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Yeti V Series Stainless Steel Cooler

Yeti V Series CoolerWe all know coolers are important items for activities such as festivals, camps and picnics and it is as valuable to retailers who sell beverages. If you love recreational activities or own a retail business that requires cooling or thermal preservation of your goods, then you will understand the need for a cooler to keep your beverages cold and meal warm.




As you know, the features and scope of a cooler are just as important as its function. With the plenty number of coolers pouring into the market, you are faced with the difficulty of which one to choose from.

That’s why we will be giving you more insight about this product, in this Yeti V Series Cooler Review. It boasts as the first of its kind being a vacuum-insulated hard cooler.

Yeti V Series Cooler review

About Product

The Yeti V Series Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Hard Cooler weighs close to 44.1 pounds and measures 24.75 in length, 16.625 in width and 17.37 in height. With its capacity, it can carry 60-12oz cans and 30 pounds of ice.

The product comes attached with a vacuum insulator that functions to maintain the temperature of any drink or meal (whether cold or hot) for a very long time.

The body comprises a stainless steel wall and a latch loop that is as tough as the stainless utensils found in your kitchen.

Due to the installation of vacuum insulation, there is an internal slim wall void of foam. This offers a better space for larger items to be contained. Luckily, it has a drain hole and drain plug. Hence, drainage is made simple with this additional feature.


What Is The Product For

This cooler is one of the best in the market for maintaining the temperature of a food or drink. It is used to hold temperature for a long time.

Its stainless steel body and weight can withstand some level of extreme weather conditions of any kind.


Who Is The Product For And How Helpful Can It Be

This product proves helpful depending on ‘what’ and ‘where’ you are using it for. For retailers, it holds the cool temperature of both their ice and drinks for a long period. Additionally, it can withstand the weather condition of whatever place you camp with it.

The Yeti V Series Cooler can also accommodate longer items than most coolers. For instance, wine bottles could be stood upright in the cooler, thanks to its slim wall.

How Can It Be Installed In A Car

The Yeti V Series Cooler isn’t a permanent car accessory. However, it is more convenient to load it in the boot of your car whenever you are preparing for any activity, set for the day’s business or going camping.


Yeti V Series Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Hard Cooler


● It is vacuum-insulated, giving it an edge for longer temperature holding possibly more than any cooler at the moment.

● Possess stainless steel coat. Its body is very strong.

● Has a fairly good space for a reasonable amount of items.


● It is heavy, quite too heavy. It will require two pairs of muscles to lift it onto your boot or carry it for a long distance.

● The stainless body collects too many imprints.

● Pricey


FAQs About This Product

● Can the Yeti Steel Vacuum Insulated Hard Cooler be rolled on the floor?

No, this product is not equipped to roll on the floor as to move it.


● How long can it hold ice?

Based on numerous testings, this cooler can hold ice for a stretch of 3 weeks, with almost the amount of ice returned.


● Is the product worth it?

If you are not bothered about the price(because the current $800 tag is worrisome even with its quality), then this cooler is the best ‘worth it’ you can get.


● Does The Yeti vacuum Insulated Cooler require heavy maintenance?

This steel cased cooler doesn’t require much maintenance, but I won’t recommend that it be kept under the sun for long hours due to the material used in building the body. However, keeping the interior neat won’t cost you a lot of time; plus it also depends on what is put in it.

Yeti V Series Hard Cooler reviews


This product is the best-in-market at the moment, so dwelling much on how much value you’d get from it is probably long talk because it is apparent.

However, the biggest inconvenience this product brings, as it is the central aim of this section, is the weight and heaviness of the cooler.

Dragging this out for picnics and camps would be very stressful. If you aren’t athletic, then you have a job on your hands. Still buying this is a great idea, as it’d be an almost permanent addition around your home.

On a general note, Yeti did well in the production of the Yeti V Series Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Hard Cooler and it is a good product that is highly recommended for you.

We hope you found our Yeti V Series Cooler Review helpful. Leave us a comment below if you have tried out this cooler. Does it serve you and is it worth the price tag?