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What Is A Car Key Fob Alarm System

Car security is improving, and the key fob alarm system is a terrific addition to car security. A key fob allows car owners to execute commands from within the fob’s range without any physical contact with the car. You can lock/unlock, start and immobilize your car with a key fob. A key fob is also known as a keyless entry system. What is a car key fob alarm system and how does it work?

A car key fob alarm system allows users to disarm, lock, and activate necessary car security measures with a remote that sends and receives signals from an in-car transmitter. The key fob alarm system usually consists of a remote, sensors, and a transmitter. Your key fob alarm system responds to car theft by honking and flashing headlights. Functions and features of car fobs differ based on price and brand.

What Is A Car Key Fob Alarm System

Key fob alarm systems are gradually becoming a requirement for newer cars. Insurance companies favor car owners with at least one form of security and a key fob alarm system currently holds rank in car security. However, a key fob has its limits and can only function under circumstances, and will only achieve optimal functionality when paired with other car devices.

How Does A Car Key Fob Alarm System Work?

 The fob alarm system promotes convenience with its remote feature. It functions within a specified, [usually close] range. The fob sends signals to the in-car transmitter which distributes commands to the corresponding devices, such as your car’s alarm brain box and immobilizer.

The key fob is wireless and runs on a strong non-reachable lithium battery. Advanced key fobs are equipped with a LED that notifies car owners of several actions, including the state of the fob’s battery. The LED also indicates the exchange of information between your car and the fob. This helps to confirm the driver’s input.

Most car key fobs only work when within 5-20 meters of the corresponding vehicle. Asides from the LED notification on the Fob, your car also notifies, aloud, the successful execution of commands. For example, your car chirps twice when you unlock the car and once when you lock it.

This system allows car owners to program custom sounds into the alarm system, thereby making it easier for car owners to identify threats to their vehicles.

Car key fobs have dedicated buttons for locking and unlocking. Advanced key jobs feature a panic button that works in conjunction with your overall alarm system, collaborating to keep your car safe.

Advanced key fobs feature a proximity function that executes commands without user input. In this case, the key fob sends a code to the ignition when nearby, and if correct, the car unlocks and may start the car engine, depending on the model.

Some critics consider the proximity system in key fobs as its best feature. With this system, your car won’t start even when hardwired. By installing an immobilizer along with your key fob, and connecting it with your panic button, you tightly secure your car from precocious car thieves.

An immobilizer works by cutting off circuit to your engine, thereby stopping your car from starting. Immobilizers are a necessity with some governments already making it mandatory.

Factory-installed Car Key Fob Alarm System Versus Aftermath

Factory-Installed OEM car key fob alarm system is common in countries with laws that require manufacturers to include it in every unit. However, it doesn’t mean car owners in other countries aren’t enjoying the features and benefits of a key fob alarm system.

While it’s cheaper and a convenient option, factory-installed key fobs are limited in function and transmission. Command confirmation is not included in most OEM fobs. When you lock your car, you might still have to manually check if the command was properly executed by gently pulling the door handle.

Most factory-installed key fobs also feature limited buttons. Two buttons that only lock and unlock the car, without a panic button or an alarm system. The limited functions of OEM key fobs have caused car owners to switch to Aftermath key fobs.

Aftermath key fobs feature additional functions and buttons and are better equipped at protecting your vehicle. It is equipped with an alarm system, with options that have immobilizers. The remote also has an extra button: the panic button.

The key fob alarm system is not complete without an alarm system. The alarm system is connected to a monitor or brain that receives data through sensors and sends commands. Advanced key fob alarm systems can execute security measures autonomously.

It is recommended to install an aftermath key fob to enjoy the benefits of its alarm system and extra features, such as connecting your smartphone with your car. This eliminates range restrictions, allowing you to receive notifications and execute commands remotely.

Benefits of a Car Key Fob Alarm system

According to research, installing a car key fob alarm system significantly reduces car theft. Unlike unprotected cars that can be hardwired and stolen, a key fob stops your engine from powering up without the right key.

This is possible as your key fob and key send a special code to your car which your car identifies as a requirement to start the car. So, without the right key, your car can never be stolen unless it is lifted, which is excessive.

While the security benefits may attract you, the convenience will keep you locked. With just the press of a button, you can unlock your car from a specified range. In more advanced cars, the fobs don’t require input and will immediately unlock when the remote is close to the car. This is especially useful for ardent shoppers who carry loads of bags.

A key fob can also attract attention to your car by switching on the headlights and taillights, with continuous honking. While it may not guarantee 100% theft prevention, it reduces the risk of car theft.

Gone are the days of manually confirming that your car is locked. Lock your car with your key fob and receive audio or LED confirmation of your input.

Weakness Of The Car Key Fob Alarm System 

While the key fob alarm system sounds great, it is not a security stronghold if installed without extra components. The fob alarm system, alone, can only activate the headlights and taillights, and an audio alarm that uses your honk or dedicates audio.

Asides from that, it does nothing else. However, when installed with an immobilizer, both work together to provide you 100% security.

But key fobs still face technical problems. For example, car thieves use signal boosters to lead cars into believing their car key fobs are close by, therefore unlocking the car.

How Does A Car Key Fob Alarm System Work?

Going keyless and installing extra features are also expensive changes to make in your car. Keyless has also increased the prices of newer vehicles. However, several aftermath brands manufacture pocket-friendly key fobs with friendly payment plans.

Search for the one that best suits you. Select based on needs and remember to compromise on advanced functions so as not to eat through your savings.

The Best Way To Use A Car Key Fob Alarm System

 While key fobs are every car’s companion, maximizing its functions by pairing it with other devices helps you get the best out of it. Just owning a key fob isn’t enough. Take extra measures by installing an immobilizer and an alarm system connected to your car parts by sensors.

Enhanced car security is necessary to match the rate of car theft in metropolitan areas. A key fob provides car owners with control over the most advanced security add-ons and is equally equipped to keep your car safe. Purchase your key fob alongside an immobilizer for 100% of your car notwithstanding the circumstance.