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iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro

iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) - Gen 2A lot of ease comes with having a car mount that comes with voice support. Having a voice support feature in your vehicle enables you to make calls, check the weather, get directions and do lots more without ever having to take your eyes off the road. One device that makes this possible is the iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 2.

About the Product

The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 2 is a phone holder that comes with Alexa support. It is Mfi certified and built for both android and IOS devices.

Selling for the incredibly budget-friendly price of $59 on Amazon, the device is compatible with Spotify so you can stream your favorite tunes. Built with a Mifi certified chip, you are assured of more connectivity and you can access over 90,000 Alexa voice control skills.

It comes with an auto mode Alexa feature that provides you with glanceable information and shortcuts. This makes all your routine tasks even more simplified so you never have to take your eyes off the road.

The device comes with a one lock feature that makes it incredibly easy for you to mount and unmount your device using only one hand.


Using Alexa voice controls, you can listen to all your favorite tunes and podcasts, enjoy streaming music from Spotify, pandora and other music streaming apps, make calls, control smart devices in your house from the comfort of your car and while you’re on the road.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 2 also comes with an iOttie connect App. This app ensures that the firmware is up to date. It simply acts as a companion app for your device.

The suction cups on the device can easily be installed either on your dashboard or windshield. The device comes with a built-in noise reduction feature for seamless interaction with Alexa and led lights so you are also aware of when Alexa is listening.

What is the product for?

The product is to provide drivers with Alexa support and a phone mount in their vehicle.

Who is the product for and how helpful can it be?

The product is for drivers either private or commercial who seek the comfort of using voice features in their car or needing Alexa support in their vehicle. It can be extremely helpful as you can make calls, get weather updates and directions using the device without taking your eyes off the road.

You must always refresh your Alexa app before entering the vehicle for maximum connectivity.

FAQ’s Related too iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro

  • Is it a charger?

No. The device does not act as a charger. iOttie has other products that act as wireless chargers though.

  • ● Is it the same as the Gen1?

The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 1 is an amazing device but the Gen 2 introduces some new features that weren’t on the latter.

  • ● Is the device compatible with pandora?

Yes, the device is compatible with Pandora, NPR, XM, Sirius and several music players.

How to install it in a car

The suction cup can easily be installed on your dashboard or windshield. However, the dashboard pad can only be used once so ensure you know the exact location you want before mounting.


  • ● One hand lock
  • ● Compatible with several music players
  • ● Voice control
  • ● Alexa support
  • ● Budget-friendly
  • ● IOttie Connect app
  • ● Mifi certification
  • ● Led indicators
  • ● Noise reduction


  • ● Can seem too big to certain drivers
  • ● Doesn’t act as a charger
  • ● Lacks a proximity sensor phone mount


The iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 2 is better than the Gen 1 and provides Alexa support which aids you in doing over 90,000 skills with voice control.

However, when compared to other devices, this device falls short in a lot of ways. It doesn’t act as a charger. It’s a little too huge for some drivers and you still require hand control to mount your phone. Also, the device needs you to constantly refresh the Alexa app before entering your vehicle.

With its host of cons, you might prefer to add a couple of dollars and get an also budget-friendly yet better iOttie device like the Lottie Avio Connect. However, if you feel content with just Alexa support and a phone mount, this could be the device for you.

Regardless, it’s noteworthy to mention that over 50% of customer reviews on the product are negative. You will need to keep this in mind if you intend on following through with your purchase. We hope you found our iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro (New) – Gen 2 review interestingly helpful. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, We will be glad to hear from you.