The product is very easy to install. You simply have to plug it into your vehicle’s lighter socket and power it on.


● 14.7-foot power cable

● Cleans both wet or dry firth

● High-performance motor

● Comes with a transparent storage bin.

● Lightweight and portable.

● Easy to install.

● Lovely design.

● Tightly sealed.

● Comes with a bag


● Sometimes the cord isn’t as far-reaching


The CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum is an amazing vacuum cleaner built specifically for your vehicle. The vacuum cleaner is small and portable and comes with a small bag. It doesn’t make a lot of noise but gets the job done.

You’ll find it easy to install while it prevents the use of secondary cleaning thanks to its sturdy covering. It also works amazingly well in cleaning both wet and dry dirt. The device comes with a cord that helps reach every corner of your car. However, some users have said the cord isn’t as far-reaching in their vehicle.

This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with 0.05 transparent storage for deep cleaning and a high power motor. Its exquisite design makes it incredibly lovable. Just in case you’re doubting that the CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum is made for you.

It is noteworthy to mention that over 70% of customer reviews on the product are entirely positive. The device is budget-friendly and gets the cleaning done perfectly well. What more could you ask for?

We hope you found our CHERYLON Portable Car Vacuum review interestingly helpful. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, We will be glad to hear from you.