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Why Does My Car Alarm Light Stay On

The alarm light blinking is an indication that it is working in good condition. Being off or constantly on is an indication of damage or complete inactivation. You need to find a solution fast to enhance the security of your vehicle. Why does my car alarm light stay on? Keep reading to find out.

Why Does My Car Alarm Light Stay On

A car alarm light can stay on after the battery is damaged or runs out. Other causes include disabled alarm, broken terminal, disabled sensors, and a damaged alarm system. These can be repaired easily, however, really damaged alarms may require replacement.

 Try turning off the vehicle, wait for 2 minutes, and turn it back on. This resolves most car alarm problems, including an alarm light that stays on without blinking or going off.

Reasons Why Car Alarm Light Stays On

 Depleted Car Battery  

According to experienced mechanics, a depleted car battery is a major reason for the alarm light staying on, without going off or blinking. This causes the car computer to lose programming with the key fob. The alarm control unit reads this as disabled and therefore, leaves the light on.

The recommended car battery is 12 volts. If you notice that your car battery drains fast, you may have to replace the battery or check for the electronic device responsible.

Disabled Alarm System

The alarm light stays on once it has been disabled. Check that you haven’t disabled the system accidentally. If you haven’t, then browse through the other electronic devices in your vehicle. They may disable the alarm in certain situations without warning.

You also disable the system while trying to reset it. Always make sure you enable your alarm system after disabling it. The alarm light is a good way to know the status of your alarm system. So you know it has been disabled when the light just stays on.

Damaged Alarm System

The primary purpose of installing a car alarm system is to improve security. However, outdated alarms are prone to damage. This causes the alarm to stop working and the light to stay on.

Check if the alarm is damaged by inspecting the wiring and connections. Check the physical status too. For a more precise diagnosis, use a code reader. You can buy one for $20.

However, check your state laws on code reader mandates. For instance, it is illegal to use one in California. If you don’t know how to read a code reader, then take the car to the mechanic for an accurate diagnosis.

Reasons Why Car Alarm Light Stays On


Reprogramme The Key

The recommended solution is to reprogram the key to the ignition. This can be done by any competent mechanic in your locality. Once you do this, the light should go off and the alarm will go back to working normally.

Consult The Manual

Every car alarm system comes with an installation guide and manual. This includes alarm problems and how to resolve them. Most manufacturers just include common alarm issues and their solutions. Either way, you may find the solution to an alarm system that refuses to go off. Don’t use another product’s manual as each alarm system has different components and is adjusted differently.

Pinpoint the problem with a code reader 

A code reader is a cheap way to identify everything wrong with your vehicle. Using a code reader not only saves you money but time. Once it pinpoints the problem, go ahead with a corresponding solution. This may involve replacing a component or resetting the alarm system. Check your car manual for how to reset the alarm.

Resetting The Alarm

Resetting your car alarm helps to solve most problems plaguing the device. In this case, resetting the alarm helps to enable the alarm back. There are several techniques to resetting a car alarm. You can reset it while you’re inside and outside the vehicle. Check your vehicle’s manual for any particular way to reset the alarm.

To reset your alarm, unlock the vehicle. This resets the alarm. The alarm identifies that the car is being accessed. This forces the alarm to activate. Another method is by starting the vehicle. Insert the key into the ignition and wait for a couple of minutes.

Charge The Car Battery

If the diagnosis indicates a depleted battery, then charge or replace the car battery.

Outdated/ Wrong Car Alarm System

Installing an incompatible alarm system in your vehicle is a recipe for disaster in the near future. Always buy the right alarm for your car.


Buying the right alarm system eliminates several issues. The following are guidelines for buying a car alarm.

One-way or two-way

There are two types of pagers. A one-way pager only sends commands to the control while a two-way pager sends commands and receives data from the vehicle. Two-way pagers are more functional since they indicate the status of your alarm system. They indicated when the car is locked, unlocked, armed or unarmed. This provides a clear indication of the state of your car alarm system.

Advanced two-way pagers have an LCD and LED. Costlier options also have smartphone compatibility. Determine the security level of your neighborhood and choose the appropriate pager. If you’re living in an area with poor security, then you may want to get a two-way pager.

Smartphone Compatibility

If you want enhanced security, then look out for alarms with smartphone compatibility. This allows you to track the status of your car alarm, as well as send commands to the control unit. Smartphone compatibility enhances the security of your vehicle since you’re always with your phone. You can receive real- time, and execute the appropriate commands on time.

Decide on the Additional Features

Advanced alarm systems are enhanced with multiple features. However, these may cost more. So you need to decide on the additional features you want with your basic alarm function.

These additional features include a remote starter, proximity, and impact sensors, and an immobilizer. You can have all of these in your vehicle or just one. Either way, you’ll be spending more money on purchase and installation.

Let us take you through these features to help you decide better.

  • Remote Starter

If youwant to start your car without physical contact, then a remote starter is the right choice. This allows you to warm up the vehicle, and turn on the Air Conditioning remotely. While this may be pricier, installing both features with one device is cheaper than installing them differently.

  • Proximity Sensor

A proximity sensor is useful but more necessary. Its job is to alert car owners of suspiciously close persons. Since it’s just a sensor, a proximity sensor causes a lot of false alarms. However, if you don’t mind the constant disturbance, go ahead with a proximity sensor.

  • Impact Sensor

This sensor is very important because it alerts you to collisions. Imagine coming back to your car, damaged. To avoid this, install an impact sensor. However, because of their high sensitivity, impact sensors can be triggered by anything, including wind and loud noises.

  • Immobilizer

An immobilizer shuts off the car engine to prevent thieves from driving away with your vehicle. You can activate it with your key fob. This is the ultimate alarm component. Installing it with your alarm system guarantees complete protection.

  • GPS tracking device

Adding a GPS tracking device to your alarm system enhances the overall security of your vehicle and makes it recoverable in the case of theft. A GPS tracker collects data such as driving routes. This allows drivers to better plan their commute and save time and fuel. Drive through the safest and fastest roads without hold up.

Conclusively, if your alarm light just stays on, then it is disabled. To enable it, reset the alarm, reprogram the key, and check the manual for solutions.