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Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector Review

Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector Review

Emergencies are inevitable. So, there cannot be adequate preparation for them. A call to meet up with someone while in haste might get you driving past the speed limit designed for certain roads.





Many times, due to the urgency, there are tendencies to ignore basic road signs like one way signals and a host of others; and this might land you in the den of law enforcement agents, which in turn might get you high road tickets for defaulting speed limit or have your car impounded.

When such happens, your emergency is not fixed, rather your troubles only succeeded in compounding and most often, this is usually the plight of an average car user, and I bet you might have been in such situations once or twice.

However, I’m certain you will find this Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector review helpful as this radar detector is here to save you from this plight as a radar detector is a must have car gadget.

Think of a device that tells you if your speed is being monitored by the police or other law enforcement agents, a device that can reduce your car’s speed before being ticketed for speeding and alerts you on locations of law enforcement officers before you get to them.

Already wondering what sort of device that is? Well, let me introduce you to the device that is called the Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector.

Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector
About Product

The Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector offers the best radar and laser detectors on the road, including the Professional Series models. The STiR Plus is an installed, high performance stealth defense system for radar and laser that features Ka-band selective programming for faster response times.

The BEL Pro RX65 is the most advanced radar, laser and safety detector ever designed by Beltronics, and it includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, front and rear laser detection, digital signal processing (DSP) for superior range and reduced false alarms,

It also comes with a patented Mute and AutoMute feature, audible and visual band alerts, and all the performances you’d expect from a radar detector like beltronics.

The new STi Magnum also features the TotalShieldTM Technology that makes it completely invisible against any other type of radar detector.


What is the Product For?

Radar detectors use a superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emission from radar guns of law enforcement agents, and raises an alarm to notify the motorist when a transmission is detected.

Basically, it is for alerting you when you’re going outside your speed limit, or when there are law enforcement vehicles around.

Who needs the product and how Helpful can it be?

The Beltronic RX65 radar detector is designed for all motorists, car owners and basically everyone who uses the road with a car. It will save you from paying a traffic ticket.

This product picks up any radar being used by the police or others and notify you long before the police can even get to see you.

The Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector is a super sensitive radar detector that detects radars from a long distance giving you plenty of warning before you get to the point of the radar location.

The product also has the ability to detect hidden CHP officers from far away, giving you enough time to slow down and move to the right track, and one awesome thing is that its alerts are hardly falsified, so you’re not in fear of false alarms.


How can it be installed?

The Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector can be installed in the following simple steps.

1. Plug the small end of the power cord into the side jack of the detector, and plug the large end of the power cord into your car’s lighter socket.

2. Mount your RX65 on the windshield using the supplied windshield mount.

3. Press the PWR button, located top left, to turn RX65 on

4. Press and hold the volume/Mute button to adjust the volume.

Beltronics Radar Detector Review

WindShield Quick Mount

RX65’s QuickMount windshield bracket comes along with the product and is designed for unobtrusive and hassle free mounting. To set up, all you have to do is:

1. Depress the QuickMount button on the top RX65 and slide the QuickMount bracket into the slot until it is locked into the position which best fits the angle of your windshield. (PS: For extremely horizontal or extremely sloped windshields the QuickMount bracket can be bent.

2. To ensure that the suction cups adhere to the windshield firmly, be sure to keep both your windshield and the suction cups clean.

3. To adjust RX65 on your windshield, use the QuickMount adjustment button located on the top of the RX65, and slide RX65 forward or backward to obtain a level of horizontal position.

(When installed and adjusted properly, the back top edge of the RX65 should rest solidly against your windshield.)



  • Superior long-range radar and laser detection, including new “POP” mode alert.
  • Advanced programming lets you customize 7 features of the product.
  • Comes with an AutoScan mode which drastically reduces false alarms
  • It has Ultra-bright alphanumeric Display with 280 LEDS
  • Hrlps detects and decodes safety warnings



  • It isn’t a hundred percent radar detecting, it’s not the save all radar detector
  • It gives alerts on all radars and some times, it may not even be the radars of the police.


FAQs on Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector

Does your factory warranty apply if I do not purchase from Beltronics?

If you purchase from an authorized reseller. The Beltronic warranty will be honored only if you can provide Beltronics with the copy of the original invoice.

However, invoices from third parties received from individuals, auction, internet sites and other unauthorized resellers will not be honored.

 My Radar Detector now seems to pick up on other bands and signals like the automatic door openers used by many grocery stores which is totally different from the X-Band used by most police vehicles. I own your detectors that has the option to turn off the X-band, does it make any sense to turn off this feature?

Ans: In most cases, you’re advised to turn it off but this is dependent on your location. The X-band has become the least important police radar band over the last few years according to a couple of sources.


● Can the product be shipped outside of the United States?

Ans: Not it can’t (with only an exception of Puerto Rico). If your billing address is outside the United States, they can’t take your credit card order by telephone. They only make sales if you can provide a shipping address within the U.S or Puerto Rico location.

● Are Radar Detectors legal?

Ans: Radar detectors are completely legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in about 49 States of the USA. However, it is important to also note that Virginia and Washington DC in the United States, bans the use of radar detectors. It has also been prohibited in commercial vehicles since 1995 and this is effective in most Canadian parts.



If you have ever gotten a speeding ticket, costly traffic fines, court costs from being penalized by traffic wardens, the inconveniences that comes with it, the expenses and its impact on your insurance rate, then the need for the Beltronic RX65 radar detector cannot be overemphasized.

More importantly, you also have to note than more than 100,000 active traffic guns are deployed across the USA and more than 100,000 radar units are in use by the police agencies in the United States accounting for more than 30million speeding tickets issued to drivers every year.

There are so many radar guns on the road to monitor your speed even without you noticing. Are you looking at saving yourself from these embarrassments and costs whilst still being able to meet up with your emergencies?

The Beltronic RX65 Radar Detector is what you need now! Although the price might be quite on the high side, it’s a suitable option for you to escape having to be stopped continuously for speed violations.

We hope you found our Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector review helpful. Leave us a comment below if you have this helpful car gadget or can recommend another radar detector you found helpful.