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8 Best Headrest DVD Player Review 2022

“Are we not there yet?

“how many hours are we still going to spend bottom-fixed on these seats now”? etc.

 best buy headrest dvd player carsThese and many other questions are possibly what you would have to put up with in addition to doing a hectic driving when you have to undertake a very long journey most especially with your lovely kids in the car.




Long road trips could honestly be dreadful especially with the kids and the best way out is to get them entertained with one of the player you will find in this best headrest DVD player review

As it could be a great distraction for them, if you are not prepared to be suffocated with myriad of questions.

Kids get bored and even playing the most interesting songs for them for hours might not do the magic. Your best bet is to set up a CD/DVD player in your vehicle and get them busy until they begin to sleep off one after the other.

Asides this, having one just gives your car a total upgrade, in our opinion, you should definitely have one installed. There are varieties of car CD/DVD players with diverse features and we bring you our top 8 best in this review.

UEME Portable DVD Player

1. UEME Portable DVD Player

If you are thinking of getting a headrest DVD player for your passengers’ enjoyment while you do the driving, this would be a good choice.

UEME portable DVD player is built with headrest mounting case, 10.1” swivel screen, packaged with remote control for ease of operation, supported with a 5-hour rechargeable battery, power adapter, charger, USB and memory card.

Its upgraded high-resolution swivel screen is colored to relieve visual fatigue arising from long viewing period while the 270 degree rotation and 180 degree flip feature provides easy positioning and awesome viewing experience.

You will enjoy UEME’s reliable and high capacity battery for more than 5 hours of continuous usage. You can also charge it through its supplied power adapter and a 6 feet car charger for unlimited playback time conveniently in the car and even at home.

This multi-function device plays directly from CD, DVD, and SVCD successfully while it is also adaptable to play multi-media files either from USB, up to 32G SD card, VOB, MPEG, MP3, DIVX, JPEG and BMP with ease.

It is also region friendly as the device can play all your DVDs (with the exception of Blu-ray) obtained within and outside your country of abode with no restrictions.


  • Power off and resume function to recognize and play from last memory
  • Comes with the headrest mount holder
  • Incredible picture and sound
  • Battery life is great.
  • Headset option is great.
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Versatile as it can play CD, DVD etc 
  • Equipped with anti-shock rubber panel
  • Rotate 270 degree
  • Can flip 180 degree
  • Hands-free operation and viewing
  • Can conveniently work with SD cards and USB


  • No button on the screen side to play, pause or fast-forward except its being removed.
  • Remote control can easily malfunction due to short-life battery power
  • Fragile car charger, must be handled with extreme care

WONNIE Dual Screen DVD Player

2. WONNIE 10.5″ Dual Screen DVD Player

This portable CD player will spring surprises for your delightful trip experience. It comes handy with CD players and 2 mounting brackets for cars, 5-hour delivery rechargeable battery and can play two different movies at the same time.

Wonnie comes with a multiple playback twin-DVD player and dual portable kids CD player that allows both the children and adult passengers in the car to enjoy themselves separately with whatever suits each class.

You will also enjoy the advantage of connecting a bigger television screen through RCA-AV cable and other DVD players to extend the happiness and enjoyment derived.

Delivers great sound with absolute clarity through its dual in-built quality speakers. Besides all the above features, Wonnie has the capability of picking up its last memory and continue its audio-visual from there.


  • 1-year refundable value for unsatisfactory performance
  • Can use USB/Memory card of up to 32G
  • High-powered in-built speakers for sound clarity
  • Life-time professional technical support within 24-hours notification
  • Multiple Medias Support For DVD: CD, DVD, VCD, DVD+R(-R), DVD+RW(-RW), SVCD-R(RW)
  • USB/SD/MMC ( pixels up to 720 576), MPEG, VOB, AVI supported for videos
  • MP3/WMA supported for music
  • JPG/JPEG enhanced for pictures.
  • Comes with 3 Power modes of in-built 2800mAh
  • Comes with a lithium rechargeable battery that can last for between 4-5 hours for single player or 2-3 hours for double players working at the same time
  • Come with AC Power adapter and 2-in-1 car charger
  • Capable of replaying last memory even after interruption


  • Cannot play Blu-ray and MP4
  • Will put more pressure on the power supply with its too many functions



This portable car DVD player is technology at its best and suitable for all types of cars and mini trucks drivers who desire maximum enjoyment for his passengers while on a long journey.

Which comes with a double car DVD players, universal headrest monitor and stylishly designed digital screen touch button HDMI-C1100A to roll over or zoom in images. It is packaged with 2 headphones for kids personal and exclusive audio enjoyment.

Packed with a standard 160mm bracket to mount the headrest at the back of the seats with comfortable viewing positioning to provide your family the superb experience on your picnic or excursion.

As it offers different services ranging from music, movies games and so on. It is easy to install and convenient to operate while delivering clearer pictures, neat and controllable audio all in a budget friendly price.


  • Compatible with iPhone
  • Comes with SOCLL HDMI power adapter for iPhone
  • Packed with 1080P Digital AV Converter for iPhone 11/11pro max and attachment to TV/Projector
  • Built with digital screen touch
  • Supports same and/or different video playing/AV Out and In HDMI USB port touch button.
  • Comes with double car DVD players
  • Supplied with two headphones for kid exclusive audio enjoyment
  • Comes with Mirabox, WiFi Mirror-link Box, Wireless Airplay and Miracast
  • Comes with screen mirroring for Smart Phones
  • Installed with RCA Output of HSV281 Mirabox 5G


  • Cannot support high-definition video of 720P or 1080P
  • The in-built speakers are weak
  • FM broadcaster does not allow for many station choices but static.
  • Cannot adjust volume on DVD player if connected to your headphone

UNIVERSAL car Multimedia CD DVD player

4. UNIVERSAL 9.4” car Multimedia CD DVD player

This is inside-car-entertainment at its best. It comes with a wide television LCD screen, wireless headphones for both young and old, comes with separate powered amplifier and mounting bracket.

The 9.4” audio-video monitor is a perfect gadget for long journeys with its double headrest TV multimedia player system to deliver total back-seat entertainment for occupants. 

You can watch and play game with this Hi-resolution LCD wide screen display top-loading CD and DVD player. Its in-built stereo speakers deliver quality and crisp sounds at all times.

The gadget adapts and is compatible with your iPhone, tablet, other smart devices as well as various digital file formats such as MP3, MP4, WMA and AVI to give your kids and other passengers powerfully loaded entertainment for short or long trips.

The 9.4” car Multimedia CD DVD player is built with portable vehicle headrest mount which allows you to easily install the headrest posts into any of your cars.

It also comes with removable leather screen cover, mounting bracket and remote control to perfect your total convenience.


  • Features RCA wiring harness to enable you to connect additional device
  • It has in-built integrated FM transmitter
  • Comes with universal vehicle headrest mount displays
  • Features top-loading CD/DVD Players
  • Installed with Hi-resolution wide-screen digital video
  • In-built stereo speakers
  • Conveniently removable leather screen-cover
  • Features front panel button controls
  • Comes with wireless headphones
  • Compatible with other digital devices
  • Comes with USB flash and SD memory card readers for easy access to personal files


  • It does not comes with USB Car Cigarette Splitter which you may need to buy separately

5. PUMPKIN 10.1” car Headrest DVD player

Pumpkin car headrest DVD player is one of the best quality DVD players you can come across in most cars today as it comes with a free headphone and easily synchronize up to 1080P video from your mobile phone, computer, Raspberry Pi etc.

Getting one Pumpkin 10.1” touch screen DVD Player installed in your car’s rear seat brings entertainment closer to your traveling companions most especially when on long road trips while offering superb audio enjoyment for you at the driver’s seat.

Throughout the trip hours, your kids are busy, quiet and joyful watching, gaming and listening to varieties to their delight.
You can use its AC adapter and car charger both in the car and at home if you like.

It supports video playback while you can conveniently listen to music or watch movies from your USB and memory cards with clear vision and quality sound from its high-resolution 1024×600 screen for better viewing.

The gadget plays back last memory and can conveniently agree with another set of DVD player to share same movie through an AV cable or play different videos simultaneously for two passengers according to their individual preferences.

Its upgraded mounting bracket allows for easy installation and removal while it enhances perfect adjustment of the screen for easy viewing.


  • Free Headphone
  • Support 1080P Video
  • HDMI Input and AV ‘In’ and ‘Out’.
  • Comes with time-saving Last memory/resume function
  • Universal, no region restriction
  • Compatible with SD card up to 128GB with FAT32 format
  • Comes with 18-month warranty
  • Packed with detailed User’s Manual
  • Pre- and post-sales technical support from the manufacturer guaranteed
  • Compatible with USB and other devices such as MPEG, MPG, VOB and MP4.


  • No ‘Stop’ and Menu button
  • Shorter battery life

6. APEMAN 12.5” car DVD player

This is another quality product from Apeman Electronics. This system comes with an in-built 7hour rechargeable battery, headrest mount case, swivel screen and is compatible with USB/Memory card and multiple discs formatted.

With the subtitle button and LCD menu button, you can easily turn on and off the subtitle knob and adjust the picture quality at will. Its high resolution of 1024×600 video quality and impressive sound effects delivers the expected satisfaction from this multimedia gadget.

This DVD player is supported to rotate 180 degree to the left and then flip 180 degree backward working just like a tablet. Your passenger will derive a maximum watching experience when you install the DVD player in your car headrest mount holder which is to be mounted at an angle that will not hamper their physical comfort.

You can also synchronize this DVD player with a TV/projector using an audio-visual cable. The gadget allows the use of two similar DVD players to be connected together for easy viewing by your family members differently but simultaneously, thereby sparing you the trouble of squeezing several children together to watch a screen.

The two in-built stereo-like speakers delivers a more realistic audio experience as it is built with additional 3.5mm audio jack should you desire to install additional audio equipment for your maximum enjoyment.

Apeman 12.5” features last memory playback/resume function that remembers your last spot while watching your movie and automatically resumes or restarts from there to save your battery and time.

The system is supported with AC adapter and a versatile car charger to charge the DVD player both in the car and at home while the in-built battery can function up to 7 hours.


  • Rechargeable battery that can last 7 hours
  • Louder speaker
  • Last memory playback/resume function
  • Compatible with USB/SD card
  • New button operating panel
  • Swivel screen and travel companion
  • Packed with headrest mount holder
  • Three power system support
  • Can be connected to a TV or projector


  • Kids may manipulate and destroy the too soft screen button
  • Battery may not last as thought if used continuously
  • Loudness of the speakers can disturb the driver

7. PYLE PLHRDVD 9.4”car headrest LCD player

Pyle PLH is a universal headrest monitor and CD/DVD player which has an in-built amplifier, FM transmitter and IR amplifier to deliver good audio and perfect video impressions.

It is built to transform your boring ride into an exciting entertaining experience with its headrest TV multimedia player system.

The gadget comes with high-resolution wide screen display and touch screen monitor to deliver full entertainment while on the road.

Its touch screen is mounted with HDMI input port and audio-visual connector that allows connection to your phone, tablet and other smart devices with ease.

It comes also with an in-built stereo speaker which enhances its high-quality sound production.
Ability to work with other devices such as MP3, MP4 and other digital file formats as well as its compatibility with USB flash and SD memory is alluring.

It allows for separate viewing capability on two screens at the same time or viewing distinct pictures or anything on each screen at the same time without interference.

Pyle 9.4” is constructed with in-built IR transmitter that features RCA wiring harness which enables you to connect additional device desired to allow your passengers to watch movie or play games in the back seat. There is also an FM transmitter should you prefer to listen to radio or any music in peace.

The Pyle brand flip down LCD roof mount monitors offers a 13.3inc widescreen viewing angle that promise you a perfect solution to your car entertainment with hassle-free viewing experience.

It is fitted universally to any brand of cars in today’s automobile range courtesy of its portable headrest player mount.


  • Comes with headphones
  • It comes with in-built speakers
  • Has HDMI input port and AV connector
  • Equipped with RCA wiring harness
  • Comes with FM transmitter
  • It comes with wireless remote control
  • Packaged with removable leather screen cover and mounting bracket
  • Multimedia compatible with MP3, MP4, WMA
  • Supports video games, USB flash and SD memory card reader


  • If the remote control gets lost or spoilt there will be problem

8. Car Roof Mount DVD player 13.3” monitor

This is another dimension in interior-fixed entertainment gadget that comes with a flip down overhead screen giving allowance to all passengers (drivers alike) to view what is being displayed on the screen plus what is independently showing on the separate screens at the headrests of the front seats.

In addition, this gadget comes with in-built IR transmitter for wireless headphones and its USB/SD card, MP3 – 5, JPG, MPEG and AVI compatible. You can easily connect additional device to the control panel through RCA Audio-Visual wiring harness supplied with it.

You can load your music and movies into your USB or memory cards or personal computer and play them with utmost convenience on this gadget.

Also, this overhead vehicle monitor has HD support and 1280×800 mega pixels screen resolution and HDMI input powered by DC 12 volts for brightness and clarity while allowing you to stream audio as well as view image collections with ease.

The HD TV player is compatible and works very well with both Mac and PC. It comes in three interchangeable housing covers.


  • It comes with enhanced brightness courtesy its 1280 x 800 mega pixels
  • Compatible with other devices such as USB, SD cards, MP3 etc
  • Its RCA AV wiring harness allows for additional device connection
  • Comes with in-built IR transmitter for wireless headphones
  • Comes in 3 interchangeable covers


  • It may create distraction for the driver who may be tempted to watch
  • More pressure on the battery with its many functions and button


What is a headrest DVD player?

A head rest DVD player is an in-car DVD playing device that enables you to access the content of a DVD ROM, it differs from other in-car DVD players because it is placed in a comfortable area where it can be easily accessed only by passengers.

You can have as much headrest DVD players as the headrest in front of a passenger. This would imply that those in the rear cabin of the vehicle are not expected to have one to them to help avert distraction.

There are basically two types of headrest DVD player, one requires just strapping the device to the existing headrest while the other requires the total removal of the existing headrest and replacing it with a headrest that already has an in-built DVD player.

Automobiles with factory headrest are usually quite expensive so if you are considering the financial aspect, you might want to erase the option of getting a car with factory installed headrest DVD player, technically, you should focus on an aftermarket manufacturer.


Why you need a headrest DVD player?

It may very much look like a luxury life or waste of money for many but it is definitely not for those of us who had to travel long distance journeys with our parents and siblings as kids, and for safety purposes we (usually the children) where locked up at the back seat with parental guides on our door locks to prevent us from opening them from inside.

All we could do to erase the boredom of such long distance travels was to keep quarreling and fighting each other on the least meaningful stuffs.

If only we had access to the life-made-easy device of headrest DVD player, we would have probably saved ourselves some good energy during the trip and maybe some of the things we destroyed back then during the fight would still be functional now.

This seems to be all about the kids, but no, it will also save parents the struggle of being divided between settling fights and focusing on the wheels and other important stuffs.

Looking away from kids, it also helps adults to keep focused and helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, psychologically, it helps you maintain balance of thoughts and other related stuffs during your road trips.


Can you add a headrest DVD player to an old car?

An in-car headrest DVD player can be added to an old car, so long as it has a headrest. All you need do is replace your car headrest with a headrest DVD player.


What to consider before buying a headrest DVD player?

What you need to put into consideration before purchasing a headrest DVD player to prevent error in installation and to ensure your satisfaction. 


Cost price

Firstly, you will want to consider the cost. The prices vary with manufacturers, but you can get for as low as $100-$150. Whatever cost you already have in your budget will necessarily be altered by other considerations, so ultimately, you will most likely be looking at a different price after examining other considerations. 


You must of course consider thee size, as the headrest in a minivan will definitely not be the same size with that of a sport car, but in cases where you are more interested in the headrest strap type, you might not be all too bothered by the size, but of course you should be since you will want maximum satisfaction with regard to clear visibility as a result of high resolution and a device spacious enough to prevent restricted vision.

There are basically two types of screen with regard to its high definition quality; the analogue and the digital. For a satisfactory HD resolution, we will be speaking of 800 x 480 pixels.

As regards size of screen, it will be best to purchase 6.5 or 7.0 inches to ensure a perfect balance with the High Definition quality resolution. This might affect the cost but you might also want to consider a touch screen feature.

Audio quality

You will definitely have to consider the audio quality, since it will be playing in an enclosed space, in whatever form whether video or purely audio, the sound quality must be good enough to ensure the right mood is developed, mostly in cases of music.

But it must also not be too loud to ensure concentration on the part of the driver and less distraction for those passengers who might not be interested.

Media features

Not all headrest DVD players support varying media features or formats such as DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, MP4, MKV and other available formats of audio, video, picture media.

So you will definitely have to consider certain products that support a good number of media formats (at least the one you know you will be needing) to ensure maximum entertainment and satisfaction.

GPS feature

You might want to consider getting a headrest DVD player model equipped with the GPS feature, which helps the passenger to know the movement, how far they have gone on the journey, how long they still have to go, the routes they took, and all the possible knowledge and information a GPS device can offer, usually present in both video and audio format that can go a long way in helping the driver with directions.

Bluetooth features

The Bluetooth feature is very much important cause it goes a long way in ensuring that the passenger does not disturb any other occupant of the vehicle with the sound produced from whatever form of entertainment he or she chooses to enjoy during the trip, and as such everyone can truly enjoy the one-passenger to one-device purpose that the headrest DVD player’s system was created to fulfill. 

Additional features

You may also want to consider features such as the SD card slot to enable you access your SD card media content from your headrest DVD player. Features like the USB port might also be of interest to you as you access media files from other devices through it.

An HDMI might appear as a luxury but it might be necessary in certain situations, so you might want to consider getting a model of the headrest DVD player that contains this feature.

You might also want to consider the models with in-built radio feature for passengers who will be more interested in update on local happenings during their trips.

Some models are also phone compatible, this will help to keep in touch with calls and messages from the phone while enjoying your choice of entertainment on you headrest DVD player.

Battery capacity

It most expedient not to neglect this aspect of the device as it goes a long way to determine whether you can enjoy maximally from the device as you will not like having to postpone a program or even miss it as a result of power outage on the part of you headrest DVD player so you might want to consider the models that can render the best possible battery life duration.


What you need in installing your headrest DVD player

Most of what is needed will already be provided but you might want to check out the content of the product to ensure as not all models comes with enough quantity of needed accessories such cables, wiring harness and some will even require you to get the entire accessory as it might be totally lacking, but all of these will be indicated in the installation manual for the very model you are purchasing.


How to install a headrest DVD player?

Installation varies with model so you might want to consider inviting a professional or expert installation engineer or if you insist on doing it yourself, you must follow all guidelines in the installation manual of the very model to be installed to prevent errors that might occur as a result of mistakes in installation steps.



We hope you found our best headrest dvd player review helpful, if you have a comment or question leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.