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Akozon Universal Car Black HUD display

Akozon 5.5 Inch Universal Car Black HUD displayServing the full functions of safe driving at all times, head-up devices have notably offered the outstanding solution to unfortunate situations caused by little moments of distractions when car drivers tend to get their eyes off the road to read displayed information on their dashboards at critical moments.


Their negligence to the road due to the mere act of getting their eyes off it for a few split seconds might result in rather serious emergency cases, but however daring this case seems, there’s always one way to conquer a problem.

The Akozon 5.5 inch universe car head-up display device comes in handy at such moments. Offering a function of displaying a handful of important car parameters, the product fully serves its $61 purpose.

About Product

The Akozon 5.5 inch universal car black HUD display device offers so many functions at a considerably decent price without any stress at all.

From installation, all that is required is for the device to be connected via the car’s plug-in socket and it is good to go.

A simple plug in cable transmits a current of about 9V~16Vdc (12Vdc/400mA) optimum work voltage required for the product’s full performance.

It has a button for power on and off, a wave button: Up button (turning the button to upside), OK button (pressing the button vertically), Down button(turning the button to downside).

Both buttons are located on the right side of the device. It also has an On-Board Diagnostics II interface which can be connected to the vehicle OBD interface underneath.

Akozon 5.5 Inch Universal Car Black HUD display

The product has a 5.5 inch totally clear visual display that eliminates unnecessary reflections and is reflected with an adjustable brightness which could either be manually or automatically fixed to suit its user’s preference.

This flexible adjustment system allows the device to relay necessary information in visibly clear formats for easy reading regardless of the weather conditions.

This feature controls the glare while driving as the brightness mode can either be increased or reduced to taste and for better performance.

One might worry about the product and feel it might drain their battery life, but the Akozon 5.5 inch universal car black HUD display device has been properly wired to only come on when your car is on and to go off simultaneously when your vehicle is turned off— a considerably pleasant way to protect your car’s battery life.

Akozon 5.5 Inch Universal Car Black HUD display

The product is user friendly and is compatible with cars that comply with On-Board Diagnostics 2 or EUOBD (Automatic On-Board Diagnostics System); plug and play format. Based on the manufacturer’s compatibility sequence, vehicles that the product is not compatible with are listed below and they include: Incompatibility with American models: Not fit for Dodge, Not fit for JEEP, Not fit for IMSEOER, Not fit for Chrysler and cars manufactured before 2004 in the USA.

Incompatibility with French and Italian cars like Fiat, Not fit for Maserati, Not fit for DS, Not fit for PEUGEOT , Not fit for Citroen, Not fit for R e n a u lt, Not fit for Simca etc.

The product displays a variety of rich content including: speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, shift reminder, fatigue driving reminder, low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm, engine failure alarm, elimination of fault code, and the option of toggling between kilometres and miles, for the best driving experience.

What Is Product For?

The product is for displaying clear content concerning your car’s parameters while you comfortably enjoy the best driving experience.

Who Is It For And How Helpful Can It Be?

The Akozon 5.5 inch universal car black HUD display device is for car owners whose vehicles are in compliance with the On-Board Diagnostics 2 or EUOBD (Automatic On-Board Diagnostics System), and the product helps you maintain your attention on the road and eliminating the need for you to squint your eyes over tiny details on your speedometer, alongside other laid down dashboard information that might lead to possible distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

  • Can you disable overspending alarm?

Yes. The device can be set up according to your preference.

  • Does it display air pressures in tyres?

Yes, it does.

How To Install It In a Car

The device comes with a user manual that contains well-described operational steps that would give proper installation, but all that’s required is for the OBD cable to be connected to the car’s plug-in socket, and in turn plugged into the device.


  • User friendly.
  • 5 inch clear visual display.
  • Rich display content.
  • Mini-size.
  • Easy to install.


  • The product is unfortunately not compatible with all vehicle types.
  • Sound alarms might cause distractions when they are least expected.


The Akozon 5.5 inch universal car black HUD display device would certainly give you value for your money, as it offers full features by displaying car parameters while on the go, reducing situations where you would need to get your eyes off the road to get a few details.

Moreover, The rich content displayed on its 5.5 inch screen would definitely serve you for the best driving experience. At last, We hope you find our Akozon 5.5 Inch Universal Car Black HUD display review interestingly helpful. If you have a comment or Question Leave it in the box below, We will be glad to hear from you.