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Best Steering Wheel Lock Reviews 2022

 car steering wheel security locksOn daily basis, more than a thousand vehicles are reportedly missing in the US alone. Many similar reports occurs from many parts of the world, partly with car owners being at the receiving end and largely, insurance companies being at the receiving end of the resultant liabilities.



There have been many debates and suggestions on how best to keep vehicles safe but that which eventually carried more weight is the one suggested by the police which recommended that use of steering lock can be an anti-theft measure for all cars even when parked in your in-built garage.

This is considered safer because, considering the rigorous hazels he will pass through to break the lock, a thief would rather let go of a wheel-locked car and more prefer to choose other vehicles when planning to carry out his nefarious activity.

We have outlined here some of the best in this best steering wheel lock reviews, that you can depend on for the safety of your vehicle anytime ranging from cars to crossovers, mini vans, sedans, pickups and even long haulage trailers.

Steering Wheel Lock 5 Digit combination

1. Steering Wheel Lock 5 Digit combination

This 5 Digit Combination anti-theft extendable double-hook car security steering wheel lock is a universal device suitable for all vehicles such as Truck, Van, mini cars, crossover and SUVs.

It is a keyless and password-coded twin hook retractable and heavy-duty anti-theft guard that will protect your wheel and car while in the confinement of your living room enjoying your well-deserved comfortable sleep after the day’s work.

It is password protected so you need not carry an extra key about. When fixed, your mechanical digital password lock is relatively stable, durable, sturdy and reliable with no key to open thus preventing its opening with a ‘universal’ or ‘master’ key by an intruder.

It comes with a large number of password combination up to about 13 million. Lock body cannot be drilled, cut or sawed open. It is reinforced by alloy molding that can neither be broken nor pried.

Also, corrosion resistant, convenient, practical, and easy to install; all you need do is to just adjust the size of tensile lock body according to your desired level and length.

Designed in twin U type fork that is firmly fixed on the steering wheel compared to other types. With its extendable and retractable lock, it fits most steering wheel diameter range from 7-15.5 inches (18-39cm).

Lock can be adjusted to fit any steering wheel. Comes with a 60-day manufacturer’s warranty as assurance of quality and undoubted performance.

Its operational lock time is short, fast and very convenient. The lock has a solid lock body, in addition to the anti-theft, it can also be used as a self-defense weapon and smash the window for safety escape in case of unwarranted emergency.

High Security Keyless Lock, password protected and requires no extra key to unlock. Its creative password easily locks, unlock and safe keep your car wheel.


  • Highly secured keyless lock
  • Password protected
  • Gadget comes with creative password lock for easy locking and unlocking
  • Convenient to control, easy to use
  • It is a universal gadget good for varieties of cars, trucks and SUVs
  • It is a multi-functioning gadget for security, locking and emergency exit tool
  • Great choice for Gift idea.


  • Can be a serious problem if one forgets its password

The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel lock

2. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel lock

Club CL303 pedal to steering wheel lock is a member of the Club line of quality products from Winner International. It works by attaching the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal to render it impossible for any intruder to steer, clutch or stop the already demobilized vehicle.

Prevents somebody attempting theft from driving your vehicle away, even if they are able to break through the door or window.

Simply attach the angle hook around the pedal and rotate the rod until the handcuff end fits around the bottom of steering wheel, then close the handcuff end around the steering wheel and lock with the key.

Designed with a very bright red finish for high visibility even in the dark. Its patented self-locking style locks with just one pull, made of sturdy tempered steel construction and universally suitable for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

It is light to carry as it comes in 2.6pounds weight and 2×5.25×3.1 dimension. The manufacturer desires that you have peace of mind when you use this product to safeguard your car anywhere.

This product is manufactured for security and safety,  assembled by a team you can trust as they are purely dedicated to serving and building safer communities.


  • Comes with high visual deterrence
  • Prevents unauthorized user from driving your car
  • Firmly attaches the steering wheel to your brake or clutch pedal
  • Finished in red for high visibility even in the night
  • Easy to install Fits most cars, vans and small trucks
  • Comes with a spare key
  • Its locking Length is 22.5 to 30 inches and rated adequate


  • Problem may ensue if the two keys are lost
  • Someone that have access to the spare key can move away the car
  • Cheap quality as can be hack-sawed with a hand-held electric saw.
  • Awkward to use as it does not glide easily

NRG Innovation SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick Lock

3. NRG Innovation SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick Lock

This a quality product from NRG Innovations that comes handy for your car security and at affordable price. It comes with a short hub that allows the use of the quick release while retaining close-to-stock dimensions and versatility in steering wheel locks as uniquely different from its peers in the market.

This is the only dual spring self-indexing quick release steering wheel lock in the market offered by NRG Innovations.

It is light in weight (1.5pounds), easy to install, convenient to use and suitably designed for various types of cars, trucks and buses.

This gadget gives a visual deterrent, very solid while its smooth finish makes it harder to grab if you dare to drive with it.


  • Theft deterrent
  • Easy to install, simple to use
  • Light weight and universal for many vehicles
  • They are all pretty much universal shaft size
  • It makes things less prone to vice-grip action


  • This is not an ‘ultimate’ anti-theft device
  • It is possible to steer the vehicle when the column lock is disengaged

Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock

4. Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock

Tevlaphee steering wheel lock is also an anti-theft lock device with adjustable length clamp, double hook universally usable for all cars.

Comes with 2 protective pads while others have none. This apparatus comes with a protective cap to guide it against hitting your windshield.

Also has Blue Magic Velcro that allows the lock to automatically stretch out on its own to deliver to you the desired length.

This security apparatus is patented with self-locking device just with a pull. Easy to handle, easy to install and remove.

Very simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds. You could install it to the back of your steering wheel in order not to rest it on the air bag.

In order to facilitate the use of stretching, there is no need to use the key, and when the lock is idle just giving it a shake will automatically stretch on their own as it is specially engineered with a Blue Magic Velcro.

Tevlaphee not only protect your car but you will find it generous budget wise as well. Packaged with a Cap to avoid accidental damage to your car glass.

You can also use it as a readily available metal object or an escape tool to help prevent automotive entrapment smashing the window with it for safety escape. Who can say? Your life may depend on this car hammer!

Built with high-quality round steel and premium aluminum alloy to resists prying, sawing, hammering, and other attacks.

Its precise double spring crescent lock sub-type encoding key is specially designed to prevent professional thieves and mutual open rate! Our lock will protect your vehicle with this robust physical and highly visual deterrent to car thieves.

You have the guarantee of the manufacturer to return this gadget should you find fault using it or unsuitable or it is not satisfactory for any reason. You have no risk trying.


  • Humanly designed and convenient to operate
  • Multi-functional security device
  • High security and tamper-resistant
  • Hyperbolic lock cylinder with low mutual opening rate
  • Lock fork can be adjusted, suitable for most of the car steering wheel
  • Easy to operate, you just stretching the lock to adjust it
  • High-grade workmanship with exquisite and strong metal texture
  • 3 IN 1 Steering Wheel anti-theft Lock / Self-defense Weapon / Escape Hammer
  • Made of high-quality round steel alloy to resists prying, sawing and hammering
  • Money-back guaranteed in case of unsatisfactory performance
  • Comes with upgraded technology of Magic Blue Velcro


  • Access to drive the vehicle may be denied should the key to unlock get lost

The Club 1000 Original Club Steering wheel lock

5. The Club 1000 Original Club Steering wheel lock

The Club is the original, patented vehicle steering wheel lock and the number one selling mechanical anti-theft device for cars and trucks.

Another quality product from Winner International, Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock is a self-one-pull locking device constructed with solid steel hooks for greater security.

Its Cro-moly steel construction resists sawing, hammering, prying and freon attacks. It is highly visual theft deterrent and suitably fitted to steering wheel with inner dimension from 8.75 to 14inches length. It is universal fit for trucks, vans, cars and SUVs.

This product is a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief that your car is protected. On top of that, it is also virtually impossible to defeat as time and effort are a thief’s primary restrictions.


  • It is versatile to use and compatible for many vehicles
  • Its steel-constructed body resists sawing and hammering
  • It is easy to lock and unlock with just one pull
  • It is visual deterrent for thieves


  • Easy to break. The lock could be drilled and the lever inside pushed to unlock
  • Keys easily mal-function at will. It may not unlock and that is the end.

Oklead Trailer Wheel Lock

6. Oklead Trailer Wheel Lock

OKLEAD Trailer wheel locks clamp is a many colors 2-keys anti-theft wheel-boot-tire claw security boots for ATV trailers sold by OKLEAD Automobiles.

This wheel lock is a strong steel constructed and welded security apparatus for your trailer protection from being driven away. It is highly visible as it comes in many bright colors with soft PVC coated arms protected wheel finish for ATV trailers.

This gadget acts in two ways one as an anti-theft wheel lock and a strong boot chocks to prevent trailer rolling away. It is very easy and convenient to install.

Put tire lock anti-theft onto the wheel, push until tightly fix and it locks automatically by itself. It is a suitable wheel boot lock for Trailers, Caravan, ATVs and Campers with maximum 12” tire width.

It comes with a heavy-duty Steel Kingpin lock 5Th wheel Trailer Lock and in bright Yellow Caution tag as warnings.

To fit perfectly on the wheel, push the claw with safe locking system, to remove from the wheel, turn the key then pull the claw and off you go. Do not attempt to move the vehicle with the lock still fitted.


  • Prevents vehicle from rolling away
  • Serves as anti-theft device
  • Easily operated. This lock can be passed in 5 seconds without making a sound
  • Suitably constructed for trailers and heavy-load trucks
  • It is a well-made, easy to use device.
  • It works best on a narrower wheel


  • It can easily be manipulated by intruders.
  • Very easy to use, a determined thief could get it off

LC Prime Steering Wheel Lock

7. LC Prime Steering Wheel Lock

LC Prime Steering wheel lock is universal for vehicle car, truck, van and SUVs. It is Keyless Password Coded, comes with a twin-hook, extendable retractable heavy-duty Security Guard and anti-theft Steel Plastic combination for effectiveness

It is password protected, as you need not carry any extra key with you. Mechanical digital password lock is relatively stable, durable, sturdy and reliable, it does not need a key to be opened.

The lock body reinforced alloy molding, anti-cutting, anti-drilling, sawing prevention and prying prevention.

The lock time is short, fast and convenient use. The lock has a solid lock body. In addition to the anti-theft function, it can also be used as a self-defense weapon as you can smash the window for safety escape in case of terrible emergency.

This gadget comes with high level of versatility as the twin U type lock fork is designed to be more firmly fixed on the steering wheel. Its extendable and retractable lock fits most steering wheel diameter range from 7-15.5 inches (18-39cm) and is suitable for many cars, vans and trucks alike.

It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 60 days within which you can return the gadget for unsatisfactory performance in exchange for your money paid in purchase.


  • It comes with keyless lock which is highly secured.
  • It is very versatile as it can be used for many functions
  • It comes with a 60-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • It cannot be easily manipulated by intruder for its anti-cutting and anti-drilling nature
  • It is fast to use and convenient to operate


  • As it is keyless, there may be problem with the password sometimes
  • Its quite heavy and not too handy for operation

BlueShyhall Anti-theft

8. BlueShyhall Anti-theft

Blueshyhall anti-theft, Safety alarm, Steering wheel T-Lock and universal for all auto car and trucks.

This Steering wheel lock is highly visible and provides a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief that your car is protected to your knowledge.

With the configured after locking alarm system, the function starts in just 8 seconds with a flash of red light from the alarm clock. When there is a slight shake, the alarm clock will continue to emit 25s and 130 db alarm sound.

The lock on the steering wheel has three forks and the lock handle can clamp the car body which means the steering wheel will not rotate thus preventing any intruder from tampering with your car.

This is a multi-purpose gadget that not only secures and lock your car, but also act as a safety hammer in case of emergency. The lock has a solid lock body, in addition to the anti-theft which can also be used as a self-defense weapon and smash the window for safety escape.


  • Highly visible to provide a strong visual deterrent to potential intruder
  • Swift response to function request
  • This product is nicely built and much easier to apply, needs no key to operate
  • Versatile in usage and practical operation
  • It is a multi-purpose gadget that provides 3-in-1 functions


  • Its keyless operation can be risky if the system malfunction while in use


Steering-wheel Lock

A steering-wheel lock or crook lock is a setup or device that basically helps to keep your car safe from being stolen. It simply keeps the steering wheel in a static and permanent position, making motion impossible for the vehicle.

In some models, the steering wheel and brake pedal or clutch pedal (for cars with clutch pedals) are fixed into firmness to make any form of intended movement impossible for the vehicle.


Why you should get one for your car?

A steering wheel lock is a guarantee for car safety in respect to theft so long as it is properly fixed. It takes an exceptionally difficult process to crack open.

The time and stress required will naturally discourage someone with the intention of theft. You need not worry about the safety of your car provided you have your steering wheel lock fixed properly, and if you think of the cost, you might also want to think of a counter cost of getting a new car, if yours gets stolen because you find a steering wheel lock a luxury.

Types of steering wheel Lock?

Steering Wheel-to-Pedal Lock

This type of lock as the name implies allows you not only deny access to the steering wheels but in cases where the unwanted access is bent on carting away with the vehicle, in which case, it is quite possible though difficult for the vehicle to move in straight forward position but practically impossible to navigate towards any other direction.

In a situation where the steering wheel-to-pedal lock is used, this whole difficult process of car theft is completely distorted and rendered useless as it is basically not possible to operate a vehicle independent of its pedals.

Put simply, the steering wheel-to-pedal lock makes any movement of the vehicle nearly impossible, by keeping the wheel and the pedal in a static position. Bear in mind, it must be properly fixed, if not it is as good as leaving it opened. It is a bit clumsy to use but if properly fixed, it is the most effective.


Disk Enclosed Steering Wheel Lock

This type of lock following its name indicates a disk shaped device that covers completely the steering wheels with a hard metal preventing the steering wheel from being moved and in most cases preventing a forceful break or drilling making it exceedingly problematic to crack open.

Though hulking, if properly fixed, you can be rest assured of your car’s safety. And putting financial budget into consideration, you might get discouraged by its commonly costly price but it is worth the expenses.


Traditional Steering Wheel Lock

Coming down to the most common type of steering wheel lock, this type is very much like the steering wheel-to-pedal lock except that it does not connect the steering wheel to a pedal, rather it connects one side of the steering wheel to the other through the wheel spokes causing it to end up with a shape slightly different from the steering wheel-to-pedal lock, if accurately fixed, it prevents a proper movement of the steering wheel. It is quick and easy to fix.


Which type is the best?

As much as we would already want to jump to conclusion as to which is the best, we must at this point take into consideration the fact that each one has its own advantages and flaws so deciding which to purchase must of course be influenced by several other factors like size, model of car, price, convenience, among many others.


The Price

This very much looks like the first and also the last you might want to consider. The first such that you will definitely not want to go out of your budget in getting an assurance for your car’s safety, and the last such that after considering other very important features, you might be forced to exceed your budget as you will definitely be impressed by several other quality features to make the price worth the while.


The Fitness

You might want to consider how fit the steering wheel lock is to your vehicle before purchase, preferably you go for a universally fit steering wheel lock to avoid purchasing another one in cases where you have more than one vehicle or where you get a replacement for an old vehicle to help fit in to any size or design (and length in situation of steering wheel-to-pedal locks).


The Visibility

There’s this special safety that the flashiness of the steering wheel lock gives to your vehicle, because the earlier the intruder realizes the care is secured with a steering wheel lock, the lesser the damage that will be caused to your vehicle.

A flashy outlook preferably through color, allows the intruder see the difficulty and high risk involved in his or her intending action on time preventing the damage of the side windows or doors before he or she finds out the security put in place, so you should preferably go for bright and flashy colors like yellow, gold, silver and many like colors.


The Durability

Speaking of durability, you might want to consider a product made of a highly resilient substance that can withstand physical attack from thieves who might be so bent on getting through even after spotting a steering wheel lock, hoping to dissemble it with available tools, they are left in utter disappointment after discovering how resilient the material used to manufacture the steering wheel lock is.


The Convenience

You might also want to consider using a steering wheel lock that is convenient and easy to use, like in terms of linking points, to prevent loose fixing which is in most cases as inefficient as not using a steering wheel lock at all or in other cases raise so much difficulty to rectify errors resulting from complex or inappropriate connection.


Locking Mechanism

As much as there is emphases placed on the convenience in the usage of the steering wheel lock, you should also go for a model of steering wheel lock with an assuring locking mechanism, such that it cannot be broken or easily manipulated to give way.

The barring contrivance is what gives quality to a steering wheel lock, so you might want to consider it the most important factor as regards worth.



You might want to consider shielding your steering wheel to erase fears of potential damage from the metallic borders of the steering wheel lock that comes in direct contact with the steering wheel by using plastic or rubber padding or lagging.



At this point, having fulfilled your selection by choosing the model with your desired features, you are left with revisiting your budget.

Keep in mind that the price no matter how expensive it seems, if the model comes with quality features, it will definitely be worth the while.

We hope you found our  best steering wheel lock reviews helpful, if you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.