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How Do Car Key Starters Stay Charged

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Car key starters are the main say in the automobile industry today. Car owners use it to warm their vehicles and start their Air Conditioning before entering the vehicle. But the main question on everyone’s mind is how do car starters stay charged? Are you also keen on finding out an answer to this question, keep reading to find out.

How Do Car Key Starters Stay Charged

Car key starters draw signals from the car. However, they have a small finger battery at the back of the device that keeps it powered, even when the vehicle is off. The battery doesn’t need to be recharged as it is manufactured to last for a long time. The battery is properly insulated to protect it from water and elements. Once the battery is drained, you’ll need to replace the battery with a new one if the key starter is still working well.

A key starter is more efficient in warmer weather. They are popular because they allow motorists to start their vehicles and switch on their Air Conditioning to cool the vehicle before the driver enters the car.

What are key starters

A key starter is a remote device that allows motorists to start their vehicles remotely, I.e from a distance. They are also called key fobs and remote starters. A key starter comes in multiple forms, including a smartphone application. With advanced starters, motorists can send multiple commands, while a basic key starter only allows you to start the vehicle. We recommend having an advanced key starter as they have security features.

Key starters are popular everywhere, however, can be found with almost every driver during harsh weather conditions. During the summer, motorists use it to cool their vehicles and warm them during the winter. This is to put the vehicle at the right temperature before the driver gets in. So, asides from starting from your vehicle, a key starter is a great device to have in your possession for security and comparability. We’ll explore some of its benefits in another section.

How do key starters work

Key starters communicate with the engine via a receiver installed inside the vehicle. This is called the control module or radio receiver. It is programmed to receive a set of codes from the transmitter (key fob). The control module authenticates the commands once it matches the code with the preregistered codes from its installation.

You cannot use a similar key fob for another vehicle to operate your car. If you misplace yours or it gets worse, then you’ll have to replace the key fob with a new one. You can get a new key starter from a trusted automobile dealer or your car manufacturer.

Do key starters drain battery And How Does It Stay Charged

Does owning a key starter put a strain on your car battery? The answer is no. However, your car battery will need to be charged for your key starter to work. All the electronics in your vehicle are powered by your car battery, and that includes your starter. The control module which receives signals from the transmitter is powered by the car battery, however, the remote itself has its battery. Advanced key fobs, on the other hand, have a USB port that allows owners to charge the device.

A remote key fob keeps working even when your car engine is off. Once it dies, you’ll be unable to operate your vehicle remotely. This might become a bigger problem if that’s your only means of starting the vehicle. This is why you need to know what powers your key starter so you can keep it charged all the time.

Do key starters drain battery And How Does It Stay Charged

If you’re experiencing battery drain, then check the other electronic devices installed inside your vehicle. For example, did you recently install a new and advanced head unit in your vehicle? If so, then it might be too powerful for your battery. Car batteries are typically 12 volts. Anything short of that can be a problem to the vehicle and the other important electronic devices. Always check the health of your car battery before adding a new device.

Factory Key Starters

New vehicles now come with two options to start the vehicle. The traditional key start and the remote key start. The former doesn’t require a charge nor a battery. Simply insert the key inside the keyhole to start the engine. The remote key start, on the other hand, requires a small finger battery that powers the small device. Factory remote key starters have a limited range of operation and functionalities. Typically, they only work within 30 feet of the designated vehicle.

Aftermath Key Starter

Aftermath key starters offer more range and functionalities, and can be purchased and installed in any vehicle type and model. Older cars without key starters can buy an aftermath key starter.

Advanced aftermath models offer a wider range of operation of up to 3 miles. Instead of a one-way communication, they also offer two-way pagers. This allows the motorists to send commands and receive data from the control module. Motorists are better served with two-way pagers as they cement security.

If you want a higher end device, then opt for a remote starter with an interactive LCD screen to display alerts and send commands. Because of their price, they’re also water-resistant and can be charged via a USB cable. This allows motorists to use it for an extended period of time without replacing the device or the battery. These advanced key starters also include a security system with additional sensors to detect theft, impact, and intrusion.

Advantages of key starters

Are you looking to add a remote key starter to your vehicle? Then you’re one of the thousands of drivers who have decided to make that choice this week. Remote key starters can be installed easily in any car type. If you can’t do it yourself, then hire a professional who is competent in installing key starters. Here are some advantages of owning a key starter.

  •  Elevate in-car temperature

The winter season can be uncomfortable, especially as we are forced to put on thick layers of clothing to protect our fragile bodies. But owning a remote key starter helps you manage your body temperature better by warming your car before you enter. This eliminates the need of being overly dressed while inside your car. This means you can leave your house warm and get into a warm vehicle without falling victim to the cold weather. This also applies to the summer period where car owners can cool their vehicles before entering.

  • Start The Vehicle

You no longer have to wait for 30 seconds to warm up your vehicle before accelerating to work. By using your remote key starter, you can start and warm your vehicle as you step out of your front door.

  •  Locate Your Vehicle Easily

Locating your vehicle in a crowded garage can be a daunting and challenging task, especially when it’s new. The other similar vehicles may also make the task harder. But with a remote key starter, all you have to do is press a button which signifies the exact location of your vehicle with a beep or designated notification sound. Follow the trace of the beep and you’re at your vehicle in no time.

  •  Security Functions

Send commands to arm or disarm your vehicle remotely with a key fob. Car owners can be 100% assured of the safety of their vehicle as they possess the single device to activate different advanced security features. For example, remote key fobs allow car owners to activate an immobilizer if they suspect an intruder around or inside their vehicle.

Conclusively, advanced car starters via a USB port on the device. Lower-end devices use finger batteries that need replacement once depleted. However, these batteries are designed to last for a long time.