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AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Car Desk

Autoexec Reach Desk ReviewThere is no denying that car desks are gradually becoming important carry-along devices for drivers who often work while on the road or make stops between several destinations to work.




These desks come in handy as they are ergonomic and they guarantee an improved working experience while you drive. When installed properly, a car desk automatically expands your working space and stabilizes whatever item or gadget that is placed on it.

One of such amazing desks that’s currently trending among tech-savvy individuals is the AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Front Seat Car Desk which you’ll learn more about in this Autoexec Reach Desk Review.


About Product

The AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Front Seat Car Desk is produced in the United States of America (USA) and weigh about 18 pounds.

With a dimension of 25.25 x 20.5 x 11 inches, this product comes in color Grey and Slate Grey. The AutoExec car desk comes with an arm that you can easily slide out and this slide out arm extends the surface by 12 inches. It also comes with an adjustable ball arm and a one-arm spring load.

Another innovative feature about the passenger seat workstation is that it comes with a storage space for your documents and other important files, and this storage space is located just beneath the desk work surface.

The car desk is very secure as it comes with a tray that contains a non-slip pad and a security strap that keeps your desk firmly in place when attached to your car.

AutoExec Car Desk

What Is The Product For

The AutoExec Reach Front Seat Car Desk with its unique technology is designed to reduce unnecessary tilts and crookedness as you operate your laptop, or smart device on it.

This car passenger table is a dynamic product that is designed to give individuals a nice working experience and adventure as you work while on the go.


Who Needs The Product And How Can It Be Helpful

Workers especially those who find themselves always on the road for business trips will find this product very useful as it is comfortable to use and ensure that you work smoothly even while you’re in your vehicle.

Its sturdiness when installed provides stability for your gadgets, so they do not shake while you are working especially if you’re being driven at that moment.

The AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Front Seat Car Desk is helpful to workers because it offers a smooth, Seamless organization of files and items on the desk, and you get to utilize the storage space provided by the desk for easy working experience such as the file hanger, slots for stationaries like pen, pencil and ruler are available in the storage space.

This is especially helpful as it aids in securing your valuables which makes it more than just a car tray for front passenger seat.


How Can It Be Installed

  1. Take the reach left-arm, then latch the knob into the latina of the arm: Put the knob from the underside of the desk, with the threads pointing upwards through the track, then line up the knob with the arm and fasten.
  2. Take the spring load and sit it on the knob of the left arm.
  3. Then carry the tray and put the knob on the spring load. Tighten afterwards.
  4. After seat-belting the desk in your vehicle, take your cam buckles: hook the short side to the left eyeball. Take the other buckle, hook it to the guide track found under you and latch its other to the right eyeball.
  5. Take your buckle and pull downward until the cam cord stiffens.

car passenger table


● Adjustable ball arm.

● Easy organization of files and items.

● Offers maximum comfort.

● Stability.

● Sturdiness is tight.

● Can be reached from outside the car.



● Installation is difficult.

● It is expensive.

● Texture of the product isn’t totally sufficient for the price.


FAQs On AutoExec AUE10006

● Will it fit my 2019 Honda Accord?

Yes, this product will fit into your 2019 Honda Accord. This is because this car accessory is compatible with most cars.

● Does the AutoExec AUE10006 come with a manual instruction

The AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Front Seat Car comes with a manual instruction that contains important information about the product from its uses to its installation process.



The AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Front Seat Car is one of the best ergonomic car accessory/product available right now.

It has an edge over other reach front seat car desks because of its features, outstanding sturdiness and extension arm which enables the mobile worker to work from within and outside the vehicle.

However, there is the lingering report of how tough it can be to set up the AutoExec AUE10006 Reach Car Desk in your vehicle and while this can be pretty complicated at first trial, this should not dissuade you from purchasing the product.

If the step-by-step instructions provided above or in the manual does little to help, I’d advise you to watch a video of how it is assembled and installed. Setting up the car desk isn’t a huge task once it is understood and done correctly.

If you are not a fan of pricey products, then it’s fair to say that this product isn’t for you because it is quite expensive to purchase.

However, if you do not mind the price and is bent on getting quality, then you should have a go with the AutoExec Reach Front Seat Car Desk.

We hope you found our Autoexec Reach Desk Review helpful. Leave us a comment if you have tried this product or any other reach front desk you can recommend.