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HOW TO KEEP REAR VIEW CAMERA ONA blurry rear view camera reduces the driving experience and affects how drivers navigate the road. Some drivers have had to drive with this defect because they can hardly locate the source. This article identifies all the causes of rear view camera blur. So why is my rear view camera blurry?


Rearview cameras become blurry due to several reasons, including poor specs, camera displacement or constant shaking, and glare. Other reasons include a damaged or dirty lens, condensation, or faulty connections. Old and worn-out rear view cameras are blurry. Lack of proper and regular maintenance, however, is the major cause of a blurry rear view camera. Inspecting it every week helps you to detect problems before they become a major source of concern.

The type of rearview camera you choose affects quality in the long run. High-quality cameras transmit high-quality images. There are several factors to consider when choosing a rear view camera. Choosing the right one helps to avoid blurry images beforehand.


Faulty connections

The major problem faced with rear view cameras is faulty connections. This is caused by several reasons, including poor installation and damaged wiring. We recommend hiring a professional to install your rear view camera, however, if you’re doing it yourself, make sure you follow the steps and instructions provided by the manufacturer. Inexperienced installers are cheaper but less efficient. Pay the fee for high-end professionals and enjoy complete peace of mind. Keep your cable connectors from moisture to prevent rust.

Dirty Lens

Another cause of rear view camera blur is a dirty camera lens. Mud, dirt, and water are constantly soiling and covering the lens and disrupting transmission. Outdated rear view cameras also lack weather resistance to prevent water damage. Interior condensation is also a problem for loose cameras.


Constant Movement and Displacement

Rearview cameras are prone to constant shaking and displacement because of the constant motion. Although, It is more common on rougher terrain than smooth roads. So, fit your camera with tighter screws.

Old and Worn-out Rear View Camera

Rear view cameras, like every other device, don’t have external durability. They are ridden with outdated features and may have poor image quality. This may look like a blur as the image is not 100% visible to the driver. Damaged components also play a part in a blur. You may replace the damaged components or simply buy a new and upgraded rear view.


Check The Exterior

The first step is to check the exterior of your rear view camera. This part is more exposed and can be affected by numerous things, including collisions, accidents, and weather elements. You need to practice regular maintenance to prevent reduced performance.

This can be done by simply inspecting the rear view camera every day or twice a week. Check for worn-out parts or rusty screws. And tighten loosen screws. If you find any material on the lens, use a microfiber to gently remove it. This is to avoid scratches that further damage the device. Avoid hard materials and use anti-moisture material (Rain X).

Check for condensation

The next step is checking for condensation in the interior part of the device. This is common with poorly designed and damaged devices. A loose screw or broken part may allow water to enter the device. This reduces performance and further damages the device.

To dry it, use a desiccant material to dry the device, the most common being uncooked rice. Pour a large amount of rice into a bag or big bowl and submerge the camera inside. Leave it for hours, or even up to a day. The rice soaks out the moisture, making it dry once again. Other causes of moisture include leaks. Find any leaks and patch them.

Fix Faulty Connections

Inspect the wires and connections for any damage and repair them immediately. Also, check the fuse for any blown-out fuse and replace it with a new one.

Trace The Source

Trace the source of the blur by answering a couple of questions. Did the blur start after the installation of a new component in the rear view camera. If yes, then remove the new component and test it again. If it doesn’t show blur, then that’s your answer.

Try the former component again, and if it works then, the problem is somewhere else. Inspect all the components of the camera one by one. However, this is an expensive path to take as you may have to buy multiple spare components. Use the instructions from the manufacturer to guarantee correct installation.


Old rear view cameras are outdated and incompatible with newer connections. While advanced cameras have sensors and nighttime mode, older outdated cameras lack these and more. This makes them hard to use and over time, start to damage and display blur images. Our advice is that you buy one of the upgraded options available from manufacturers. Although slightly expensive, they provide more value for any price.


Stopped and asked yourself why you need to replace a blurry rear view camera, even when most upgraded options are costlier? If yes, then there are multiple reasons for replacing blurry cameras immediately.

The number one defect a blurry rear view camera exhibits is poor image quality. The image displayed on the monitor will be distorted and hard to see. This makes it harder for motorists to reverse and park properly. Without seeing their rear, they are prone to collisions, accidents, and completely wrong parking. This means multiple attempts all the time.

Distorted images cause poor judgment on the road. As a driver, it becomes harder to make out what’s behind you. Sometimes, you’ll think there’s something back there and then find nothing, and other times, you’d swear there was nothing there moments after destroying a property or item while reversing. To avoid losing your valuable properties, repair immediately. Human life is also on the line.

Being stuck hits differently this time as you’ll find it hard to maneuver tight spaces and corners. You’ll also have a hard time reversing and monitoring the cars around you. Parallel parking also becomes more difficult since you’re not seeing your sides and rear.

If it’s blurry then there’s a chance that the device is broken and may be leaking. Water damage is prevalent and one of the major reasons for rear view camera damage. This reduces its lifespan thereby resulting in a low return of investment.

Recommended Rear View Cameras

Here are some of the highest-rated rear view cameras in the market today. The best advantage of getting an upgraded and advanced rear view camera is the new features.

  •  INCLAKE Car Backup Camera, Rear View Camera

Price: $23.99

This is one of the best rear view cameras in the market. Equipped with the latest digital technology, they provide nighttime vision and help drivers navigate traffic easily. The monitor is ultra HD with accurate colors. This guarantees clear and accurate judgment when reversing, especially in high corners and congested traffic. It is also weather-resistant meaning it can withstand water and other elements. This camera can be installed anywhere on your car, from front to back.


  •  Inexpensive
  •  12-LEDs and night mode
  •  Ultra HD
  • Weather-Resistant


  •  Infrared light is always on

SizxNanv Car Backup Camera Reversing Image HD

Price: $33.39

This is a widely used rear view camera amongst motorists. It features night mode and is an easy option to install by just anyone. It is also waterproof and resistant to weather elements.


  • Inexpensive
  • Weather-resistant
  •  Easy Installation


  •  Nil

Conclusively, rear view camera blur is a common problem with rear view cameras. Luckily, the above solutions work perfectly for fixing camera blur. Nonetheless, we recommend taking the necessary precautions laid down by the manufacturer to ensure correct installation and prevent early damage.