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Rexing 4K UHD DashCam Review

Rexing VIP 4K UHD Dash CameraRexing is an American startup from Connecticut with Headquarters in New York. They design, test and manufacture devices to guarantee reliability and longevity of all products. And this particular product offers a wide view range of the car while driving.

Furthermore, Rexing VIP max 4k UHD dual channel wifi GPS car dash camera is sold on Amazon for a price of $259.99, and with this product, you get quite a handful of functions that will be discussed in this Rexing 4K UHD DashCam review.

About Product

The Rexing VIP max 4k UHD dual channel wifi GPS car dash camera is sold on Amazon for a price of $259.99, and with this product, you get quite a handful of functions.

It is, however, impressive to know that the product is built to withstand extreme climates due to the supercapacitor. Here is a list of some Best GPs DashCam too.

An additional advantage is the F/1.6 6 glass lens that carefully fine-tunes the exposure along with 170° ultra wide angle lenses that enhances night vision and allows the camera to give an unprecedented footage even in low-light situations.

The device comes with a Rexing V1P MAX 4K Ultra Dash Camera, FHD Rear Camera + cable (20ft), In-car power cable (12ft), 3M adhesive mount, USB computer cable for installations.

Rexing VIP 4K UHD Dash Camera

The Rexing VIP Max 4k UHD dual channel device weighs about 1 pound, and that makes it a sophisticatedly designed car unit properly primed for your vehicle interior to add taste and feature to your car while serving you the total eagle eye function of looking out for your vehicle and uploading real-life and real time videos directly to the display screen.

This feature is made possible via the built-in GPS Logger enabled feature that playback your video using the comprehensive GPS Logger software interface OR Rexing Connect App to see real time information about your speed, location, and more. Your location is displayed within the application using Google Maps.

Rexing VIP 4K UHD Dash Camera Review

The device is not only WiFi enabled, but has a mobile application that can be downloaded via PlayStore. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The application offers you the option of downloading recorded videos into your phone for safekeeping and/or sharing with friends or social media.

The V1P MAX comes with two superb cameras: the front camera that captures REAL 4K 3840 x 2160 video. Plus a rear camera that records a 4K +1080p video.

The device is also anti-theft, as it has a 24-hour around the clock parking monitor that ensures that if there is ever an issue you are properly well prepared— this is made possible when the device is hard wired to your car with the help of a hard-wire kit that is sold differently and functions when the dash camera is auto switched to Parking Surveillance Mode: which starts recording the instant it detects vibration in the camera.

Another interesting feature that comes with this device is the gravity sensor. Furthermore, This feature serves an outstanding edge as evidence for your car insurance in the case of a collision. What happens here is that if a collision is detected, the current video will be locked. And, locked videos will never be overwritten by Loop Recording, ensuring important footage is kept secure.

This practically brings us to the next feature this sophisticated device comes with. The Loop Recording feature— which is, in simple terms, for recording short videos in different time dimensions of either 1, 2 or 3 intervals depending on user preference.

What Is Product For?

The Rexing VIP max 4k UHD dual channel wifi GPS car dash camera is primarily for enhancing safe drive and creating a better view range while navigating your car through streets, parking lots and highways.

Who Is It For And How Helpful Can It Be?

Moreover, The product is majorly for all car owners who would love to maintain the perfect conscious state about the environment outside their vehicle while driving their car or whether it is parked in the lot.

The device offers an all round 24 hour parking monitor, alongside a handful of interesting features.

FAQ’s Related too Rexing VIP Max 4k UHD

  • Anyone having issues downloading the app from play store?

No. There hasn’t been reports of encountered problems while downloading the mobile app.

  • Can you manually lock looped videos?

Yes, you can. Either by a one-touch button or just by flicking it and triggering a vibration.

  • Will this work for a Jeep Wrangler? The windshields are not as slanted as other vehicles.

The lens of this camera is adjustable to the best view; the product would work after a few adjustments have been made.

  • Has anyone tried a 512GB card in it?

The device contains SD card capacity up to 256GB maximum.

How To Install It In a Car

Following the instructions in the user manual, the product is rather easy to install. But care should be taken to avoid complications during installation for full functionality to be enjoyed.


  • Super night vision.
  • Built-in GPS and WiFi.
  • Easy to install.
  • Gravity sensor.
  • Loop recording.
  • Not overpriced.


  • Video playback might tend to be choppy when not properly installed.


Moreover, For $259.99, this Rexing product might seem a bit on the high side, but it totally offers a good value for money, serving quite a number of functions that make for the perfect navigation aid and settling to give you the best driving experience